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26th July 2004

News: Classic Bike Clubs - The Yamaha Thumpers Club UK

There very often isn't room to squeeze in all the info about a particular classic bike club, either in the online Directory or the monthly magazine. So we're starting a new series to let us look a little closer at individual organisations...

So from the name of this club - the Yamaha Thumpers Club UK - you may have already deduced that it's a special interest motorcycling group dedicated to the early, classic, Yamaha big singles (hence the 'Thumpers' in the name). At the moment the members of the YTC have limited themselves to purely the 500cc models - the XT500, TT500, SR500 and HL500 - although who knows where the future will take them. You could probably start a campaign to have the XT600 and SRX600 included and before you know it they'd be knee-deep in 660s (but don't say we suggested that else we'll get into all sorts of trouble for stirring things up!).

Keith got in touch with us to explain all about the YTC. He's the group's Treasurer and (acting) Secretary, and is a firm Yamaha singles fan. 'I bought my XT500D back in 1980,' explains Keith; 'when it was just three years old (on the day after its first MoT) and I have owned and run it continuously since then. I've covered almost 65k miles on her during the past 24 years.'

Sharing the helm of the YTC is Dave, the Chairman and Webmaster. He's not owned his Yam for quite such a long time, but has restored it back to near-concours, original condition.

Yee-haaa. XT500.

The Thumper Club was fairly active in the past and at one point had over 100 members, but fell into obscurity a few years ago. This was largely due to the kind of problems familiar to any volunteer organisation, which struggle to produce a regular club magazine or newsletter and so keep the members in contact with each other. However, the dawn of a new century and a new method of communication have given the YTC a second start.

'To bring us (if not our bikes) into the 21st century', explains Keith; 'we are re-forming the club around a brand new website. This will allow us to all communicate and keep in touch; arrange meetings and get-togethers; publish useful technical information; and have forums to discuss and address problems.

'Although we wish to get people together who either own, or have a real interest in this breed of classic motorcycle, our main objective is to help get as many of these motorcycles back in use as possible, and help to maintain and improve those that are already running. We hope to achieve this by supporting all owners with access to information and assistance that can help to understand these motorcycles (setups, issues, and configurations); resolve problems that may occur; and gain access to necessary parts, materials, accessories, and even complete bikes.

SR500. Rare Lativan Monochromatic Anti-Gravity model pictured.

'We also wish to create a register of as many of these vehicles as possible to try to gauge just how many remain; of which model; and in what state. This database will *only* be used to allow members to get together and communicate with each other; to understand what and where these bikes are; and to help in the fight against theft.

'The power of the Internet does break down national and international barriers, and although we are forming ourselves as the UK club, we welcome active members from any part of the world who share our interest and passion for these classic bikes. After all there aren't likely to be vast numbers of these motorcycles left!'

So there's the spiel; now here's the deal. Membership of the YTC will cost 10 per year and the new website is already up and running. It's in its infancy at the moment, but the boys hope to expand and enhance it as soon as time and funds allow. You can find out more at:
or email Keith at
or Dave at


If you'd like to publicise your marque or specialist club among RealClassic's worldwide motorcycling audience then drop us a line and tell us all about it. This is your chance to take as much space as you like (within reason...) to spread the word, so don't skimp on the details. Fill us in on your club's history, its aims, its premier events and local get-togethers; fees, regulations, benefits and contact details. (If you've been in touch in the past then don't be shy about coming forward again cos we may not have all this info on file). Send Club stuff to and we'll pass the word...

SRX. Not in the club. Yet.

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