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4th March 2009

Classic Bike Components
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The days are getting warmer and your thoughts should turn to fettling your classic motorcycle. Here's a selection of the latest new bits for old bikes (and old bikers, too!)...

Beesa Bits

Although Draganfly Motorcycles are more famous for being Ariel specialists, they also supply a wide range of spares for pre-unit BSAs too. They now have gearbox mainshafts back in stock for pre-unit BSA A- and B-models, that's the swinging arm types. Part number 67-3330 costs 120 plus VAT and delivery.

Gearbox mainshaft for pre-unit BSA A- and B-models

There's a new line, too; a complete air filter assembly which comes with its element, ready to fit all swinging arm BSA A7s and A10s. Part number 42-4632 costs 36 plus VAT and delivery. Both from 01986 894798 or see

Air filter assembly for swinging arm BSA A7s and A10s

Under Pressure?

SRM have redesigned the internals of their pressure release valves to give a more accurate and consistent control of the oil pressure on old Triumph, Norton and BSA machines. Their new and improved range of all-stainless steel pressure release valves and high-precision CNC-machined to give accurate and close tolerances and a superb exterior finish as well as a valve that performs better than the original.

Pressure relief valves. Phew.

For those folks with a pre-unit Triumph who prefer the look of originality, SRM have also re-introduced the Triumph Pre-unit Pop-Out indicator type pressure release valve. This component looks original from the outside, but performs a lot better.

For all BSA and Triumph twins quote part number SRM-71.2370 (32.50 + VAT), for Triumph and BSA triples SRM-70.6595; for Norton twins 1959-onwards quote SRM-06.6195A, while Triumph pre-unit twins quote SRM-70.2795 (and the cost for the last one is 42.50 + VAT). All from 01970 621183 or email

Compact Goggles Now Available

Halcyon have just launched a new range of compact motorcycle goggles; great news for riders who wear heavily-padded open face crash helmets.

See clearly.The new compact goggle may be just what you need to overcome the space restrictions for eyewear. Over time, due to updated safety laws, crash helmets have become more padded. So now, many new models have a limited space available to comfortably wear a pair of motorcycle goggles.

With this in mind Halcyon have developed a new compact version of their traditionally styled goggle. The aim was to make the goggles fit snugly inside even the smallest helmets available on the market today whilst maintaining all the original styling.

Less is more.

The frame has been reduced by 5mm at the top, so this now prevents the helmet from pushing the goggle lower than its natural position on the face. The face mask has also been reduced and reshaped to allow more room for the thick padding of modern open faced helmets. The new Halcyon Compact Goggles are available In soft leather or PVC and come range of colours and finishes; prices from 35.

Call 01920 486032 or email

Carb Saga?

A question of balance.If your bike has more than one carburettor, and getting them to slurp in sweet synchronicity is causing you grief, then Motorworks recommend the Carbtune II.

This nifty bit of kit can be used on BMW, Ducati, Guzzi, Laverda, Triumph, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda motorcycles and virtually any other multi-carburetted engine. Carbtune also works with fuel injection throttle bodies and some 2-stroke engines like Suzuki triples.

Each Carbtune II kit comes complete with warranty, comprehensive instructions, nitrile hoses, restrictors and 5mm and 6mm adapters to fit virtually any motorcycle.

The Carbtune II costs 41.11 from or call 0845 458 0077

Magnetic Widget

Norvil have just launched a stainless steel bodied version of their oil change assembly, in response to customer demand.

Strain without stress.The unit comes complete with magnetic drain plug designed to catch swarf and metal particles from within your bike's sump, and fits Dominators, Atlas and Commandos before engine number 200000. Part number 067221ASS costs 38 plus VAT (worldwide delivery available).

You can buy direct from Norvil Motorcycle Company on 01543 278008 or see www.norvil And don't forget to ask for your FREE spares catalogue or CD which contains another 4000 useful Norton and Norvil components.

Hi-Tech Trousers

Draggin Jeans, the Kevlar/denim riding trousers which combine crash protection with casual comfort, have now passed the demanding CE Level One abrasion resistance test. A new fibre, snappily called 'Dyneema', has been incorporated into the protective lining across the DJ's range to provide double the strength of Kevlar alone.

It's all in the jeans.

Draggin Jeans have also passed CE burst and tear tests, as well as protecting against gravel rash. On top of all that, the jeans are soft and flexible, provide useful warmth against windchill, are comfortable enough to wear all day and come in a range of sizes and styles for both men (that'll be Frank, then) and women (Rowena thoroughly recommends her ladies' Skins).

You'll see DJs for sale at most big shows, or call 01732 868200, or see


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