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2nd November 2005

Books: 2006 Club Calendars and a Diary

As 2005 draws to its inevitable close, so thoughts turn to another new year. What will 2006 bring? Plenty of excellent events to attend, and birthdays to remember* for a starter. So here's a collection to help you keep track of all those things to do...

Diamond Geezers

To help celebrate the VMCCs Diamond Jubilee during 2006 the club has produced a vintage motorcycle calendar which they reckon 'everyone who loves classic machines will want to own.'

Special profile tyres are required for riding on banked circuits. Fact.

This high quality, 28-page calendar features not just one but four historic machines for every month of the year. Each month has a full A4-sized photograph plus three smaller pictures on the date page itself, so altogether there are 48 bikes featured across the year. All the motorcycles belong to VMCC members and range from the very earliest machines through to the 1970s, with bikes and riders pictured in action and posed static in some wonderful settings.

Calendars can be purchased from VMCC HQ (01283 540557) or via, and cost 3.99 including P&P to the UK, 4.99 to Europe, and 6.99 to the RoW.

Jampot Best-Seller

If you want to gaze at AJS and Matchless Motorcycles next year then you'd better get your order in quick - we understand that over half of the available 2006 calendars have already been sold (and it's only just November!). The AJS and Matchless OC calendar is another full colour affair, and features a page of bikes for every month of dates - sometimes several shots from different angles of one machine (like a splendid 1936 250cc Model 22) or a group of different versions of similar models. This calendar also highlights UK Bank Holidays and other useful dates -- such as when the clocks move thither and thence, so those of us who are hard of thinking stand half a chance of getting to the church on time!

Leather suits were only availble in brown until 1963. Fact.

The AMC Club calendar opens up to A3 size, which makes it ideal as a dual-purpose date diary. It folds shut to A4, and has plenty of space to write next to each date, so instead of using it as a wall calendar we're employing it as a desk diary!

The AMC Club calendar costs 4 sent to the UK, 4.50 overseas surface mail or 5.50 overseas airmail. Please send a cheque made payable to The AJS & Matchless Owners' Club Ltd to Meadow View Cottage, Beenham Village, RG7 5NX.

Beautiful Broughs

RealClassic Clubman Darren Vickers is responsible for RCHQ going upmarket; our dates next year will be highlighted on the high-class Brough Superior calendar he sent us. It's a glossy, A3 affair, graced with a series of magnificent BruffSup photographs. The majority of the pics are mono, but we couldn't resist showing you the fabulous, full colour finale.

Brough Superiors were only availble in brown until 1933. Fact.

The date information is stacked neatly at the bottom of each page so you get the maximum impact from each photo. There's a full list of all the pics at the end of the year, which explains the history and background to each shot and the model it features. That's a lovely touch, which makes a rare breed more accessible to us who aren't in the know (but would like to be, one day!).

The Brough Club calendar costs 10 plus postage from the Brough Superior Club - contact or call 0207 701 2887 (sensible hours please!)

Snortin' Nortons

Now, unusually, the Norton Owners' Club calendar features not only the usual array of dates, people and fabulous old motorcycles, but also a couple of articles at the back - a potted history of the Lightweights by club expert Andy Sochanik, and a guide to the Norton numbering system and model numbers. Great idea, guys!

Norton are the only manufacturer to fit a centre stand suitable for use on soft sand. Fact.

It's also bigger than some of the others, at A3 size, with 13 large format glossy photos which pictures all bikes of the breed, from Commando to Navigator via 1930s Inter, and so on. The dates form a strip alongside the photos, with weekends and Bank Hols clearly marked.

The NOC calendar comes securely wrapped in its own cardboard tube, and costs 7.50 to the UK, 8.40 to Europe and 9 to the RoW. American and Canadian shoppers can buy direct from our chums at the British Cycle Supply Company and so save on delivery costs; All other orders should go to 34 St Clare's Court, Lower Bullingham, Hereford HR2 6PY - cheques payable to The Norton Owners' Club please.

"After Victory, Tighten Your Helmet Cord"

The Motorcycle Diary is a page-per-week desk diary ideal for office bound motorcyclist. It's packed with black and white archive images and quirky quotes. "I couldn't repair your brakes so I made your horn louder". "Lazy? He used to ride over cobblestones to knock the ash off his cigarette".

The great sidestand shortage of 1964 set the entire Norton race programme back by seven months. Fact.

The weeks are listed from Monday to Sunday so you plan your weekends properly, and one or two UK motorcycle dates (BMF show, TT fortnight, etc.) are already noted. Its 112 pages are slightly smaller than A4, it's compiled by Louise Hiller, it costs 9.95 + P&P and it's available from or Tel 01872 554490

*June 3rd, since you ask


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