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Issue 49: Misty Green! Issue Forty Nine: May 2008

  • AJS Model 16MS Grey porridge! You may yell. Indeed. Frank Westworth explains why AMC’s 350 singles sold so well, and why porridge turns out to be enduringly popular
  • BSA C15T Matt Vale has written a book about Beesa’s unit singles, and here’s the actual bike he used for inspiration. Has a Ceefer ever been an official muse before? We should be told
  • Indian Woodsman OK: we admit it. This isn’t some awesome American big twin. The Indian Woodsman is a marketing ploy from the late 1950s when Royal Enfield sold their Bullets in the USA with different badging. Anarchy explains…
  • Rudge-Whitworth Ulster This survivor from the 1930s originally raced on the Isle of Man, from thence it travelled to Canada and then onto California where RC’s American correspondent, Jim Algar, discovered it still being ridden today
  • Project Speedster Odgie’s ongoing quest to build a vintafake from a Triumph Tina engine and anything else which wasn’t nailed down reaches a stage of alloy bashing
  • 1950 Sunbeam S7 Deluxe Just to be different, the S7 we rode was black (yes, that is an original colour; they weren’t all green). Why did BSA so despise their balloon-tyred gentleman’s tourer, and what’s it like to own today?
  • Triumph Trident T150 Never, ever buy an old bike which is missing its kickstarter. There’s always a good reason why its kickstarter is missing, as Brian Oakley discovered
  • Ural-BMW Special An owner explains why it isn’t at all straightforward to drop a Boxer engine into a Russian motorcycle chassis

    Plus: Steve Wilson remembers a good friend with a Dayton Albatross; Humbernut goes on the VMCC’s Northumbrian Gathering and completes a job of reaming bushes; PUB goes on the 70th Pioneer Run; Dave Minton remembers life with a cammy Velo, and Frank Westworth considers the (lack of) progress on his spAriel rebuild.

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    Issue 48: Orange on Green! Issue Forty Eight: April 2008

  • Excelsior Manxman: A 1937 ohc Manxman is a really rare bird. This huge article explains the background to the marque and the model, with details of this bike’s restoration plus the exploits of Excelsior racers
  • Laverda Jota: Rod Ker rides something big and orange, and tells us about its history, while Roger Slater recalls the genesis of the Jota
  • Matchless Off-Roader: Odgie gets muddy with his 1954 G3L and comes home with a trophy. Wot. A. Dude.
  • Norton 500T: Another off-roader, this time Norton’s awesomely successful post-war slogger, created by the McCandless brothers before the featherbed frame had started twinkling in their eyes
  • Triumph Thunderbird: Steve Wilson rides a 6T, and meets a man with an eclectic collection including a 1930 Sunbeam Lion, a 1912 Triumph and a 1926 Norton 16H
  • Triumph T100: Frank Westworth is reunited with an unusual disc-braked 1974 Daytona, and compares it to the standard model; Project Speedster gets hack-sawed into shape; Humbernut machines gasket faces
  • Vincent’S 100th: If he were still around, Philip Vincent would be celebrating his hundredth birthday. Instead J Bickerstaff celebrates it on his behalf and recalls the high points of PCV’s motorcycling career

    Plus: Tony Page takes us on a tragical history tour (very 1970s, naff-all to do with old motorcycles); Dave Minton’s BMW R80 undergoes long-distance repairs, and Frank Westworth attempts to start a rotary Norton with a new sprag clutch

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    Issue 47: Muddy Brown! Issue Forty Seven: March 2008

  • BSA B31 & B33 Long term owners of BSA’s 350 and 500cc singles reveal the highs and lows of living with these machines, including plenty of useful info about upgrading the (weedy) front brake, suspension, carb and so forth
  • BSA A10 Outfit What happens when you take a perfectly sound BSA Super Rocket 650 and attach a Garrard Grand Prix sidecar to it? Frank Westworth found out
  • Norton Dominator 99 Peter Scatchard has owned his 1959 600cc Dommi for 40 years, and after four decades of hard use he felt it deserved a bit of spit ‘n’ polish
  • Royal Enfield Trail Bullet Mark Williams gets to grips with a Hitchcock’s 350cc off-roader. It’s 60lb lighter than the standard machine and, despite his initial misgivings, MW finds he actually quite likes it…
  • Suzuki GT550 One of the most civilised strokers of the Rising Sun era, the GT550 nevertheless presents something of a challenge if you want to restore one today. And it still smokes, even when rebuilt and fully run in…
  • Triumph Speed Twin The unit construction 5TA Speed Twin was the perfect bike for Sue Blanchard, but she couldn’t get the hang of the right-foot gearchange. So husband Dave converted it to left-foot shift, and here’s how he did it

    PLUS: Steve Wilson remembers a Girl On A Motorcycle and starts his Ariel-across-Africa project; Odgie cracks on with Project Speedster; Humbernut reconditions girder forks; PUB goes to Chicago; Dave Minton reflects on why Birmingham was the centre of the old industry, and Frank Westworth struggles to get his AJS snow-plough correctly registered…

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    Issue 46: Police! Issue Forty Six: February 2008

  • Ariel Square Four The concluding part of this two-episode tale reveals how a cammy 600 engine finally made it back into one piece
  • 1927 BSA Model L The Model L was BSA’s first overhead valve production bike, and it was also one of the company’s final flat-tankers. Laurie Packer tells how he rebuilt one
  • Morini 350 Fascinated by the final ride of Aircraftman Shaw (that’s Lawrence of Arabia you!), Peter Barker took his Morini 3½ Strada on the route of Lawrence’s last ride across England
  • 1955 Norton Manx Many people dream of finding an unrestored Manx tucked away somewhere. Peter Sprot discovered a 350 Manx stored in the back of a truck, where it had been parked since its last race in 1968
  • Norton & Triumph Police Bikes Frank Westworth currently owns a Norton Interpol 2 and has had the pleasure of an ex-police Atlas and a couple of retired Commando Interpols. Despite that, he tracked down a 1968 Triumph Saint and its 1972 descendent
  • Police Bikes at Hendon Back in 1966, John Wheater had a camera handy when the Met took to exercising their Triumph Speed Twins at the old RAF base at Hendon
  • Velocette LE: The Baby Bobby’s Bike And no review of police motorcycles could possibly be complete without a road test of Velocette’s 192cc noddy bike (which didn’t come with flashing lights, sadly)

    PLUS: Steve Wilson remembers a gaggle of dead Americans (including Steve McQueen, Evel Knievel and Marlon Brando) who rode Triumph twins; Humbernut rebuilds girder forks; Odgie gets to grips with Project Speedster; PUB investigates JMB three-wheelers; Dave Minton remembers Charles Jarrot and Frank Westworth loses his sparks… (and there’s letters and news and product reviews and reader ads and all that sorta stuff too. Of course).

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    Issue 45: Grimace! Issue Forty Five: January 2008

  • Ariel Square Four The very first Squares used tricksy overhead cam engines, and Markus Nikot had all sorts of fun fettling his (part one of two)
  • BMW R60Roland Brown roadtests a restored 1960 Boxer 600cc twin
  • Greeves: The Prototype Revived The very first Greeves motorcycle has long since disappeared off the face of the planet, so marque enthusiasts from the Greeves Riders' Club set about building a faithful replica
  • Hobart 250 Hobart Bird of Coventry built bikes in the early part of the 20th century, and this JAP-engined two-speeder dates from 1919
  • Moto Guzzi Geezers Steve Wilson takes his Guzzi California for a once-over at Moto Corsa, and uncovers a tale of Italian enthusiasm (and a Power Commander chip…)
  • Norvil Commando 850 Norvil built a brand new 850 Commando Roadster, and then let Frank Westworth loose on it. You can see how well it starts here, which turned out to be a little tricky to demonstrate in print
  • Triumph Pre-Unit Twins One machine set the standard for the British post-war mass motorcycle market, and you can buy one for less than you think. A quick buyer's guide reveals a TR6 replica for under six grand, a slickshift-equipped 5T for £4000, a T110 for £5500 and Steve McQueen's Thunderbird

    PLUS: Odgie starts work on Project Speedster (the unlikely combination of a James Comet rolling chassis and a Sunbeam scooter motor); Humbernut finishes making big ends; Anarchy uses sparks to check his engine's tune; PUB reviews Val Page's career and the Ariel 4; Dave Minton goes Bendswingin' and Frank Westworth tries to recover a cylinder head...

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    Issue 44: Christmas! Issue Forty Four: December 2007

  • BSA A10 Project: The café racer is finally finished, and Jon Warren clocks up 750 miles or so on it. Was it really worth all the effort?
  • Douglas Motorcycles: Douglas built their first bike in 1907 and members of the Douglas Club celebrated the marque's centenary by riding from Land's End to John O'Groats. The bikes they rode ranged from a 1914 TT machine, to a 1928 EW, Mark III, IV and V, 80 Plus and 90 Plus, and a Dragonfly - and there's details about all of them and how they fared on the journey
  • Matchless G11 CS: Frank Westworth uncovers the tale of an ISDT award-winner, a 600 twin which hasn't changed much since it competed back in 1960 and won a silver medal
  • Moto Guzzi 3T: If you want a California on the cheap, then an 850 T3 is an obvious starting place. Paul Morgan-Knight describes life with The Black Pig…
  • Triumph 3TA: The RC project 350 Triumph twin is back on the road, and just to prove it Rod Ker rode it home to Meriden
  • Val Page: Jacqueline Bickerstaff reflects upon the achievements of a great motorcycle designer; the Ariel and Triumph singles, and the first Triumph twin

    PLUS: Steve Wilson finishes his tale of derring-do at the VMCC's Manx Rally; Dicing with disaster and the DVLA (or how to get your old registration back); How To make big end assemblies; Dave Minton goes up in the world, and Frank Westworth starts swapping mudguards around in the Big Shed.

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    Issue 43: Yellow! Issue Forty Three: November 2007

  • BSA TT RACER: The BSA 1921 TT team was the least lucky outfit you could ever hope to hear of. Their fast but fragile ohv single caused all sorts of chaos, and the last surviving bike still gets into trouble on a regular basis
  • BSA A10 REBUILD: It's nearly finished! Jon puts it all back together and then has to figure out why it don't wanna go…
  • GREEVES 32DC: A two-stroke roadster heads for the Isle of Man. Will it survive the Manx GP?
  • HONDA CBX1000: You've got to have grit if you're going to restore a six cylinder classic. David Towers' CBX has been through two (or is it three?) rebuilds, a rebore, and an awful lot of cash…
  • JAP SPECIAL: What do you get if you stick a 1000cc JAP engine into a Norton featherbed frame? Frank Westworth isn't entirely sure!
  • NORTON COMMANDO 750S: A big yellow beast from 1970, the S-type Commando is the one with the awesome high pipes which fetches a pretty penny when they come up for sale. But the S-type was never as popular as the Roadster when new. Wonder why?
  • TRIUMPH TRW: This wartime slogger was obsolete before it even went into production, but Jim Rendell has a soft spot for his rigid sidevalve

    PLUS: Steve Wilson goes Down The Road to the Manx Grand Prix and the VMCC's Manx Rally; British Bike Bodging (some helpful hints and tips); How To make big end bearings with Humbernut; PUB on changing ratios; Dave Minton reviews the VMCC's festival of 1000 Bikes, and Frank Westworth narrowly avoids setting fire to The Big Shed...

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    Issue 42: Modern? Issue Forty Two: October 2007

  • BSA B25: After 21 years with BSA 250s, this owner has plenty of experience to share…
  • BSA A10: the rebuild continues, and starts to take shape as a café racer
  • DUCATI PASO: The 750 Paso of 1986 was one of the most unconventional Ducatis ever built and 20 years later it still looks remarkable. Over a full road test, we find that it's one of the most practical bikes of its breed
  • MATCHLESS G80ES & ROYAL ENFIELD Electra-X: Frank Westworth goes in search of big singles with electric starters, and finds one from 1987 which feels almost modern, and one nearly-new bike which feels really rather old
  • RALEIGH MODEL 23: Yes, Raleigh built bikes with engines as well as push-cycles. We find a 1928 overhead valve 500cc Raleigh single on the other side of the world
  • TECHNIQUES: The lowdown on using a digital meter to check your electrics

    PLUS: Steve Wilson enjoys the Jampot Rally, we go behind the scenes with the VMCC, Humbernut starts making big ends, PUB spends a week in the Isle of Man, Dave Minton considers BMW fork design, and Frank Westworth starts fixing a bike he has no intention of using...

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    Issue 41: Sport Star Issue Forty One: September 2007

  • ARIEL RED HUNTER: A 1937 350cc sporting single goes to the seaside (and looks drop-dead gorgeous)
  • BSA A10 CAFÉ RACER: A new rebuild series starts, with a Beesa in big bits
  • NORMAN B2S 197cc: One for two-stroke fans; an owner's tale of rebuilding and upgrading a 1959 Norman
  • NORTON DOMINATORS: All sorts of reports on every kind of Dominator twin, from Model 7 to 77 to 88 to 99 to 650 SS (and from all around the world, too!)
  • TRIUMPH TIGER 750: Steve Wilson meets a man who rode his oil-in-frame Triumph 750 twin to Timbuktu
  • TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T140ES: And here's an owner whose 750 twin has been has bought and sold and bought again
  • VINCENT BLACK SHADOW: Jacqueline Bickerstaff takes a brand new Vincent twin, built from spares by the VOC, for a spin. How does the modern machine live up to her experience of the marque?
  • YAMAHA XS750 REBUILD: Finished! Finally. We hope.

    PLUS: RealClassic readers go on the Moto Giro (and bump into each other; how weird is that?); PUB goes racing with Fruin at the Festival of 1000 Bikes; Dave Minton enjoys all the usual delights of Laverda ownership; and Frank Westworth puts motorcycles into big plastic bags in The Shed.

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    Issue 40: Tiger 110 Issue Forty: August 2007

    This issue travels from a 1930's two-stroke to a 1990's Triumph triple, and pauses at Italian, Japanese and other British classics en route. And here's how you can buy a copy...

  • JAPSTER SPECIAL: Odgie built himself a vintage fake out of a 600cc 1930's JAP sidevalve engine which probably started life in a lawnmower. Looks great, too…
  • MOTO GUZZI V35: An owner's report of life with a 350 V-twin
  • ROYAL ENFIELD CONTINENTAL: the launch of a lifetime, when Britain's quickest 250 rode 1000 miles in 22 hours, recalled by Continental enthusiast James French
  • 1973 ROYAL ENFIELD INTERCEPTOR: Steve Wilson has a ride on a bright orange Rickman Interceptor 750; 'a real rocker's machine'
  • 1956 TRIUMPH T110: Rod Ker road tests a pre-unit Triumph 650 and discovers a smokey engine, slipping clutch and clunky gearchange. But it IS very shiny…
  • 1998 TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD SPORT: If you really must call any Hinckley Triumph a 'classic' then, argues Frank Westworth, this one might be worthy of the title
  • 1930 VELOCETTE GTP: If you want a budget bike to ride in the Banbury Run, then a two-stroke Velo like this one might just do the job…

    PLUS: Anarchy tries cut-price blasting and coating; Rod continues his rebuild of a Yamaha XS750; PUB reports on the Banbury Run and goes to Brooklands; Dave Minton 'enjoys' fettling his Laverda 3C; and Frank Westworth doesn't have a clue how to sell a classic motorcycle...

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    Issue 39: Red Rudge Issue Thirty Nine: July 2007

    This issue of the magazine includes two-strokes, four-strokes, singles and twins, a triple and an almost 'unquantifiable' * and we'll send you a copy if you ask us nicely (and pay for it!)

  • 1953 BSA Golden Flash: How can you solve electrical hassle on an old A10. Frank Westworth investigates a Classic Solution…
  • 1957 Greeves Fleetstar: Steve Wilson rides a 197cc two-stroke roadster, fitted with the Villiers 9E single cylinder engine
  • *1974 Hercules W2000: Paul Morgan-Knight rides a rotary-engined rarity and works out how that weird engine works
  • 1937 Rudge Special 500: Rudge's famous racing motorcycles devoured most of the company's resources, but they put their expertise to good use on road bikes like this girder-forked beauty
  • Triumph T100 Rebuild: Humbernut's restoration project is finished. Was it worth all the effort?
  • 1969 Triumph T120 Special: This unit 650 started out as a basic Bonneville, but its owner converted it to a tricksy flat-tracker
  • 1961 Velocette Clubman: Originally a Viper, this Velo's been converted to Venom spec and then tweaked and fettled and … it's a work in progress!
  • Yamaha XS750 Project: Rod Ker fits a new mudguard (oh, the excitement) and faffs around with carbs. Again

    PLUS: Anarchy goes to Rotary Day; we test different types of petrol tank sealant; news, letters and bikes for sale; Bickerstaff goes to the Classic Bike Club's Show; Minton wants to see all show entries running, and Frank Westworth suffers from rot...

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    Issue 38: Olive DrabIssue Thirty Eight: June 2007

    This issue of RealClassic magazine contains everything from a 1920's flat-tanker to a 1980's old tank. If you buy a copy, our jokes might get better in future (but that's not a promise…)

  • BSA WD B40: Usually, the army tend to get stripped-back versions of commuter bikes. In the case of BSA's 350, the military machine is a beefed up version of the roadgoing bike. And it's sooooo much better!
  • Classic Racing: we meet Christine and Dennis Etheridge who race Gilera and Norton outfits in the CRMC series. Oh, and they have a combined age of 128…
  • Matchless-Triumph Special: Back in t'old days, people used to make specials out of bikes like a Matchless G80 and a Triumph Speed Twin. Here's one we did earlier… about 40 years earlier, in fact.
  • 1928 Sunbeam Model 1: Flat-tank fun on a sidevalve 350 single with hand-change, hand oil pump and hand-some looks…
  • Triumph Bonneville Royal: Our intrepid reporter has hacked the head on his T140 around, to convert it to single carb. So what does it go like, mister?
  • Triumph T100 Project: Humbernut gets his engine back in the frame and comes close to finishing this rebuild
  • Vincent Comet: What could be more fun than rebuilding one Vincent 500 single? Why, rebuilding two of them, of course…
  • Yamaha XS750 Project: Rod Ker locates sidepanels and an ignition system but is nowhere near finishing this particular rebuild

    PLUS: Steve Wilson goes Down To Road to the London Motorcycle Museum; news, letters and bikes for sale; Bickerstaff goes abroad on a BMW; Minton considers buying a Krauser, and Frank Westworth finds a new use for a hairdrier in The Shed.

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    Issue 37: Four SquareIssue Thirty Seven: May 2007

    The Four Square Issue includes the following articles:

  • 1959 AJS MODEL 20CSR: This sporty 500cc twin started life as a CSR but now it's in CS trim. What's the difference? Frank Westworth reports
  • 1928 ARIEL MODEL B: Before Ariel built red bikes, there were the black machines of the 1920s. This 557cc sidevalve single was pressed into service when the owner's Square Four went into a sulk!
  • 1976 KAWASAKI KH400: It turns out that the last of the line of Kawasaki's famed two-stroke triples is a lot less exciting than a Mach II, but a considerably easier to live with
  • NORTON COMMANDO 750: What happens when you fit drop bars, rearsets, a huge alloy tank and a JPS fairing to a road-going Norton 750 twin? You get a Combat Cafe Racer, for course!
  • 1962 ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET: One of the last 350cc singles built by Enfield in England, this Bullet was also a one-owner-from-new machine. Somehow, Rod Ker ended up getting it going again after a wee while off the road
  • TRIUMPH T100 REBUILD: Humbernut get into the engine rebuild on his project bike, and hardly ever welts things with a monster great hammer…
  • 1982 TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE 750: The Special Edition Royal finds a new owner, who immediately decides to convert it to a single-carb head. Just how do you do that, then?
  • 1948 VELOCETTE MAC: Steve Wilson takes a spin on a 350cc single, with rigid rear end and ahead-of-their-time Dowty Oleomatic air forks
  • YAMAHA XS750 REBUILD: If you can't face tackling the mechanicals, then try repairing the seat…

    PLUS: Readers' RealClassic including a T100C, a Rocket 3 and a free Beesa; PUB goes to the Vincent rally in Australia; Dave Minton meets up with the man behind Norton's isolastics, and Frank Westworth struggles with sparks and a Douglas Dragonfly.

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    Issue 36: Red!Issue Thirty Six: April 2007

    The Red Issue includes the following articles:

  • ARIEL 500 TRIALS BIKE: Six page feature about a rigid/girder forked single cylinder scrambler and how it has been developed over years for trialling
  • AJS & MATCHLESS 350 SINGLES: The lowdown on what it is like to own and live with a Model 16 or G3, with eight reports from actual owners plus recommended suppliers and specialists, a model development timeline and where to buy one and what to pay
  • 1960 NORTON DOMINATOR 99: Frank Westworth rides a 600cc slimline featherbed Norton twin. Includes history, the secret of the featherbed frame, owner feedback and riding impressions
  • GOODMAN HDS 1200: Another featherbed frame but this time with a 1200 Harley-Davidson Sportster engine in it. Four page feature including details of the build from the owner, and riding impressions
  • PANTHER MODEL 35 ES: A very unusual little Panther twin, equipped with electric start.
  • TRIUMPH 650 BONNEVILLE: Steve Wilson takes a quick spin on a well sorted 1966/68/69 machine
  • TRIUMPH 3HW: Rebuilding a wartime Triumph single, with girder fork front end and rigid rear.
  • TRIUMPH T100 REBUILD: The first installment in a new project about rebuilding a unit Triumph twin, and why Humbernut (a vintagent if ever there was one) has suddenly bought a 'modern' bike
  • TRIUMPH METISSE REBUILD: Finally, a finished project! Another Triumph twin goes back on the road
  • YAMAHA XS750 REBUILD: Part two of Rod's rebuild majors on cleaning carbs and brakes
  • VELOCETTE VOGUE: Five page feature by Frank Westworth about one of the strange offshoots of Velocette's quest to build a bike for everyman

    PLUS: Bickerstaff's travels, Dave Minton's troubled trip, Frank Westworth finds some NOS, reader ads, events, news and more.

    SORRY! We've run out of the early issues of RealClassic magazine.

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    Issue 35: Flyer!Issue Thirty Five: March 2007

  • BSA BANTAM vs MZ ES150: Is this the ultimate battle of the titans? Er, no. Karl Bentley compares two solid little strokers, and decides he likes the blue one best
  • BSA M21: It's not fast and it's hardly furious, but Frank Westworth found this 1947 sidevalve single-cylinder slogger to be extremely entertaining
  • NORTON DOMINATOR ABROAD: RC reader John Powell took a 1961 Dommi 88 across Canada on a trip of a lifetime
  • NORTON MANX SCRAMBLER: Les Archer was a superstar of the scrambles scene in the 1950s and his most famous bike was a cammny Norton single. Here's how he tamed the bike which Norton themselves gave up on…
  • TRIALS TRIUMPHS: A huge amount of work goes into building D&C's pre-65 trials specials. Martin Peacock discovered just how much work goes into creating these TR5T-based machines
  • VINCENT RAPIDE: Peter Sprot found a one-owner-from-new Vin twin in a barn in need to just a little (OK, a lot) of TLC. One rebuild later…
  • YAMAHA XS750: It's a new project bike! It's horrible! It's also amazing what difference a good clean can make. Rod starts to restore an old Yam (and we wonder why…)

    PLUS: Steve Wilson goes Down The Road to explore the history of the BSA Group in the 1950s; the Triumph Metisse project nears its end; Humbernut finishes making a cylinder from scratch; PUB looks at post-war lighting; Dave Minton remembers Rab Cook; and Frank Westworth celebrates his Ariel success

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    Issue 34: Leader!Issue Thirty Four: February 2007

  • AJS MODEL 30: An owner's eye view of his 1956 600cc Ajay twin
  • ARIEL LEADER V VELOCETTE LE: Giant head-to-head test of those commuter classics which time should have forgotten but we seem to have remembered
  • BMW R100 OUTFIT: Celia Walton tells us how she got back on the road and resurrected an old airhead
  • BSA GOLD STAR: Steve Wilson meets a man with a pre-65 Goldie trials bike, a man who has no fear of getting it properly muddy!
  • BSA GOLD STAR SPECIAL: Another beautiful Beesa, this time a ZB34 rebuilt as a scrambler special
  • INDIAN BIG CHIEF: An original and (mostly) unrestored 1925 American V-twin. Simply. Stunning.
  • MOTO GUZZI NUOVO FALCONE: The why, the how and the wherewithall of buying and owning a single-cylinder Guzzi
  • 2007 TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE BLACK SE: No, it's not a 'classic bike' as such, but it is a British bike which is likely to appeal to classic bike enthusiasts. And that's why we tested it!
  • TRIUMPH METISSE PROJECT, part two. Nigel (aka Melbourne Metisse) gets to grips with fibreglass, rocker boxes and a pain in the back

    PLUS: Batteries and ammeters and other things electrical; welding and soldering and when to use bolts; PUB on motorcycle lighting and Frank Westworth attacks an Ariel clutch.

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    Issue 33: ORANGE!Issue Thirty Three: January 2007

  • ARIEL RED HUNTER vs SUNBEAM MODEL 9: Two vintage bikes from the 1930s go head-to-head. They're both single-cylinder machines with rigid rear ends and girder forks. But one has a twin-port head. Does it make a difference?
  • BSA OIL-IN-FRAME SINGLES: There's two new books out on the subject of BSA's B25s and B50s, which reminds Steve Wilson about his ties with a Triumph T25SS and a B50T
  • LAVERDA 750 SF: If you think that all the best parallel twins are British, then you've probably never ridden a Laverda twin. The drum-braked 750 of the early 70s is rated as 'best of the bunch' and 'ten times better than a Norton Commando!'
  • MV AGUSTA 125 GTL: Russ Gannicott's collection of little Italians just keep on growing. Another ohv single joins the gang
  • NORTON DOMINATOR: A Model 77 travels around the world.
  • SUZUKI GS1100 REBUILD: Part two. It lives!
  • TRIUMPH OFF-ROAD SPECIAL: Odgie builds a bike to go trials riding and opts for something unusual. It starts life as 350 twin but it doesn't stay that capacity for long…
  • TRIUMPH 350 REBUILD: part the last. The little 3TA is finally finished.
  • TRIUMPH METISSE PROJECT, part one. Nigel (aka Melbourne Metisse) starts his build of an MRD Metisse, using a TR6C engine and an awful lot of angst!

    PLUS: classic racing with Honda's MT125 and Jerry Lodge; How To with Humbernut; PUB goes judging at Malvern; Dave Minton goes off-road with a Greeves, and Frank Westworth has a dream (no, not a Honda!).

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    Issue 32: T140Issue Thirty Two: December 2006

  • ARIEL RED HUNTER REUNITED: Back in 1975, David Bullivant bought an NH350. Then he bought it all over again in 2006 - and here's how it happened
  • BMW R65: Steve Wilson tries one for size and meets a man who has owned a 650 Boxer for nearly 25 years
  • BS A7: According to some, the 500cc parallel twin is the ultimate British bike of its era. But it might be just a little too nice…
  • MV AGUSTA 750: the second part of the bike's top end rebuild (the first has was in RC30, in case you didn't spot it!)
  • P&M 500: Before they were called Panthers, P&M built beefy sloper singles. This one's from 1921 and it needed a tip-to-toe restoration
  • SUNBEAM S8: Useful hints and tips about running a Beam, including an alternator conversion and fitting a Concentric carb
  • SUZUKI GS1100 REBUILD: part one, which involves a big pile of boxes and an awful lot of optimism
  • TRIUMPH 850 HURRICANE: This blue beauty is much more than 'just' an X-75; it's a big-bore 850 version of the must-have original triple
  • TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T140ES: The classic bike for everyman; we take a spin on an oil-in-frame 750
  • TRIUMPH 350 REBUILD: nearly finished - apart from a couple of oil leaks and a weird misfire.

    PLUS: a Moto Guzzi goes to Finland, How To make casings, PUB checks over a magneto, Dave Minton reviews the Malvern Show, and Frank Westworth makes some progress in The Shed.

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    Issue 31: GuzziIssue Thirty One: Novembrrrrr 2006

  • BMW R80: Dave Minton finishes his epic ride around Canada, after a month of traversing the mountain wilderness of the north American borderlands
  • 1948 MATCHLESS G80C: Frank Westworth reports on a 500cc AMC single, and revels in the precise ride provided by this all-iron-engined, rigid off-roader
  • MOTO GUZZI V1000: Roland Brown tests a Convert with semi-automatic gearbox, and we take a look at the Hondamatic 750 and 400 models, too
  • NORTON COMMANDO: A true tale about making a dream come true and buying a 750 Fastback - and then taking it all apart and fixing it!
  • ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET: A walk in the woods with a 1959 MX Enfield - the kind of ride which should inspire you to stop reading and drag your own bike out for a spin
  • 1928 TRIUMPH MODEL N: Just to prove that not all Triumphs are post-war twins, in this issue we feature two Triumphs which aren't twins - and this one is seriously pre-war, a sprightly, rigid/girder-forked saddle-tanker
  • TRIUMPH TIGER CUB: Real-life owners report on their experiences (good and bad) with Triumph's tiddler, with tech specs, timeline and info about Cubs you can buy
  • TRIUMPH 350 REBUILD: The inevitable twin rears its head, and this month we try to achieve something like stopping efficiency from its front drum brake

    Steve Wilson rides with the TR3OC at this year's Beezumph Rally; Humbernut makes casings; PUB has problems on board the HRD, and Frank Westworth meets a BSA Goldiesque scrambler.

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    Issue 30: TrackIssue Thirty: October 2006

  • VINTAGE AJS: Fred Dibnah owned a 1927 AJS 350, and Phil Speakman found out all about it (and took a quick spin)
  • BSA M21: A very special 600cc single, artfully adapted to suit its enthusiast owner
  • DAVE MINTON IN CANADA: Part Five of the series, in which Dave's BMW R80 takes a trip in the back of a breakdown truck (oh, the ignominy) but also manages to travel 700 miles in a day
  • DNEPR 650: Ever fancied a Cossack? Odgie got to grips with a 650 twin, one of those new-but-old kinda bikes
  • KAWASAKI Z650: If what you really, really wanted was a Z1, then would you be happy with a Z650 instead? Choosing the smaller bike could save you thousands
  • MV AGUSTA REBUILD: If you owned an MV 750-4, then the last thing you'd want to tackle would be a top end rebuild. Richard McCann set to, trembling
  • NORTON NAVIGATOR: Roland Brown reviews the lightweights, and explains why the Navigator is so much better than the Jubilee
  • ROB NORTH RACING TRIPLES: The fast lads are on track and meet up with Tim Woolley and other stars of the CRMC scene
  • TRIUMPH TR5T ADVENTURER: The 1970's Trophy Trail is one of the most handsome motorcycles built by the original industry (discuss). Frank Westworth wonders what went on during its design phase
  • TRIUMPH TR7T TIGER TRAIL: It's big and it's yellow and it's one of Meriden's last shouts. Steve Wilson rode the big twin for the trail
  • TRIUMPH 350 PROJECT: So close, and yete project bike goes off for its MoT prior to being registered. If you plan to rebuild a wreck then there's useful info here on how to make it roadworthy and get the paperwork sorted

    the return of TP Times, some poignant poems, Bickerstaff aboard a vintage Vincent on the Continent, Minton's memories of A65 twins in the 1960s, and Frank gets fettling his new (old) Ariel.

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    Issue 29: SepiaIssue Twenty Nine: September 2006

  • ARIEL vs MOTO GUZZI: The first pair of wartime warriors stand back-to-back but decades apart. Ariel's W/NG was built in 1944 while Moto Guzzi's Nuovo Falcone is a relative newcomer
  • DAVE MINTON IN CANADA: Part Four of the series, in which Dave sets off on the last 500 mile leg of his journey, but gets slowed down somewhat by Moose Drool
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON WLC 45: Steve Wilson rides down the road aboard another wartime warrior; one of Harley's 1942 740cc military machines
  • INDIAN V-TWIN: Things were frighteningly advanced in 1913 in the USA; this 60mph machine had front and rear suspension and variable gear ratios. Mind you, the following year they introduced one with electric start!
  • MATCHLESS -TRIUMPH SPECIAL: Worlds collide when a Triumph TRW and a Matchless G3 are mated together, to form the first of our specials
  • MZ ETS 250: So which MZ is the best of the breed? Phil Speakman chose the ISDT bike, and explains why
  • TriBSA SPECIAL: Frank Westworth discovers what happens when you turn a bread-and-butter B31 into an all-action Rickman Metisse
  • TRIUMPH 350 PROJECT: Bolting everything back together means that the end must be in sight (and presumably somewhere an MoT man is sobbing)
  • TRIUMPH TIGER 100: Real-life rider Stuart Thomson reviews his rebuild of two, near-identical Triumph twins

    Showstoppers; the best bikes from this show season, some good reading about Speedway, How To make control cables, riding the Edinburgh trial in 1970, PUB says farewell to a dear friend, and Frank Westworth leaves The Shed and takes to the saddle

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    Issue 28: VelocetteIssue Twenty Eight: "Summer" 2006

  • BSA B40 v TRIUMPH T100: Not so much a head-to-head as a riding comparison, with each bike examined by our cross-generational road test team. Can you teach a new dog old tricks?
  • BSA ROCKET 3: last month we looked at the bike's beginnings; this month Frank Westworth rides one
  • DAVE MINTON IN CANADA: Part Three of the series, in which Dave's BMW R80 doesn't break down and instead DLM rescues a stranded Kawasaki rider
  • ELECTRICAL TESTING: how to check electrical components - in this episode, the horn and bridge-type rectifier
  • HOW TO with Humbernut: part one about making your own control cables. Cue jokes about getting fluxed, cats' arses and a variety of nipples
  • NORTON ROTARY RACER: The background to the rotor-racer project (you'll be able to read the rest of that story on here)
  • PANTHER 100: Steve Wilson rides a 1955 swinging arm Panther Model 100, one with wide bars and a slim saddle. Steve also stops off at the London Motorcycle Museum for their Ride It Day.
  • READERS RealClassics: Real classic bikes in real use; from a Montesta Impala to an A10 to an bright blue Continental to a Fastback LR and even an Ariel Arrow and a very unusual Velo.
  • ROYAL ENFIELD 350 BULLET: If you buy one of the new 350s at a knock-down price, just what are you letting yourself in for?
  • TRIUMPH 350 PROJECT: The engine rebuild. Hang on, haven't we already done the engine? How many times does it need to be taken apart and put back together?
  • TRIUMPH T120R: Buying a 1970 Bonneville, then riding it, then rebuilding it, then riding it to a show or two, and winning a prize or two, too
  • VELOCETTE MSS: This smart 1958 Velo 500 started swiftly enough - for its owner. Frank Westworth took it for a spin and enjoyed the experience but found himself perplexed by many of Veloce's engineering decisions

    news about Beezumph, Beaulieu ticket giveaway, PUB rebuilds a dynamo, Dave Minton answers his own quiz questions, and Frank Westworth starts work on an Ariel, in The Shed.

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    Issue 27: RocketeeringIssue Twenty Seven: August (not July...) 2006

  • BMW R25/3: A special treat for Eurobike fans; two Continental 250s in this issue (and neither of them is a Royal Enfield! Boom boom). Ozboy meets the first, a 1954 BMW single
  • BSA BANTAM: Odgie's back, with a trick trials Bantam. None of his bikes are exactly normal, you knowLI>BSA ROCKET 3: The styling of Britain's superbike for the 1970s divided opinion when it was new, and it still causes consternation. Rowena Hoseason investigates why the Rocket 3 was re-styled three times in as many years
  • MOTO GUZZI AIRONE SPORT: The second of our Continental 250s goes for a road test; this one's a 1951 single. And it's very red
  • PANTHER REDWING: A prewar pussy, and how it was brought back to life over several years. Many components had to be completely restored or re-made from scratch to complete this girder-forked beauty
  • TRIUMPH TSS: It's a 750 Bonneville with an 8-valve head, and Frank Westworth wonders if he should've bought this type of T140 one instead of last issue's Royal
  • DOWN THE ROAD: Steve Wilson reports on the AJS & Matchless Club's epic rebuild-a-bike in no-time-flat marathon. The Army G3 comes back to life
  • DAVE MINTON IN CANADA: All sorts of things can happen when you ride an air-head Boxer alone through Canada. Dave encounters bears and wolves, and gets his BMW fixed by a Harley dealer
  • A LIFE IN LEATHERS: Phil Speakman investigates the background to one-piece racing leathers, and discovers that it all started in Lancashire
  • BLACKTOP HEROES: How does a young fella get into classic racing? Mike Smith the racer and dad John explain how Mike ended up on (and off) a 350 Manx at the track
  • CLASSIC TECHNIQUES: Inside a Smiths Chronometric speedo. How does it all work?
  • TRIUMPH 350 REBUILD: the engine isn't running yet so it must be time to sort out a set of wheels

    PUB TALKS about Miller dynamos, Dave Minton sets a mind-bending quiz, and Frank Westworth reminds us how to carry out a straightforward service. Then there's news about oil filters and a 000 X-75, loads of letters, events, small ads, and all that jazz.

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    Issue 26: TriumphantIssue Twenty Six: June 2006

  • 1982 Triumph Royal: Frank Westworth discovers a very unusual 750 Bonneville, one which definitely isn't a Royal Wedding or a silver Jubilee, but it has got a nice crest on its sidepanelLI>1927 AJS 350: The full story of a 500cc ohv flat-tanker which has never been restored, and which as been in the same hands for nigh-on 40 years
  • Down The Road: Steve Wilson meets the AMC Team, who plan to strip and rebuild a 350 Matchless in just 12 hours. Can it possibly be done?
  • 1949(ish) Triumph TR5: Jim Peace fell foul of the Originality Police when he tried to display his later-framed 500 twin
  • Honda CB350 Cafcer: Wow! Ozboy finds a truly startling little snapper, one so bright you're gonna need sunglasses just to open the pagesLI>1958 Matchless G2: a reader's tale of life with a 250 single.
  • Royal Enfield Outfit: how it feels to try three wheels for the first time!
  • Dave Minton in Canada: The first leg in Dave's trans-Canadian adventure nearly doesn't get going at all, due to tyre troubles. And then his BMW does the unthinkable, and packs up for the duration. Things can only get betterLI>Blacktop Heroes: Gordon Russell of the CRMC steps into the limelight, and we discover what classic racing means to him
  • Triumph 350 Rebuild: of pistons and pushrods and other things lurking within the cylinder head

    Humbernut finishes making piston rings, while PUB rides in the Pioneer Run, and Frank Westworth re-coils a dodgy thread (which makes a change from recoiling in dodgy threads). Oh, and news, events, small ads, and all that jazz.

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    Issue Twenty Five: May 2006

    Issue 24: Superior Norton Dominator De-luxe: It was a chillingly brisk day when we took the photos of this Dommi 88. You can tell that because the owner is wearing and scarf and he's a bit blurry from shivering! Smashing, near-original bike, mind

  • BSA B40: Ozboy reveals how he took a 350 Beesa in payment for a bad debt, and then spent lots of time and energy turning it into a working motorcycle
  • Harley-Davidson VL1200: RichardM fancied getting a pre-1931 motorcycle for vintage runs, and a basket case flathead fell conveniently to hand
  • Ducati 750 Sport: Ozboy meets a 1975 Italian bevel-driver which looks beautiful and which stirs the soul on every ride
  • Laverda Endurance Racer: Dave Minton remembers riding a Mead and Tomkinson special; an intimidating beast with hub-centre steering, parallelogram rear end, and no real frame to speak of
  • BSA Beagle vs Dunkley Whippet: two heroic failures go head to head, one built by the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer of the time, and the other built by a pram company!
  • BSA B50: a real life bike which has been through several incarnations. It's now restored to full street scrambler glory, but once upon a time it looked a lot like a cafcerLI>Daisy's Diary: Graham Ham signs off (for nowwith a grand outing to join the Brough Club. Goodbye, Daisy - you can be a lady of leisure for a while!
  • Down The Road: Steve Wilson comes over all miserable, but is saved from the glooms by a great ride on his Ariel NH
  • Triumph 350 Rebuild: The can of worms get wrigglier as the rebuild progresses. Actually, it's nowhere near the rebuild stage just yet. More like the; 'oh heck! Lookitthat!' stage

    Humbernut tells us How To make some piston rings, while PUB goes on the Dragon Rally, and Frank Westworth goes round and round the garden (not in the least little bit like a teddy-bear).

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    Issue Twenty Four: April 2006

    Issue 24: Into the Panther's Den Issue 24 sees the return of Humbernut to his workshop, welcomes a new contributor (hello Jim!) and goes beyond endurance with a racing Jubilee in Spain

  • AJS 18S and sidecar: actually, it's really a history of outfits and how to live with them, as exemplified by owner Neil's experiences with his 1953 AJS and Watsonian sidecar
  • BSA A10 Super Rocket: Frank Westworth reports on 'the best A10 I've ever ridden' and manages not to buy it (but only cos it was already sold)
  • Honda GL1000: Jim Peace reveals how you can complete roadside repairs on Honda's first flat four with the aid of a secondhand cable tie
  • Panther Posse: Ozboy meets a pair of prowlers; a 1960 Panther M100 and a 1964 M120. One rigid; one sprung: one original and one restored. A good example of why bikes come in twosLI>Royal Enfield WDCO: Anarchy goes back to basics with a wartime 350; a bike with girder forks, rigid rear end and a sure foot across the fields
  • Triumph 350: our rebuild of a 3TA gallops on to its second installment. Only another 98 episodes to go, then..
  • Triumph Bonneville Scrambler: Full road test of the new Hinckley retro, which left us a bit underwhelmed. But it does look better in the metal than in the page
  • Triumph TR6 Trophy: and a glance back at a 1959 bike, to remind us what the Scrambler is attempting to emulate

    Steve Wilson goes to the Bristol Show; the classic racing circus relocates to Spain, where it rains (snows and hails too); Graham Ham rides out with the VMCC; PUB goes all Woolery again; Frank gets his Interpol2 rebuilt, and Humbernut shows us How To make a gudgeon pin from scratch. And the Howler Count for this issue was pretty low, although one or two snafus did sneak through, to add to your (ahem) entertainment!

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    Issue Twenty Three: March 2006

    Issue 23: Three for Three Thousand If you had 0, which classic bike would you choose to buy? We picked three for 0 (each, not altogether!) and discussed their pros, cons and colour schemes, and there's the rest of the magazine, too

  • Velocette MAC: Rowena rides a 1969 rigid 350 single (and doesn't drop it or break it. Miracle), and explores how the MAC became Velocette's best-selling model
  • BSA trials twin: a really special mucky monster from Odgie which combines bits of Bantam with a Sunbeam scooter engine - and, because Odg is really bloody ace at building specials, it looks like it rolled out of a works competition shop. Cor
  • Triumph T140 / Sunbeam S8 / Norton ES2: our three for 0. It's one of those stories which demonstrates the variety of classic bikes you can buy on a fairly typical budget, and what you should look for when you're browsing
  • Ariel History: Steve Wilson examines the story of the House of the Horse, because he's become a bit fascinated by the breed since buying an NH350
  • Norton Commando: the show-winning one wot caused all the controversy - and it still hasn't turned a wheel in anger
  • Triumph 21 Rebuild: a new series starts as we strip a 350 twin
  • Meeting MZ Men: Graham Ham and Daisy join up with the MZ Club
  • Touring by MZ: and Phil Speakman roams abroad aboard a 250 tourer
  • Thrill Seeking: Ozboy meets a unusual lady with a Vin and a very tidy Adventurer

    Electrical info on Lucas regulators and zener diodes; top shed tools and what RCers recommend; the Wooler beam-engined bike; what the motorcycle owes to its unpowered counterpart; and why fitting an AMC sidestand ain't as easy as it sounds. (Oh, and there's a diagram missing from the electrical feature which will be printed in RC25. Sorry

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    Issue Twenty Two: February 2006

    Issue 22: Suzuki A magazine with a 1970's colour scheme: pink and orange bikes on the cover and (urgh) a lime-green splash on page three. But never mind, by page five we're talking about the particularly fine Cumberland sausages you can buy at Bude Meat Supplies...

  • BSA 650 vs Suzuki 750: an unusual pair to run head-to-head, but back in 1972 you might well have found yourself pondering the merits of an A65 Lightning or a GT750 Kettle
  • AJS Model 31: Frank Westworth explains his affection for the AMC 650cc touring twins
  • 1972 Triumph Tiger: No, not another road test about a Triumph twin - but instead an in depth, real life rider's report about living with one and riding miles on it
  • Velocette LE Mk3: NVNL takes a white-knuckle ride on Velocette's 192cc twin
  • Zundapp KS750: It's not a BMW, but these 1930s German twins were developed alongside the Beemers for military use, as Anarchy discovered
  • Daisy's Diary: the 1948 Triumph Speed Twin meets up with the Jawa Club (and takes Graham Ham along for the ride!) (And the Sporran!)
  • Classic Racing: the story behind the UK's fastest man on old wheels, Lea Gourlay, who scooped the CRMC's championships in 2005
  • Ariel NH350: Steve Wilson's 'bargain' buy gives him just a little bit of trouble

    Remembering an autojumbler; How To set up a home workshop (part 2); the secrets of energy transfer ignition; why Dave Minton uses a flame-thrower to defrost his bikes, and why you should never leave Frank Westworth alone in The Shed with self-adhesive tank stickers...

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    Issue Twenty One: January 2006

    Issue 21: Ariel The New Year kicked off with one of those mistakes which was just waiting to happen; who forgot to put the subscription page in, then? Eh? Tch. The rest of the issue was a bit of a corker, mind:

  • 1958 Ariel Square Four Mk2, ridden and reviewed by Roland Brown
  • BSA B31/B33 Bitza: Odgie's own bike is a little bit special
  • 1931 Brough Superior: Steve Wilson rides an SS100 just like TE Lawrence's
  • 1978 Honda CB750 Seeley: what happen when you wrap a Japanese engine in slimline chassis?
  • Norton Commander: Frank Westworth explains his fascination with this rotary all-rounder
  • Panther to Horex: a convoluted continental adventure which involved swapping all sorts of odd old motorcycles
  • 1903 Large: over a hundred years ago, bikes like this were raced between Paris and Madridd it wasn't a pretty sight!
  • Real Deals: We can all see how much sellers ask for their bikes, but what do people really pay?
  • Daisy's Diary: Graham Ham meets the Royal Enfield Owners' Club
  • Triumph TR6 rebuild: it's finished! Mind you, there's a helluva lot of oil dribbling out of the casesLI>How To set up your own workshop, Part One, which explains about lathes and what you should look for.

    2006 Diary Dates, a special pull-out section; Readers' RealClassics; new cds with a mine of Triumph workshop info; a ghostly tale of Ariel riders; PUB talks about Brooklands, Frank's Shed fills up with Ariel spares, and Dave Minton rides a Morini through the desert.

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    Issue Twenty: December 2005

    Issue 20: JPS Not a bad way to finish our second year in print: a clutch of old Brits from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, a pair of Italians, a revitalised Honda and an excursion into an old-fashioned motorcycle factory. It's going to be touch to beat this in 2006

  • Norton John Player Commando: From some angles it's handsomet from quite a few others it's a great white whale. Rowena Hoseason rides a really rare factory special
  • Ariel 350 1: Steve Wilson bought himself a cheap NH 350. He did this deliberately, too
  • Ducati 750 Sport: The original 1973 bevel-drive bike didn't use desmo heads, you know. But it does look gorgeous. And yellow.
  • Ducati 1000 SportClassic: The modern tribute to Seventies' style has loads more Go but somehow a lot less class. Considerably less handsome, but still yellow.
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor: Have you noticed how we don't see any of these bikes for ages and then loads of 'em turn up at once? An owner explains why he loves the breed so much
  • Daisy's Diary: Graham Ham and Daisy meet up with the Norton Owners' Club, and the Triumph's dynamo only gives Graham a little grief
  • Ural Factory Tour: Completing his Iron Curtain adventures, Anarchy takes a trip into the heart of Ural's factory and finds real people making motorcycles with their hands
  • Ariel 350 2: Frank Westworth set out to buy a road-going classic for a grand. He ended up with an NH 350 as well. This is one of those weird coincidences with which life abounds.
  • BSA B50: It's amazing what you can do with one photo and a brochure - we liked the idea of the NMM rebuilding a burned out Gold Star SS so wanted to show you more about it than a single paragraph of press release guff.
  • Triumph Trophy Top End Rebuild: Richard M starts spannering on his 1966 West Coaster. He didn't want to take its lid off, but needs must
  • Honda 400/4 Rebuild: Is it finished yet? Actually, we think it is. Hurrah.

    Readers' views on 1933 Sunbeams, Urals, Normans, modern bikes, the Dreadnought and AMC gearboxes; the 2005 CRMC championship results; Ardingly show results; Bickerstaff on MoTs, the VOC and BMF; Minton on the most amazing ride of your life; Tony Page bows out for a while (he's off to Egypt) with taboo stuff, and Frank Westworth gets sparky.

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    Issue Nineteen: November 2005

    Issue 19: Roland Brown Cracks a Smile (But Tony Page is much too busy)Just in case you're new to this game, here's a quick re-cap. RealClassic is a monthly magazine about old bikes (although the odd new one sneaks in now and then). It's published monthly by the Cosmic Bike Co Ltd (which is Rowena and Frank Westworth's own little business). It's not owned by any of the big publishers and it is, as a result, a bit wonky around the edges. However, it's a full 112-pages long, printed in our very best Smudgy Colour, and packed with plenty of reading and not too much advertising. You can only get the current issue by subscribing, but last month's mag is now up for grabs. So here's what's in it:

  • BSA Firebird Scrambler: Roland road-tests the most unusual A65 we could find
  • Ural Gear-Up: We sent Anarchy to Siberia, and he had a good time (Sigh) romping around on a modern bike built in the Russian tradition
  • Triumph Tiger Cub: Another oddity. Cubs may be common, but there aren't too many French Army military examples to be found
  • Velocette Venom Thruxton: Frank Westworth unearths an almost original special, once owned by marque specialist Geoff Dodkin
  • Francis-Barnett Boys: Steve Wilson takes a trip to meet up with the F-B club
  • Prince of Pembrey: ferocious racing in the CRMC series
  • How Toke a piston, part three
  • Ariel Leader Rebuild, part too many to remember. Featuring a plethora of paint
  • Honda 400/4 rebuild: nearly finished, and then the carb saga strikes
  • Daisy's Diary: Graham Ham chuffs off to a steam weekend
  • A Vintage Ride: Humbernut and StillJoe rides really old bikes around the post-industrial wilderness of England's north-east

    Frank's From the Shed, Tony's Page, J Bickerstaff and PUBTalk, and heaps of old bikes for sale, news, events and all that jazz

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    Issue Eighteen: September/October 2005

    Issue 18: EnfieldWe're not really bi-monthly, but because we took a holiday in August, this issue didn't appear until halfway through September, which means the next one won't be out until the far end of Octobernce the two-month cover date. All clear? Excellent. Here's what's inside:

  • AJS 16 MCS: a test ride on the first of two AMC sporting singles
  • BMW R51/3: the bike and a brief history of BMW's postwar recovery
  • BSA A65 Lightning Rocket: Steve Wilson rides a very yellow 650
  • Douglas Dragonfly: a different viewpoint on the 350 twin
  • Honda 400/4: Fixing the front brake; getting an MoT, and inevitably running on threeLI>Matchless G80CS: the second of this issue's AMC single-cylinder scramblers
  • Norton Jubilee Racer: a classic with serious WOW factor
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor Mk1: a concours champ, ridden by PaulG80

    The VMCC's 50th Coventry Parade, Daisy (new engine!) Diary, tons of controversy about last month's Guzzi, How To make pistons part 2, testing your dynamo, Tony on motorcycle magazines (ulp), PUB goes to Latvia, Minton hits the Dempster Highway (that's the Yukon to you), and Frank (mis)fits a silly tubby silencer in The Shed. Phew.

    SORRY! We've run out of the early issues of RealClassic magazine.

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    Issue Seventeen: August 2005

    Issue 17: Moto GuzziThe first issue to be printed on our new paper! How amazingly stunningly awesomelyt much different, really. Bit whiter. Ah well. Also our first issue to have a (new) Moto Guzzi on the cover. Oooh. Controversial! So what else is in it?

  • Moto Guzzi Breva 1100: full test, tech, and a quick guide to alternative Guzzis you can buy at half the price
  • Swift 500: A single-speed veteran dating from 1913
  • NorBSA custom one-off: a bike which took a decade to build
  • Greeves East Coaster: a nice little bike ridden by a great big bloke!
  • Onoto Autocycle: tracking down a lost marque in France
  • BSA Thunderbolt: rebuilding an A65, in case you thought it was all odd stuff this month
  • Honda 400/4 rebuild project, part one
  • A Sunbeam Abroad: on tour with AJSBSA and co
  • Daisy's Diary: the end of WATOC
  • Down The Road: Steve Wilson goes to Cassington Bike Night
  • Classic Racing: at Cadwell Park
  • How to make pistons, part two

    Frank Westworth's From The Shed, Tony's Page, Bickerstaff's PUB Talk and a truly terrifying tale from Dave Minton about riding in really extreme weather conditions...

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    Issue Sixteen: July 2005

    Issue 16: Bush TigerPublished in the middle of July, so it's the July issue. But next month we're aiming to confuse everyone by calling RC17 our 'summer' issue (to cover up the fact that we'll be sneaking off on holiday and then there'll be a long gap to the next oneSo what did July bring?

  • Triumph T100C: Ozboy's Bush Tiger adventure
  • The Round Britain Ride: The full story of Rowena and Emm's Royal Enfield adventure
  • Honda CB750K6: Frank Westworth relives his youth with a four. Yes, he had a youth. And yes, he owned a Honda!
  • 1911 Abingdon King Dick. Yes, that is a real name. No, it's no a wind up. It's a flat-tanker built in Birmingham which found its way to New Zealand
  • Norton Fastback: An owner's eye view of a 1969 Commando
  • Velocette Valiant: Nearly original, and owned by just one man since it first turned a wheel in 1959
  • Norton ES2 racer: and how to crash one (and then fix it, fast)
  • Down The Road: Steve Wilson takes a ride across Flanders Field to the John Bull Rally
  • Daisy's Diary: Graham gallops off to Holland
  • Classic racing: highlights (and high sides) from the CRMC round at Snetterton
  • Ariel Leader rebuild: preparing to paint
  • Testing Electrics: alternators and 6 to 12-volt conversions

    The VMCC's vintage virgins, a top hat from Davida, heaps of Smalls, a TP Times 'toon, Dave Minton's Bendswingin', Tony's Page, Frank's From the Shed and Bickerstaff's PUB-talk.

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    Issue Fifteen: June 2005

    Issue 15: Seventies Seven-FiftiesPublished in the middle of June, because we don't understand why people publish the 'September' issue of a magazine sometime in the preceeding July. We're easily confused...

  • Vincent Comet: Frank Westworth rides and reviews a Vin 500
  • Seventies 750s let rip, when a T160 Trident takes on a Suzuki GS750
  • Finding a 1947 Norton Model 18, and why it ain't always easy to get a good 'un
  • Steve Wilson meets an AA man extraordinaire, who recalls his years with an M21 outfit
  • A 1979 Moto Guzzi T3 takes centre stage in Daisy's Diary
  • Scooting through Europe on an LE Velocette and a Moto Guzzi Galletto (the final installment, continued from RC13)
  • 21st Century Classics: modified, upgrades and (gulp) even customised!
  • Classic racing: full report and pics of the season-opening race from Mallory Park
  • Bleeding brakes: PaulG80's hydraulic overhaul

    Buying a Harley 1952 Panhead; how to relieve your BSAs pressure; new strides from DJs, HumberNut completes his cylinder project; Tony and Jacqueline go to a show; Minton proves he's a bit of a bounder, and Westworth gets his pipes cleaned. Allegedly

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    Issue 14: Beezer GeezerIssue Fourteen: April 2005

    Another issue with a BSA on the cover. Well, we like the image. It's a normal bloke, riding his Beesa, wearing jeans, and with a big cheery grin all over his face. Did it for us (we don't care if it's a wee bit out of focus, even!). As well as him, the issue also contains:

  • Son of Sam: The T160 road-racer returns to life! And we got the full story. First. Again. Has anyone noticed that we get all these scoops? (Is it important? Discuss
  • Triumph Bonneville 2001 (and what Hinckley have added to the new T100)
  • Moto Guzzi V35 and Triumph 3TA, ridden side Are you sure this is a Douglas 2-Stroke? by side (Impressive! RM) by Rowena Hoseason
  • Norton ES2 Mark 2; Frank Westworth demonstrates a Norton which is a bit of a Matchless really
  • Douglas 2-stroke; building this replica revealed an unusual pre-war puzzle
  • Yamaha RD350LC: Emm's new bike has a few teething troubles
  • A 1988 Harley-Davidson Evo needs workshop attention after 'nipping up' at 100mphLI>Graham Ham travels to the Britannia Rally and meets a purring Panther
  • Steve Wilson goes Down The Road to meet the Beezer Geezer from the cover

    A new Triumph spares counter opens in Herefordshire, and work starts on the even-ohmigoodness-bigger Norvil Commando; the engine gets inspected on the Ariel Leader rebuild; HumberNut starts to make a cylinder; Minton goes Bendswingin'; Tony's Page; PUB talks, and Frank's From the Shed.

    Click here to buy a copy of RealClassic 14...


    Issue 12a: Twin PeaksIssue Thirteen: April 2005

    We called this one 12a (instead of unlucky-for-some 13) for a bit of a joke, because it was the April issue, too, but everyone took it seriously and wanted to know when 12b was coming out. Sigh.

  • BSA A10 and Ariel Huntmaster giant double-test
  • Velocette Venom Thruxton roadtest
  • A 100,000-mile BSA A65 Lightning which has changed style considerably over the years
  • Brooklands Norton: rebuilding one of the bikes from the Museum fire
  • Royal Enfield Electra X: Frank Westworth's test ride of one of the bikes which the girls would be Issue 12a: Twin Peaks using to ride around Britain
  • Over The Hills: scooting through Europe on an LE Velocette and a Moto Guzzi Galletto
  • Down the Road: Steve Wilson takes to the highway on a (shock!) modern (horror!) Honda

    Daisy's Diary; a new starter for Norton Commandos; the Blower Triton rebuild; How To make valve guides; MIG welding on the Ariel Leader project; Minton, Page and Westworth, and Bickerstaff about Magnetos.

    Click here to buy a copy of RealClassic 13...


    Issue 12: TriumphIssue Twelve: Mar 2005

  • Triumph Speed Twin; a full test of a 1946 rigid, plus the differences between it and the sprung hub version, and an owner's eye view
  • 1917 Bard V-Twin; a vintage machine indeed, and survivor of two World Wars
  • Down The Road to meet a £5000 Tiger Cub (cwikey! HOW much?), and a super 750 Tiger
  • PLUTO Part Two; riding the rebuilt prototype
  • Big-Bore Bullet; Minton tries a 450 version of the ever-present Enfield and explains why it's better than a standard 500 (shhh; keep that bit quiet!)
  • Norton Commando Mk3; NVNL shares his experiences Issue 12: Pluto with Norton's big twin, plus buying advice
  • Ariel Square Four; a 1939 machine which went from 'project' to 'show winner' in just two years

    Daisy's Diary goes to the Legend Rally; the Blower Triton nearly runs; HumberNut makes some valve guides; PUB talks BHP; Tony goes back to the future and Agent Orange steals the show in Frank Westworth's Shed

    Click here to buy a copy of RealClassic 12...


    Issue 11: Continental Issue Eleven: Feb 2005

    The first issue to feature the New! Spangly! RC logo also features the World's Worst Contents Pageich is entirely unreadable by humans. Sorry. Won't do that again. Well, we'll try not to do that again...

  • SCOOP! The first UK test of the all-new Dreer-built Norton Commando 952
  • SCOOP! The story behind PLUTO; AMC's oil-in-frame experimental prototype
  • 250 Tearaway: a full test of the Royal Enfield Continental (see; we don't always feature Bullets)
  • Down The Road: Steve Wilson rides Anneka the A10 to the Hot Rod Rally Issue 11: Brough
  • Brough Superior SS80: an owner's view by Goat Maison
  • Yamaha RD400: another owner's view - this time it's Anarchy who feels like he's 17 all over again
  • Riding Classics in Provence: Emm explores sun-soaked scenery on a classic bike tour
  • Classic Techniques on Smiths Chronometric speedos
  • How To make special bolts, by HumberNut
  • Ariel Leader rebuild; actually, we're still taking it apart!
  • Blower Triton project, part five; wiring

    Plus! Daisy's Diary (in which Graisie Issue 11: RD400meets a well-fettled M21), the Letter's Page (where everyone agrees at great lengths to stop talking about 4x4s for a while), some good gloves in the pile of products, Dave Minton's Bendswingin', J Bickerstaff on the two Phils (Irving and Vincent) and Frank Westworth's guide to successfully stopping a Commando.

    Click here to buy a copy of RealClassic 11...


    Issue 10: NortonIssue Ten: Jan 2005

    Our special sepia issue is a bit of a Norton fest, but also features a hatful of Italians - and it's the very last issue to feature the 'Year One' version of the logo. (Why did we change it for the magazine? Cos the printers hated its complexity; T-Shirt printers hated it even more, and too many people asked us what we were using a musical scale for on a motorcycle magazine. Sigh).

  • SCOOP! The world's largest Commando breaks cover, and we rode it!
  • Pre-War Norton Single: Semi-sporting and totally handsome
  • BSA B31: An all-weather winter wonder
  • 1911 Royal Enfield V-Twin: restored to glory
  • Issue 10: Big Boys ToyItalians In Action 1: Benelli 750 Sei
  • Italians In Action 2: MV Agusta 125
  • Italians In Action 3: Moto Giro d'Italia Ducati

    Daisy gets metal fatigue, we go to the MOTO 1 races, Hamish McOakley rides some 30mph roads, the Blower Triton gets nowhere near completion, the Ariel Leader rebuild is still an unbuild, HumberNut makes precision valve gear (and you could too) and Tony's Page is so flamin' controversial that people actually cancel their subscriptions as a result (yes, really).

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    Issue 9: VinnieIssue Nine: Dec 2004

    This magazine contains the sublime and the ridiculous, a sacred cow and a white elephant. No clich safe! You'll have to buy it to find out exactly what we mean, but these are the highlights:

  • Rapide Rider: A Vin twin on the road
  • Two Brits: Norton Model 7 meets Triumph T'Bird
  • Steve Wilson's Down The Road: Jampot Rally
  • Bullets Abroad: Riding India on Indian Enfields
  • Brits in England: Riding with the VMCC
  • Blowing the Triton: Finding a supercharger
  • Carbs, and how to fix them
  • Ariel Leader: a rebuild begins

    Come on, you didn't think you were going to see pages 26 to 30 without subscribing, did you?Plus Daisy's Diary, Classic Racing, putting it away for winter, Minton's Bendswingin', Big Frank's Shed, Tony's Page and say hello to a new contributor: PUB, from way-back-when...

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    Issue 8: Tiger-grrrrrrIssue Eight: Oct/Nov 2004

    The quick-witted will have noticed that we have changed the cover date for RC08. That's because although it'll be 'officially' published in October (on the 15th) it won't reach subscribers until the 19th or so, and it then has to last for eversuch a loo-oo-oong month until RC09 which won't be published until Nov 26th. So we decided to call it Oct/Nov. Got that? No, don't worry. We only just understand and we're supposed to know what we're doing.

    Here's what you'll find between its covers:

  • Darmah 900 SD: Ducati's Tiger Bike
  • Cheap Thrills: BSA Starfire
  • DTRA: To the LMM!
  • Issue 8: TSS-sssssNifty Norton: An old Model 50
  • Tricksy Trumpet: Triumph TSS
  • Plus! Daisy's Diary, Minton in America Pt2, the Man Who Invented KneeDown Riding, Blow Your Own (Triton), Setting Ignition Timing, Shedding, Bending, Tony's Page and - what's all this about a Round Britain Ride then?

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    Issue 7: Like a HurricaneIssue Seven: published September 2004

    Nice skies you get in Cornwall, see; there's one on the cover. Not entirely appropriate for September because it yakked down with rain all month, but this issue contains enough sunshine to combat your SAD. And now you can get your paws on all this...

  • Tiger! Tiger! Actually, that should be a singular tiger, not a twin...
  • AJS 31 CSR. So shiny we had to put it on the cover.
  • Honda 400/4. Phwoar. Get a load of them pipes. Etc.
  • Down The Road: Steve-The-Wilson meets every sort of OiF Beesa going
  • Now there's something...Minton In America: And Dave does America. By BMW. To be different...
  • A Velocette Revisited: last seen 15 years ago, we meet this Venom Clubman once again
  • Daisy's Diary: What is WATOC? Tell us all about it, Mr Ham...
  • Supercharged Triton: No Triton, no supercharger in this first instalment (but we'll get there eventually)
  • How To with Humbernut: Bob gets creative in the workshop once again
  • RealDeals: How much? That bike sold for HOW much?
  • Dynamo fault-finding: Paul Friday does just that
  • Plus! News! Events! Frank's Big Shed! Tony's Page! Minton's Bend! Small ads with free photos! Entirely! Unnecessary! Exclamation! Marks!

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    Issue 6: Classics at WorkIssue Six: published August 2004

    And here's the one you can buy, just three weeks old (because we put the date on the cover when the magazine was actually published, not some made-up month which bears no relation to reality), three quid to you, Govn'r, and packed full of RealClassic reading...

  • Return of Smokey Joe: whatever happened to a certain T160?
  • Steve Wilson discovers pulling power with an Enfield on the farm
  • Emm gets it on with a herd of huge, handsome Hondas
  • Factory prototype: Frank rides Norton's unified twin
  • Issue 6: Shiny HondasWar-Stories I: a BSA WD B40
  • War-Stories II: FerG3 takes a military tour
  • Graham and Daisy meet up with the Beesa Boys
  • TP Times; the world's most famous Typing Person returns
  • Poachers! BMF man buys Vincent! Slippery Sam rebuilt!
  • Pride and Joy: Kate explains why her Norton 650 is so very special
  • Fuelish thinking: what to do now that LRP has gone from the pumps
  • Daisy's rebuild, the last installment. Finally. Fixed!
  • Drum brakes and how to adjust 'em
  • The controversy over Tony's Page continues
  • Dave Minton sends a Letter From America
  • Tony Page mourns the missing heroes
  • Frank Westworth endures unexpected success in The Big Shed

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    Issue 5: Original, BestIssue Five: published July 2004

    An issue so full of features and road tests and reports and Other Interesting Stuff that we had to leave out some admin bumf and (shock horror) TP Times. Got a story from RealMart, instead (although he doesn't strip down to his underwear quite as often as TP does...)

  • Jonathan Hoare meets a BSA B44 Victor
  • Steve Wilson rides Down the Road on Anneka the A10
  • A purring Panther gets the better of Frank Westworth
  • Classic racing at Cadwell: it rained. A lot!
  • RealMart goes rotary with the NMM's Norton racers
  • Issue 5: Steve Wilson is the LeaderThe Triumph twin this month (well, you've gotta have one...) is a T110
  • Graham Ham experiences Walking With Velocettes (scary!)
  • The Original & Best bike is a 1947 Matchless G80 this month
  • HumberNut completes his two-part How To
  • Daisy's winter rebuild seems to be going on until August
  • Paul Friday's Classic Dynamics series spins to its conclusion
  • Summer Fun at Kempton, Hoghton and the Isle of Wight
  • Plus free colour photos ads, events, et al
  • Details of the new Royal Enfield Army Bullet
  • Dave Minton's Bendswingin', Frank Westworth's Shed, and Tony's Page

    Click here to buy a copy of RealClassic 5...


    Issue 4: EmpireIssue Four: published June 2004

    The Imperial issue (as we like to think of it), boasts a beautiful BSA Empire Star on its cover; a story about a bike from the days of the Great Depression which might just cheer you up!

  • BSA Empire Star cover story
  • An extra special Down The Road, as Steve meets Jeff Clew and tells the tale of his life in motorcycling
  • The British Superbike (aka Triumph's T160) encounters Rowena Hoseason - and lives!
  • Smooth as Silk: the story of the Scott's 1970s descendent
  • Classic Racing: MayDay at Mallory and sunshine at Brands
  • Issue 4: Dirty Hands*Claude Nomonet discovers the Royal Enfield twins that time forgot (Super Meteor, if you're interested)
  • The world's most expensive Tiger Cub?
  • Sorting out Bantam electrics
  • Where all those new bits for old Triumphs come from
  • Daisy's rebuild: all hail Tri-Supply!
  • In Classic Dynamics, Paul Friday explains why tyres get hot and bothered
  • HumberNut shows us How To make a clamp
  • RealMart gives a guide to basic servicing (he used a Morini but you can use any old bike that falls readily to hand)
  • The Boys At The Back: Minton, Westworth and Page, all present and almost correct

    SORRY! We've run out of the early issues of RealClassic magazine.

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    Issue 3: SilverIssue Three: published May 2004

    A fun-packed packed 120-pages, featuring:

  • Triumph's new Thruxton Bonneville plus Dave Minton's views of the original
  • Norton Big 4 in the Original & Best series
  • Rowena Hoseason's first real ride of a Douglas Dragonfly
  • Steve Wilson going Down the Road to Sammy Miller's and buying a BSA Bantam
  • A Velocette MAC ridden by Richard M
  • Jonathan Hoare's day out with an original trials Bullet
  • Three full pages of readers' photo ad plus more Smalls
  • Issue 3: DouglasTP Times and Surreal Classics
  • The Book of the Year (well, so far)
  • Going to Daytona and a special offer on Go-Waterless cleaners
  • Daisy's Diary - the rebuild begins
  • Minton meets the Magneto Man
  • Classic Dynamics - how countersteering works
  • Plus Tony's Page, Bendswingin' and Odgie too
  • Frank Westworth's From The Shed

    SORRY! We've run out of the early issues of RealClassic magazine.

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    Issue 2: RedIssue Two: published April 2004

    A slightly slimmer 112-page issue, which contains all this and a few bits more:

  • A red hot BSA Spitfire photographed by Jonathan Hoare
  • The second part of Steve Wilson's Vetter review reveals the T160's background
  • A comprehensive catalogue of Kettles (the Suzuki GT750, that is)
  • Clubman's Choice spotlights the Sunbeam S8
  • Steve Wilson rides a TR65 T-Bird and investigates a flood at the Ace Cafe
  • The Original & Best series kicks off with an Ariel VB
  • Sneak preview of the world's biggest Commando Issue 2: Craig Vetter
  • Eight pages packed with readers' Small ads
  • RealDeals returns, accompanied by eBaywatch
  • Frank Westworth finds out how to resurrect a Norton Commando
  • How To with Humbernut begins by making a plain bearing
  • In Classic Dynamics, Paul Friday investigates motorcycle stability
  • And it all draws to a close with Bendswingin', Tony's Page and From The Shed

    SORRY! We've run out of the early issues of RealClassic magazine.

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    Issue 1: BlueIssue One: published March 2004

    The very first issue was a bumper 120-page effort, and there's only a VERY FEW left now. Features:

  • A gorgeous Triumph Thunderbird 6T graces the cover and the first article
  • Steve Wilson starts to ride down his road once again, meeting Craig Vetter and the Hurricane
  • Frank Westworth does the sums about Norton's Dominator 77
  • Daisy's Diary - an introduction, for those who don't yet know Graham Ham
  • Steve The Toast discovers six appeal with Honda CBX1000
  • The first Clubman's Choice is a really unusual Matchless G50CS
  • Issue 1: CBXThe Hesketh story, as told by Rowena Hoseason
  • A new Bullet model from Royal Enfield
  • Lots of older Enfield Bullets, as the RealWheels survey series returns
  • A life in motorcycling: Minton on Keith Duckworth
  • Bendswingin', Tony's Page and Odgie
  • Frank Westworth's From The Shed sees the light of day once more
  • And Mark Williams says hello to a whole new magazine

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    Issue 50 onwards of RealClassic magazine can be found here...


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