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13th November 2008

Real Classic Magazine - Great News For RC Readers In The USA
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Our new distribution deal means RC readers in the USA can subscribe to RealClassic via Motorsport and save a big ol’ dollop of dollars...

We’re delighted to announce that the printed RealClassic magazine is now available in the United States via Motorsport Publications. Motorsport is run by Christine Smith, who has taken over from Lee Cowie upon his retirement from the magazine distribution business.

Chris is no stranger to old bikes – she has raced Beezer C15s, B25s and B40s in moto-cross and trials, and is one of the few people we know who can actually kick up a Gold Star. So she’s very well qualified to handle RealClassic!

The new arrangement means that if you want to save some hard-earned dollars then you can opt to subscribe to the monthly RealClassic magazine via Motorsport in future. We send a bulk delivery each month to Motorsport, which is considerably cheaper than sending individual magazines by airmail, hence the cost saving. So if you want to avoid exchange rate agony and buy direct from a reseller in the USA, you’ll be able to pay around $58 for a 12-issue subscription.

All the info is available on the Motorsport site at: realclassic-subscription-p-800.html or you can call 001 (715) 572-4595 to talk to Christine. She’s also building up a stock of back issues in case there’s a gap in your collection.

Hold on, I don't recognise that Vincent...

We know there are plenty of Americans who buy an occasional issue and would like to read more, but have been discouraged by the high postal price and nasty exchange rates. Hopefully, this new arrangement will suit you, sir!

All coming soon to a magazine near you...To further pique your interest, we can reveal that forthcoming issues of the magazine will include articles about:

  • Egli and NorVin twins,
  • AMC-Norton desert sleds,
  • Rudge Special,
  • An AJS 250 CSR,
  • BSA’s Rocket Gold Star,
  • Getting going on proper vintage motorcycles,
  • Rebuilding the project bike Ariel Leader,
  • Riding our own A65,
  • Testing an MV Agusta 350,
  • Going off-road on the Beamish trial,
  • BSA-Triumph unit singles buyer’s guide,
  • A 1929 AJS,
  • A very tasty Triumph TR6C,
  • Scott and Silk super-strokers,
  • A cammy Velo,
  • A really rare DMW racer,
  • BSA’s single-minded M33,
  • Small strokers like the Simson Sport,
  • Big Italians like Laverda’s RGS
  • And a whole heap more including regular columns from Frank Westworth, Steve Wilson, Dave Minton and Jacqueline Bickerstaff.

    Better yet, the December 08 issue is our biggest ever, with extra pages to cope with all the excitement. Yours for less than $5, delivery included, if you live in the USA and subscribe via Motorsport…

    There are a couple of things to note, especially if you’re already an RC subscriber:-

  • The price for Canadian and South American subscribers won’t be any lower via Motorsport so those folk are better off leaving their subs to run direct with RCHQ in the UK

  • We haven’t figured out a sensible way of swapping ongoing subs over, so you’ll need to wait until your existing sub is about to lapse, and then take out a new sub with Motorsport

  • If you transfer your sub to Motorsport then your membership of the RC Club will lapse. This means you won’t receive a member’s newsletter each month, nor will you be eligible for any of the club discounts (but we completely understand that some folk might prefer to save the $$$s !)

  • The monthly shipment to Motorsport is done in batches, so your magazine may take slightly longer to reach you than if you continue to subscribe direct from RCHQ. The timing will vary; some months you won’t notice the difference but at other times you could wait a week longer.

    If that has completely confused you then feel free to email TP at with any questions. Alternatively, just hop to our in-house subscription page if you would like to sign up or renew direct with us.

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