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Royal Enfield Electra EFI
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There’s been plenty of speculation about what the new fuel-injected, unit construction Royal Enfield will look like. Now you can finally see the initial UK EFI model...

We were sworn to secrecy, so couldn’t tell you about the day in the summer when (1) it didn’t actually rain, and (2) RealClassic’s editor, Frank Westworth, was let loose on the evaluation example of the unit construction Royal Enfield single. We’ve just this minute been unembargoed (thank goodness for that; cramp was setting in) so can now reveal the initial details of the official 2009 Royal Enfield range.

Unembargoed at last. Whew - that's a relief.... 2009 Royal Enfield Electra EFI - You saw it here first....

It’s been pretty confusing in the last couple of years, what with 4-speed and 5-speed gearboxes, lean-burn and traditional motors, 350cc and 500cc, all available in different guises to suit your style of classic motorcycling. For 2009 the UK range starts with a clean sheet. Euro 3 regulations require reduced carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen emissions, so Royal Enfield have designed a completely new unit construction engine, with electronic fuel injection and a catalytic converter in the silencer.

Until now Royal Enfield motorcycles have used a separate gearbox, but the new design incorporates it into the engine casing, which should make it lighter and more efficient. Power is increased to 27.5bhp in standard form with 41.3Nm of torque at 4000rpm – and we expect it won’t be long before an aftermarket kit arrives to boost the output still further.

Unit Construction! Whatever next!.... 2009 Royal Enfield Electra EFI - From the other side...

The new engine retains the traditional pushrod construction, and with its bore of 84mm and 90mm stroke still promises an authentic-feeling ‘British Single’ experience. We can confirm that it certainly still sounds like a pukka thumper (even though some clatter has been deadened using rubbery strips around the cylinder fins), and has retained the Bullet’s loveable ‘chuggability’.

The EFI also keeps the single 280mm disc front brake and six-inch drum rear brake of the old Electra, both of which should be perfectly up to dealing with the new bike’s estimated top speed of around 80mph. Dry weight has been kept to around 350lb, which is one reason why the EFI doesn’t need six-pot fully-floating twin discs… and most riders will find the braking sufficient for every day cruising speeds of around 60-65mph. The previous lean-burn Electra engine developed a reputation for frugality and the EFI motor also promises fuel economy of 85mpg or more, giving it a tank range of over 250 miles.

Somehwere in England, Frank finally comes face to face with the EFI Electra....

If you’d like to know more about Frank’s riding experiences on the new bike, then you’ll need to read the November 08 issue of RealClassic magazine…

Bullet bits on

You won’t have to wait too long to see one of these bikes in the flesh, however. First to appear in the UK will be the Electra EFI, which will be similar in appearance to the previous Electra model, but with the UCE and a catalytic converter in the exhaust.  British riders will have an opportunity to view the new Electra EFI up close at the NEC Bike Show at the end of November, and initial shipments are expected to arrive in the UK to coincide with the Show launch.

Royal Enfield enthusiasts in the UK will be able to watch the range of UCE bikes develop over the next few months: we expect to see Classic (with chrome, nacelle, toolboxes and such), Trials (high bars and kicked-up exhaust) and Clubman (café racer with clip-ons and rearsets) models join the basic Electra as time goes by.

Photographer hits two out of three (right indicator and headstock nut) on the 'reflecive self portrait' opportunities. Getting the left indicator as well would have given them the full clean sweep... 2009 Royal Enfield Electra EFI - Clocks and nacelle

The new UCE Electra EFI will go on sale for around £4000 (that’s our best guess, not an official figure). See for more information about the range as the details are released…


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