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Honda CBX1000: Six Appeal, Part 2
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When the time came for Paul Miles to give his classic six cylinder Honda a bit of fettling, he started with the exhaust system. Surely six separate silencers should be sufficient?...

Now, Iíve had my CBX, a 1979 model, for donkeysí years. It is an honest and un-restored, example, which has suffered a bit from poor storage whilst Ďa mateí borrowed it. For ten years. One of the only non-original fitments is the exhaust system, a Jama replica setup which is a direct replacement for the Honda OE part, in looks and sound.

Every year since Iíve got it back, so for about the last four years, I drag it out in the Spring and resolve to sell it, as ĎI never use it enoughí. So I get it MOTíd and fall in love again, you know the routine, Iím sure. So this year I decided to tart the old girl up a bit at the end of the summer riding season.

Note the scaffolding for use when the indicator bulbs need changing... 1979 Honda CBX 1000

Now, when I ride it, I invariably get comments on the line of Ďwow, very original, apart from the pattern exhaustí, which is really quite irritating, so I decided to settle this matter once and for all. Genuine Honda systems are available at a price, around a grand to you, sir. So, obviously Iíll get an original setup and return the mighty Seedysix back to 100% standard, right? Wrong.

Instead I decided on a Pipemasters 6:6 setup, guaranteed to send the rivet counters into a state of apoplexy, and even more expensive. Made in Australia, they are a beautifully crafted stainless steel masterpiece. Slightly heavier than the standard system, supposedly offering better throttle response, and, ahem, a distinctive exhaust note. I ordered them direct via the interweb, and three weeks later they arrived at my door, easy-peasy.

Mmmmm, shiny... Pipemasters 6:6 system for Honda CBX1000

Taking off the old system was straightforward, but fitting the new pipes looked more challenging, there are lots of bits but no instructions, hmm. In fact, it was a doddle. Each downpipe is numbered, and even I canít get that wrong. Three pipes from each side fit into a numbered triple collector box which then connects to the pre-mounted silencer arrays. And thatís it. No bodgery, no rejetting, fit ní go. The only problem I encountered was the sidestand, which doesnít tuck in properly. I e-mailed Pipemasters and was told that the problem is the stand itself and not their system, as they always fit perfectly. When I took it off and inspected it, it was indeed bent. Dammit, I hate smartarses. A new stand is on order, as I didnít think it wise to bash straight a piece of metal that supports 600lbs of motorcycle.

So whatís it like? The finish is perfect, and it looks like Honda could have designed it, itís that good. Everythingís a slip in fit, no clips or welds, and yet, such is the quality of the workmanship, there are no leaks at the joints. Ground clearance is excellent, all tucked in nicely, but Iíd have to remove one array of silencers (!) in order to take out the rear wheel axle, something not required with the OE setup. However, routine chain adjustment can still be performed with the pipes in situ.

You can almost hear it from here... Pipemasters 6:6 system for Honda CBX1000

But, boy is it LOUD. One of the great pleasures of riding a CBX is the colossal whoosh as it picks up in near silence, and sounds like a jet taking off as you rev it hard. Thatís completely lost now, it sounds like Mike Hailwood at the TT-all the wail of the nail. Imagine 6 wasps nests being chopped up by six chainsaws, fantastic, but not at all discreet. You pays your money and takes your choice, I guess. In fact, Iím not a great fan of loud exhausts, so I might take it off and revert to original, but not just yet, Iím too busy pretending to race Ago (except sometimes, on a different bike, Iím Ago and...but thatís another story!).

Damn that pesky sidestand... Pipemasters 6:6 system for Honda CBX1000

So, I wholeheartedly commend both the Honda CBX and Pipemaster exhaust, to the RC house!

For all your CBX Exhaust Requirements:


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