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20th December 2012

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Happy 10th Birthday

Older than You Tube, Facebook and Twitter. Longer lasting than some of our biggest rivals. Bigger and better than we ever imagined. Happy birthday, - Britain's most popular classic bike website...

Two of us had just had a magazine rug pulled out from under our feet. One of us had just walked away from a perfectly good proper job. Setting up an old bike website seemed like an easy way to while away the winter months until something better turned up.

A Diesel Enfield, yesterday...

Ten years, 35 million page views and 12 million site visits later, we're still here. Here are ten things we've loved about making

  • Meeting hundreds of classic motorcycle enthusiasts online, who became RC regulars, and whose contributions, expertise and friendship we treasure.

  • Being propelled by the enthusiasm of the readership into publishing a monthly magazine.

  • Beating the big boys. We've just kept on doing what we do best while challenges have come and gone.

  • Understanding that with a website (unlike a print magazine) it's possible to make updates after 'going to press.' Deadlines have never felt the same since.

  • Improving the site, little by little, week by week. We can try ideas out and throw away the ones that don't work in a way big businesses can't.

  • Riding amazing bikes, visiting wonderful places and meeting fascinating people in the course of putting the site together. It's why we do it.

  • Seeing people help each other after meeting through In many cases this has extended way beyond keeping old bikes on the road; truly heartwarming.

  • A philosophy: If you build it, they will come. We made for ourselves, hoping other people would like it.

  • A milestone: the month when more people read than read the best-selling classic motorcycle magazine in the UK.

  • A mystery: the popularity of the article about the diesel Enfield; still one of our most-visited pages, even after all these years.

    Most of all, our success is down to you, the reader. Thanks for visiting, and come back soon.

    Martin, Frank and Rowena


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