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6th January 2010

Classic Motorcycling News, January '10
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The news doesn't stop rolling in just because it's winter. From Peru to the Purple Helmets, via Ogri and Anglesey with TR3OC...

Clubs Announce Winners

Two very happy chaps have just received rather splendid Christmas presents in the shapes of a Norton Commando and a Matchless G11. The Norton Owners' Club gave away the superbly-restored Mk2A Commando 750 as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, and it went to Cathy Whelan from Yorkshire.

Hopefully this is Catherine and not Ivan...
Nortons on

The AJS and Matchless Owners' Club winner was Ivan Brown of West Sussex and he's now the proud owner of a 600cc twin. You can find out more about each club at and

AdMan Spotted Aboard!

We've mentioned before that we keep sending our Advertising Manager, Mike Powell, as far away as possible, but that he keeps coming back. Here's further proof of his elastic nature; video of Mike and the rest of the tour group in action in the Peruvian Andes last year (Mike's the man with not a lot of height and nearly as much hair).

Part two is here...

Mike enjoyed this adventure so much that he's going back again in 2010 - if you like the idea of this kind of escapade but are a little bit wary of travelling without a chum then Mike has volunteered, kind fellow that he is, to befriend any RC readers feeling a little anxious about riding around the ceiling of the sky…

WEMOTO Webby Update

World's End Motorcycles have had an online update to make their site at rather faster and slicker as the independent parts supplier adds around 1000 news components to the online listing every day. WEMOTO stocks over 300,000 parts for Japanese and European motorcycles, including bearings, batteries and brakes, levers, lights and electrical gubbins, and are well-known for their rapid turnaround and prompt worldwide delivery. So now their website pages should load just as fast…

Purple Helmets Revealed!

Derry Kissack, 'chef d'equipe of the Purple Helmets has just released his self-published biography 'Do you know Derry Kissack? No! But I know a fella who does!' Anyone who has ever been to Onchan Stadium or Peel Promenade and watched in awe at the cunning stunts perpetrated by the Purple Helmets will know Derry's voice 'at speeds in excess of one hundred miles an hour'. It was Derry who suggested that a group of madcap motorcyclists form the notorious troupe which have entertained all over the world.

I know a man who does...

Derry has just released from custody his autobiography. It is not all about motor cycling - in fact hardly anything about racing, but is a humorous account of life on the Island. Trials were his passion, especially sidecar trials and he was one of the Island's premier trials 'chairmen'. You can find out more about the book from where it costs £20 plus postage.

Ogri Gets Hammered

Fans of famous cartoon biker Ogri will have a chance to get their hands on the original artwork when the creator puts his huge collection up for auction in January. Illustrator and cartoonist Paul Sample, who invented Ogri in the late 1960s, has decided to clear the decks in preparation for a house move and that means selling his extensive collection of original artwork. The sale takes place on January 27th 2010 and is expected to run to about 500 lots.

Just a 'sample' of his work. I'll get my coat...

'The first strip cartoon was based on my own experience of driving up the M1 at 90mph on a Rocket Gold Star and wondering what the rattle was,' recalls Sample. 'Most people think Ogri is about biking but it's not, it's about life in general. I'm proud of the characters, some of which were ahead of their time. Take Rodney Reason, for example. He was created in around 1975 as the original road rage motorist before the term was invented. He's totally angry and inconsiderate and pops up quite often.'

The catalogue of the Paul Sample collection should be ready early in the New Year. See

Beezumph Heads West…

The TR3OC have announced the dates for the 2010 Beezumph track fandango - 23rd and 24th July 2010 - and a new location at Anglesey in Wales. 'The Anglesey circuit has had some massive improvements made to it in the last couple of years,' explains Dave Smith of the Triple Club. 'The track has a mixture of challenging corners, gradients and straights. At 2.1 miles the Full International Circuit has a variety of spectator points and even has a corner called Rocket which bodes well for BSA fans.'

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

All British, European and American bikes are welcome on track on the Friday, with pre-83 British bikes only on Saturday. If you rode at Beezumph in 2009 then a track application will be in the post to you in time, but anyone else with a suitable bike can contact the club through their website or by ringing 07505 566862.


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