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AJS Model 31 CSR

Horrors! An AJS CSR which has been painted red instead of blue! What possible excuse could Robin Flack have for this reckless behaviour?

'I was sitting at the lights one day,' says Robin; 'when a guy in a van tapped me on the arm. "Do me a favour," he shouted, "give it some away from the lights". I didn't want to let him down - it's hard to say who had the biggest grin, him or me!'

Do not adjust your set...

Robin Flack's 1961 Model 31 CSR is all about having fun. He was spared the chore of doing too much work to the AJS by buying a recently restored machine in 1990, so his tasks with the tools have been limited to replacing a few parts, tidying and polishing. 'It was restored to a very high standard,' he reports, 'with low compression (7.5 to 1) pistons fitted to assist starting. I was very lucky as I knew the two previous owners and much of the history; it came with a file full of paperwork, manual, spares list and such. I'm happy with its set-up -- maybe a new exhaust is in order to beef up the sound!'

Robin keeps the Ajay topped up with Chatsworth 40 engine oil; 'for better running,' which certainly seems to be keeping things coolly under control. 'It hasn't broken down since I've owned it, probably due to regular maintenance. Whatever it needs, it gets.'

On that basis 'the frame, tank and panels have all been powder coated. Before the purists get going though, I know that CSRs are supposed to be blue! A new seat was needed and one was found but it had red piping, so...'

The CSR's scarlet attire hasn't affected its performance an inch, however. 'Riding this bike is a dream. It can be very forgiving, even on old-type tyres. I did the rounds of the usual 650 twins, Triumph and BSA, but nothing came close to the CSR. It is a joy to ride one or two-up, and is happy to tour or have a bit of fun (within speed limits, of course!). It's a bike that is ridden, not just a show bike, and is often seen on VMCC runs and at the Ace Café. It's stylish, easy to ride, and comfortable. In short, it's a good reliable all rounder. It might be classed as 'the other twin' but I feel sorry for anyone that hasn't ridden one.'

Even the boots have red piping

But surely the Model 31 can't be perfect - can it? 'They say there is a bike out there for everyone, well, this CSR is mine. From the moment seat hit seat we were a pair!' So would Robin ever consider selling the AJ? 'There is more chance of Ex-Editor Westworth fitting into a pair of 30-inch waist jeans! (sorry Frank).' So that's final, then...


  • R&R Motorcycles, Herts, 01961 958114: general restoration and repair.
  • Armours, 01202 519409: exhaust pipes.
  • The AJS & Matchless Owners' Club, 01536 511532

    The "other" twin? What do you think?

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