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Bargain bucket bikes: About to sell on eBay at stupidly low prices...

Classic Motorcycle Bargain Bucket
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Ever gone into a bike shop to buy a spark plug and come out with a complete bike? If serendipity is your middle name, you'll love our collection of ending-soon eBay bargain bikes...

The internet has been fantastic for classic motorcyclists. It's never been easier to find and buy obscure spare parts, and this has surely kept more old bikes on the road rather than festering in sheds. And it's largely eBay that has made this happen. You type what you're looking for into the and up pops a panoply of prospective purchases for your perusal. Perfect.

And it's great for sellers too; put up a nice concise description and some clear photos and bidders will be beating a path to your door.

There's just one thing missing from the online auction buying experience. And no, it's not the grumpy git in the brown coat, stood behind the counter with a mug of tea and a sarcastic quip for every customer.

But it's not green... Kawasaki Z650B1 - Listed simply as "1980 Kawasaki Green", it probably would have sold for more money if the description had been more accurate. Someone got a bargain..

What's missing is serendipity. You don't stumble over things you weren't looking for, things you didn't know you wanted until you saw them. I went into the supermarket yesterday for some toothpaste and came out with a sandwich, two light-bulbs and a five-pack of socks. How did that happen?

Anyway. Somewhere on this page is a big list of bikes for sale on eBay. They're all cheap, they're all described (however accurately) as classics, and their auctions are all about to end. Somewhere in there might be the bike you hadn't realised you'd been looking for.

You might also find the bike that you have been looking for, but that's been so badly described by its seller that you'd never have found it by the usual means.

Some of them haven't sold because they're rubbish. Some haven't sold because they need more spending on them than they'll ever be worth. But here and there are some real bargains, and the list churns over so quickly that if there's nothing interesting today, there'll be more along tomorrow. Go on, have a browse...

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