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2nd December 2011 2011

Classic Christmas Gifts
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Stuck for a stocking filler? Here are some suggestions for Christmas gifts to suit classic bike enthusiasts...

Save 20% on Classic Bike Books

Those friendly folk at Brooklands Books now give RC readers a 20% discount on all the motorcycling titles they stock; a bookshelf which extends to well over a thousand publications. That should surely keep any RC reader quiet until spring?

As well as the varied Brooklands range of Gold Portfolios, Performance Portfolios and Cycle World reprints, they also offer all Redline titles. So the range of motorcycles covered is simply astonishing: all the major Brit marques are catered for, starting at AJS and running through to Vincent, plus popular Continental and Japanese manufacturers, plus some very specific models (Ducati 916, Royal Enfield Big Twins, or Moto Morini 350s, anyone?). The Redline range looks in details at some of the most famous competition and racing machines of the last century.

Brooklands Books...The 20% discount offered to RC readers brings down the price of the top-notch Gold Portfolios to just 13.56, which should be a better deal than you can find at most online booksellers and is just about ideal for a Christmas gift for a chum.

The full range of Brooklands motorcycling titles is available here: realclassic.html together with details of how to claim your 20% discount as an RC reader.

If you prefer to speak to a person rather than order online then you can call 01932 865051: remember to have your RC Club number to hand (it's on the front of your address label each month, or on your little blue membership card which you received when you first subscribed to the magazine).

VMCC...VMCC Special Offers

Squeaking of special offers, the VMCC shop also has a bargain basement which you'll find here:

The main VMCC Shop features all the latest publications plus all manner of motorcycling memorabilia, but the special offer section includes some intriguing prospects, like a handsome embossed notebook for 1.75; a Harley-Davidson steel sign for a fiver; heaps of special interest DVDs and books - we spotted a good selection of end-of-line titles reduced from 35 down to 20 or 15, and even the very excellent Vintage Roadtest compilations (to which we regularly refer here at RCHQ).

So go grab some guilt-free gifts at knock down prices!

Precise in Every Part...Precise Present

There are a final few copies of the book 'Precise in Every Part' still available. Compiled by Alan Freke (who has been entertaining us for months with his Ivory exploits), this captivating hardback shines a spotlight onto the work of technical artist Francis Simpson.

You are already familiar with Simpson's work - he drew many of the amazing illustrations seen in 'The Motor Cycle' before WW2. Simpson was also employed by Douglas motorcycles and worked with Vincent-HRD and Matchless. This book is packed with Simpson's illustrations and motorcycling memorabilia, and the result is a fascinating insight into the motorcycle industry of the inter-war years.

You can read our full review here. To secure one of the final copies of this limited edition publication, please contact Alan via 0117 957 0942 or at

'Precise In Every Part: the world of Francis Simpson, technical artist, in the 1920s and 30s' costs 12.50 delivered to the UK.

Norton Gotta Clue?

If you have absolutely no idea what to give to a chum then Norvil's gift vouchers could be just the job. The Norvil Motorcycle Co stocks thousands of spares and upgrades for Norton lightweights and singles, as well as the Dominator and Commando twins. Gift vouchers are available in any sensible amount from 10 upwards, from: www.norvil

Noel Nortons on Now...

Stop Thieves

RBS GPS tracker...You can't put a price on peace of mind but RBS have done their best to make an added sense of security affordable for almost all classic bike enthusiasts. 7

They've sourced a GPS tracker which is ideal for old bikes: it's easy to operate, costs 99 to buy and has no expensive subscription strings attached. Should the worst happen and your classic goes AWoL, this tracker gives you an immediate warning and tells you where the bike is.

The RBS GPS tracker works with 6-and 12-volt systems, either positive or negative earth. The system can be installed at home or transferred between bikes. It uses the mobile phone system and it communicates not with some central control point but with your own mobile phone. There's a special Christmas offer of 99 plus delivery which lasts until 31st December 2011: more details from 01474 350883.

Star Charger

It's extremely handy that Christmas is timed to coincide with the middle of winter, don't you think? Just when the charge in your bike's battery will be getting low, thanks to cold nights and less frequent use, the perfect excuse to ask for a battery charger pops up. Paul Goff supplies a charger that's designed to work well with motorcycle batteries, and it costs just 15.20 delivered to the UK - the perfect price for a nifty stocking filler.

Battery Charger...

Paul's chargers are suitable for 6V and 12V. They feature a quick release plug and socket connection that can be fitted out of sight to enable easy connection without dismantling half your motorcycle every time you want to give it some juice. Order from or call 01494 868218.

10% Discount At Drags

Draganfly Motorcycles, the Ariel and pre-unit BSA specialist, are giving RC readers an extra-special Christmas present. Any order placed online during December 2011 will receive a 10% discount if you remember to quote the code 'RC10' at the check-out. So you could save 8.40 on a quality set of taps and dies; 3.32 on a stainless steel bar-end mirror; 5.50 on an Avon Roadrider, or a couple of quid on a few litres of lube. Draganfly also list thousands of specific spares for Ariel two-and four-strokes and pre-unit BSAs.

See and get your order placed before the end of December 2011.

Turner Book Recommended

Travelling with Mr Turner...Earlier this year, Panther Publishing produced 'Travelling with Mr Turner' by Nigel Winter, which recreates Edward Turner's 'gaffer's ride' of the 1950s. The book has been generally well received, and especially so by Edward Turner's daughter, Jane Meadows, who was presented with a copy in the summer.

'What a wonderful surprise!' said Jane. 'Nigel Winter certainly has a gift for writing. The book was almost a cross between travel and ghost writing, along with an original approach to motorcycle history. I only knew about the Gaffer's Ride from a photograph and a few remarks from my father, but one could see from his smile that he really enjoyed himself. However, reading the book, one could feel something of his spirit.'

The book details the author's modern ride in Turner's tyre-tracks, and runs to 166 pages with 30 photos. 'Travelling with Mr Turner' by Nigel C Winter costs 9.99 plus delivery; available from Amazon and other booksellers.


And if none of these ideas have helped then, boy, you're hard to please! So keep browsing:



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