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14th November 2016

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The MCC Need Marshals

The Motor Cycling Club need helping hands to help marshal sections of the Exeter Trial in early January. It's an opportunity to get really close to one of motorsport's iconic overnight adventures...

The MCC organise three of the UK’s historic long distance classic reliability trials. RC readers with long memories will recall that Rowena took part in the Land’s End Trial a few years back; an eventful weekend! (Part I and Part II here) The Exeter Trial, which is held each year in January, is perhaps the club’s biggest challenge. It started back in 1910 as a London to Exeter road run on Boxing Day, covering some 500 miles in wild winter weather, across the variable, pre-tarmac terrain of the day.

The Motor Cycling Club need helping hands

In the 21st century, the Exeter Trial starts in a variety of locations to suit the participants; Cirencester, Popham Airfield, Okehampton and the Haynes Motor Museum in Somerset. All routes converge to finish at Torquay. The trial is made up of road sections, where the riders and rivers must successfully navigate their way across country, and a variety of offroad sections – some timed, some extremely tricky, others more like green lanes. The participants decide how hard their task will be by selecting a class which matches their abilities and the capabilities of their machines. Those of a classic inclination tackle the trial on a vast variety of vintage two, three and four-wheelers. Newcomers to the event are advised to start on something more modern with Class O, the softest option – but it’s still not a stroll in the park…

The Motor Cycling Club need helping hands

And none of this can happen without willing helpers at every offroad section, and the MCC desperately need more marshals. If there are any RC folk who would like to help out and also learn more about what the MCC does, Simon Woodall is the chap to cat to: 01636 923 116 or 07950 016636.

The Motor Cycling Club need helping hands
Trial Types on Now...

Marshals are required for several crucial sections, listed below, and also for a new timed section at Haske, near Crediton. These folk could do their duties and be back at home before midnight on Friday 6th January.

The outstanding requirements are:

  • Windwhistle map ref:- 193/395102 1 needed class O
  • Redscrip map ref:- 193/239084 3 needed class O
  • Stewarts Hill map ref:- 192/149896 3 needed class O
  • Sandy Lane map ref:- 192/123948, 3 needed class O
  • Hitchcombe map ref:- 191/751898 2 needed class O
  • Classic Canes map ref:-193/404104 3 needed, main trial
  • Jobbles Lane map ref:-193/220933 3 needed class O,
  • Plyford map ref:-192/136949 1 needed class O,
  • Stretes map ref:-192/120939 4 needed main trial,
  • Pepperdon map ref191/774849 1 needed class O.

    These are just minimum numbers and extras would be welcome on each and every section. Class 'O' (entry level) hills will be shorter time-wise, but still prove interesting. If you enjoy classic motor sport and want to lend a hand, please do contact Simon and help the club keep this historic event going. See

    The Motor Cycling Club need helping hands
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