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Bike Profile - Posted 12th September 2011

1974 Kawasaki Z1B: Kev's Klassic Kawasaki, Part Two...
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RC message board regular Kevin had lusted after a Kawasaki Z1B for many years, so when he spotted a bargain on eBay he couldn't resist the 'Buy It Now' button. Part two; work continues....

"This is how she sits at the moment. The brake caliper is away being refinished, and all the seals are here waiting to be fitted, I also have a replacement decal to go on.

Always worth putting everything together and taking a good look, to give yourself some motivation. 1974 Kawasaki Z1B

"The carbs have now been cleaned and are in the post back to me, along with the fuel tap. I have cleaned out the fuel tank as best I can and I am hoping that it won't need sealing. We will see what happens here later.

Spot the hinge in the middle 1974 Kawasaki Z1B stripped bare.

New seat makes a big difference

"This is the new PMC seat from Z-Power. I have the strap to fit yet, and the seat catch assembly, although I now have the parts for both. I have also fitted the correct steering damper, and fuel tank cap seal.

Z900s on Right Now......

"Here's one for the rivet counters; new grips, to replace the Italian comfy ones that were fitted. As you can see these are correct NOS grips, and have 'Japan' embossed in the end, copies don't. You could buy two full sets of copies for the price of one of these and they are getting very hard to find, especially the throttle grip.

Not a rivet to be seen... Original twistgrip rubbers

"I also managed to track down both of the original throttle cables, one from over here in the UK, and one from the USA. The 'close' cable has been listed as NLA (No Longer Available) for a long time now.

"Oh, and I mentioned before that I had found the correct decal for my Bill Wirges exhaust system, well here it is ...

Take a bow, Bill Wirges...

"That's it for now, I have a few things on order; Bridgestone BT45 tyres, a new sealed battery, fuel lines, and rear peg rubbers. I have a few bits here that need fitting too; the oil pressure switch housing and new switch wiring, with rubber cap. So I'm getting close now to firing the thing up."

Words and photos - Kevin Dean.


And then on Sunday evening, an email arrived from Kevin, linking to this YouTube video:


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