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Bike Review - Posted 18th June 2014
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Hesketh 24 Update

The very first limited-edition Hesketh 24 has been revealed. The full story will appear in the monthly magazine, but here's a sneak preview for you...

As we reported at the end of 2013, the revitalised Hesketh company promised to bring a new model to the market this year. Initially they hoped to have the two-litre V-twin available in February, but these things typically take longer than expected. One of the major problems with Lord Hesketh's original bikes was a lack of development and testing time - so we think it's probably better for the new Hesketh business to get their bikes right before selling them to the buying public. We've waited three decades for an all-new Hesketh: another couple of months is neither here nor there.

Hesketh 24

The first machine to be seen in the metal is a limited-edition model, the Hesketh 24, which is intended to be a tribute to James Hunt and is named after his 1975 F1 car. Just 24 bikes will be hand-built by Hesketh's team in Surrey, and each will feature an 18 carat gold plaque on the petrol tank, identifying the bike's unique build number. These machines are expected to retail at around £35,000 - and if that feels a little steep then a production version of the Hesketh, probably fitted with a dual seat, is likely to go on sale in 2015.

Hesketh 24

Paul Sleeman, the man behind the new incarnation of Hesketh Motorcycles, has played a pivotal role in the 24's design and development. Hesketh say that the 24 'uses only top quality components and has been painstakingly built with attention to every detail.' They've aimed to retain the style, kudos and upmarket cache of the original machines and combine it with 'the technical excellence and reliability that the marque deserves.'

Hesketh 24
Hesketh Stuff on Now...

While the original Hesketh motorcycles used an in-house V-twin motor, the new bikes will be equipped with an air-cooled 1950cc 'X-wedge' engine bought in from S&S, and also used in Morgan's three-wheelers. For the bikes, the X-wedge has been modified by Harris Performance Engines to give customers the choice of three different states of tune. The finished machines will come equipped with ancillaries from Öhlins, Beringer and Baker, and owners will be given a comprehensive two-year warranty.

Hesketh 24

Our man was at the official launch last week - and was one of the very lucky few to actually swing a leg over the saddle of the new Hesketh 24. His impressions of the bike and the Hesketh operation behind it will appear in the next issue of RealClassic magazine together with more detail photos.


Words: Rowena Hoseason
Photos: Hesketh Motorcycles

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