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28th January 2015

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2015 Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show Preview

Going slightly stir-crazy? Make tracks for Shepton Mallet and jon the RC Crew at the Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show on the 7th and 8th of February...

Winter can be a slightly strange time of year if your life revolves around old bikes. The weather isn’t exactly ideal for riding bikes and similarly it’s a bit nippy in The Shed for extended spannering sessions. Any day now we’ll be overhauling carburettors at the kitchen table.

Thankfully, one of our favourite events of the year is on the horizon and gives us something to look forward to and plan for. We’ve been going to the Bristol Show since it was in… erm… Bristol. Some events lose their atmosphere when they move to a new venue, but the Bristol Show has kept its character and feels totally at home at Shepton Mallet. It’s quite different to Stafford: more friendly, we think. Less frantic. Definitely more Cornish pasties on sale.

2015 Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show Preview

You also tend to see a lot of bikes on display at Shepton which don’t get an outing at any other major event – it’s a long way from Cornwall, Devon and Dorset to most places up country but we definitely have a thriving classic motorcycle scene down yere. So the Bristol Show provides an opportunity for owners to preen in the limelight and present their bikes for your entertainment.

2015 Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show Preview

Last year the Norton Owners’ Club took top honours for their inventive effort, recreating a dealers’ shop from 1963, while another local club laid their display out like a stable, with old bikes taking the place of horses in stalls. The overall show winner in 2014 was a truly unusual machine, a 1929 Sans Soupape Emmags which was so recently restored that its paint was barely dry – the proud owner made the finishing touches on the Friday before the Show…

2015 Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show Preview
Classic Trailies on Now...

This year’s Bristol Show features for the first time a Charterhouse Auction on the Sunday, with lots available to view on the Saturday. Admission to the sale itself for two people costs £10, and remember that if you intend to bid then you’ll need to make arrangements to pay and remove your new/old bike pretty promptly. The auctioneers expect to be starting the sale with rare parts, spares and memorabilia and there are already several noteworthy motorcycles consigned to the sale.

2015 Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show Preview

These include a fully restored to show-standard 1958 Shooting Star (estimate £6500), a pre-war Coventry Eagle Silent Superb (£4000), and several classics at the affordable / entry-level end of the market like a pair of Norton lightweights, a 1968 Bantam D14 and a seldom-seen 1960 Velo Valiant (estimate £2000 to £2500). You may have to be a bit brave to take on the A10 restoration project (even the conservation estimate of £100 may be asking too much). But the nifty TriBSA scrambler looks like it might be fun at £3k.

2015 Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show Preview

Allow plenty of time to admire them all; the indoor heated halls will be full of club stands and private entries, as well as the usual mix of trade stalls and autojumble. Then you can come and find the RealClassic Roadshow, on Stand 53 downstairs in the main hall (that’s the hall with the balcony and the upstairs restaurant). Frank will welcome you with open arms if you turn up with a cup of coffee (white no sugar, thanks), and we’ll provide the Jaffa Cakes. Just don’t come along after the auction and regale him with tales of how you bought a barn-fresh, original and unrestored Ajay Model 2 for twenty pounds, ten shillings and sixpence, not unless you really want to see a grown man cry!


What: the 35th Bristol Classic MotorCycle Show
When: Sat 7 Feb / Sun 8 Feb 2015, 10am to 5pm
Where: the Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, BA4 6QN
Admission: single day advance £10, gate £12
Tickets and info: 01507 529529
Full auction listing:

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