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There's now more than one way to skin that cat…

RealClassic magazine subscribers are welcome to join Frank, Rowena and other contributors to the magazine, along with hundreds of RC readers and riders on Facebook at RC on FB

This is a closed group, so hit the button to join, and you'll be welcomed when one of the team is next at a desk. If you're not already on Facebook, it takes five minutes to register and you can control exactly what info you share: the RC group is private so only members can see what we're jabbering about, anyway!

RC on offers an extensive forum for classic motorcyclists of all kinds at: The CBC forum covers British, Japanese, European, American and competition classics from the 1890s to the 1990s; just about the very best of classic biking. You may need to register to join the conversation

Contact RCTrying to contact RealClassic? Then don't post a message and hope that one of the team sees it, because we can't read all the boards every day. If we did, there would never be any new material added to the main site and the monthly magazine would never get to press.

See to send a mail to the appropriate person.


The original RC message board has relocated to: You'll find the same people, talking about the same subjects, with the same reverence and respect.


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