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18th April 2007

RealClassic Bikes (what you need to know about them)
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Before buying your first real classic bike, there's probably a few things you should know. KarlB has compiled a list of the things which have proved important to him...

I was wandering around the internet recently, looking for a fix for a printer bug that's sowing some confusion at work and I came across, by accident or serendipity (who knows) a list of stuff one should know, like the top twenty things you should know.

Now I thought it rather interesting that there should,

a) be a list of stuff like that, and

b) someone thought they should decide for me.

A gold Laverda, yesterday.

Anyway, it got me to thinking, what would the top twenty things I should know about Real Classic biking be?

And so in no particular order:

  • 1. How to start and stop a big four stroke single.

  • 2. How to change gear on any bike from any country.

  • 3. How to use the engine and gears to slow down as I know the brakes won't.

  • 4. How far to push my bike down the road on an early Sunday morning before I start it up.

  • 5. When to change gear just from the sound and feel of an engine.

  • 6. That oil needs changing, often.

  • 7. Use, keeps bikes young, neglect ages them fast.

  • 8. All bikes can be classics in their owner's eyes.

  • 9. There is a classic bike for every taste.

  • 10. British bike engineers and designers were fallible.

  • 11. Everyone knows something about Real Classic bikes, but no one knows everything.

  • 12. The spanner you need for your Real Classic bike will always be just out of reach.

  • 13. Threads come in many sizes and varieties.

  • 14. Just because you have the right bolt for your Real Classic doesn't mean you'll have the right nut.

  • 15. Rust and corrosion are great adhesives on Real Classic machinery.

  • 16. Just because it's shiny on the outside doesn't mean it works on the inside.

  • 17. Just because it's grimy on the outside doesn't mean it's not immaculate on the inside.

  • 18. My shed / garage will never be big enough.

  • 19. Hitting Real Classics with big hammers will hurt them.

  • 20. All the agony Real Classics can cause is vastly outweighed by the sheer pleasure they can bring.

  • Laverda stuff on

    What do you think we should know about Real Classics?

    I prefer the silver one, that's what *I* know.

    Classic Projects on Right Now...


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