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If you really fancy a hand-change classic but don't want to buy a really old bike, then how about something like this clever conversion. KarlB reckons it's right handy...

Even though I am disposed of a fairly optimistic and sunny nature (stop sniggering at the back KentShaun and Graham), there are times when my bikes can cause me to grumble and whinge. Then along comes someone… who we shall call Richard, because that's his name (Frank's favourite joke apparently)… and it puts all my shallow whining into context.

All the controls fall easily to hand.

Now Richard belongs to our local MZRC branch and he does like to get out an about on a bike now and then. Trouble is, a childhood illness has made gear changing a tad harder for Richard than for the rest of us. Now where some of us might baulk at this and give up on our pursuit of classic biking, Richard has other ideas. I wonder if you can spot them on his 1990s Indian Enfield? I'll give you a clue -- it's on the exhaust.

It looks like it's meant to be there.

Yep that's a fine piece of lateral thinking going on there. When I popped myself into the saddle I was amazed at how easy it all fell to hand. Richard has pondered on adding indicators as it can get a bit busy in the arm waving department at times if gear changes come along too!

They'll all be doing this on Biker-Build-Off now, you wait.

Fellow MZedders who have followed Richard gadding about the Kentish lanes have been bemused by the alacrity of this Indian machine, but the man himself has admitted that he had to change a fair few of the engines internals as they were of poor quality stuff. However, I must say that the Triumph pipe made a lovely noise and the whole bike looks, well I guess the best word would be 'complete,' yes that sums it up complete..

A few other fellow MZedders and Beesa owners who now find it hard to start or throw a leg over their favourite steeds haven't given up rallying either. Instead they have followed a slightly different route to Richard; the big scoot route.

Random Big Scooters on

So all in all if there's a will then I guess in biking, there's a way…


All pictures taken at our 2007 Summer Kent Invicta MZRC camp by KarlB


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