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9th September 2016

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Art in Action

Motorcycle art steps into the spotlight at the end of October at London Olympia. 'An immersive, interactive and creative lifestyle art gallery' they say. 'A what?' we say...

Chelsea College of Arts is collaborating with Kickback London to create a unique motorcycle and lifestyle art space at Olympia this autumn. Kickback itself is an exhibition dedicated to motorcycling engineering excellence; the definitive platform for professional and enthusiast designers, builders and customisers to show off their creations and expertise.

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The motorcycle themed Art Space is an immersive, interactive and creative lifestyle art gallery on the Kickback show floor which is intended to engage, intrigue, challenge and delight visitors. The installation will be co-ordinated with the world renowned Chelsea College of Arts / UAL. The Chelsea Art Space exhibition will include designed objects, photography, sculpture and film, drawing upon work from UAL including staff and alumni at Chelsea College of Arts and a selection of work from Motorcycle Cultures exhibitions.

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Works of Art on Now...

The Art Space exhibition of exceptional cutting edge works, from internationally renowned artists, will also feature a series of thought-provoking talks throughout the two days of the event. These intimate meetings with artists and artisans will enable visitors to discuss the individual and collective visions and motivations of some of the most creative artistic talents across the motorcycling world. Talana Gamah, whose work you can see here, will be among the featured artists giving a couple of talks during the weekend.

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As well as highlighting the eclectic and myriad aspects of the motorcycling lifestyle, The Art Space will also provide the exciting opportunity to acquire exquisite and unique pieces of art, ranging from original canvases and photographs, to prints, cards and calendars.

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Kickback also showcases around 100 customised and classic specials including chops, bobs, café racers and street-trackers, plus there’s the usual array of trade stalls, motorbike gear and apparel, parts and gifts plus vintage biker movies in the TV lounge, accompanied by live music and refreshments.

What: Kickback Motorcycle Show
Where: Level Two, London Olympia Central
When: 29th and 30th October 2016
At: 2pm to 7pm Sat, 10am to 4pm Sunday

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