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21st April 2005

Dealer Prizes, Rare Spares, Stainless Bolts, Guaranteed Sparks...

Never a dull moment in the Real Classic News Centre, as breathless news reports flood in from around the world. Well, around the corner, anyway. If you live in Cambridge, Hereford, Bristol or Chipping Camden, that is...

Haywards On Top Once Again

Royal Enfield specialists Haywards of Cambridge have plenty to celebrate once again this year, as they've been awarded the marque's Dealer of the Year accolade for the third successive year. Quick round of applause for the Haywards team!

Other dealers who had cause to celebrate were Mike Tonge Motorcycles of Wensleydale who were specially commended, and Richardsons of Ripley, Surrey, who were given the Best New Dealer award. Congrats to you guys, too.

Sunny Cambridge.

The RealClassic Crew will be visiting every Royal Enfield dealership on the UK mainland in person in May 2005, as part of the Round Britain Ride. Rowena and Emm will be checking each dealership for the quality of the coffee, and will report back...


Rare Spares Shop Opens

When we dropped in at Rare Spares Herefordshire HQ last year, we were fair staggered to discover the massive range of spares and accessories which this family firm keeps in stock. Rare Spares has long been a mail order supplier of replacement parts and upgrades for later Triumph twins and triples (and Nortons too) (and heaps of electrical stuff for other marques) (and... sorry; back to the plot!), but no advert in a magazine can give you an accurate idea of just how many different items they can supply, straight from the shelf.

Well, now you don't have to stretch your imagination quite so far, because Rare Spares have opened a direct-to-the-public sales counter, offering everything from their bulging catalogue - except of course now you don't have to wait for it to come in the post! Nip down to the shop and ride back with your new fork springs, light switch, brake lever, alternator, exhaust clamp, head gasket or whatever clutched firmly in your paws (well, don't ride and clutch at the same time or you'll have an accident. Obviously).

The Rare Spares sales counter is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (so NOT Wednesday or Sunday, then) from 10am to 5pm. It's also open on Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm. You'll find it at the Old Station Yard, Withington Station, Withington near Hereford HR1 3RY. Call 01432 850408 for directions or mail


Random Laverda Stuff on


New Name. New Logo. Same Great Service

Well known for his bubbling enthusiasm and commitment to giving customers the most effective advice on old bike electrics, Sean Hawker at Hawker Electrical does a lot more than just dynamos and magnetos. Some of you will know Sean already - his business name has changed recently: anyone remember CMES? Classic Motorcycle Electrical wossnames - now known as Hawker Electrical.

Big New Logo

That's Sean: armed with a vast knowledge of electrical wizardry for British motorcycles dating from 1939 to '63, he's turned 230,000 miles of personal experiences on his BSA M21 to good use. 6 to 12 volt electronic regulators and his unique BSA A7/A10 Dynamo Belt-Drive kits are just some of the many products that never ship without Sean's personal approval for workmanship, a rigorous build-quality test... and a Hawker Electrical guarantee.

Sean's promise is for no-nonsense service. 'Your bike is your pride and joy,' he says. 'I want to be sure that you're happy with the service and quality of all electrical work undertaken by Hawker Electrical. If you're not happy, then I'm not satisfied!'

You can also bet that even if your request is a little unusual then Sean will probably be able to help to make your sparks sparkle (and by curious coincide he can assist your wallet in its weight loss programme, too!). Many's the time we've waddled up to his stall at a show and asked for an obscure electrical item, just on the off-chance. The answer is almost always 'Oooh, not with me, but I've got some NOS ones back at the workshop,' so be sure to call in advance of any event and ask him to take that vital whatever along with him.

If you have any general questions about your bike's electrics or want help upgrading its electrical systems, then Sean is happy to talk to you on 01454 323434 (...tell him we sent you).


Engine Bolts Available For Classic Japanese Machines

Ah yes; the Angry Duck - the universally recognised sumbol of replacement allen headed bolts...Removing engine bolts on older Japanese machinery can be a real headache and, chances are, once you've removed the bolts, they'll be in no condition to be fastened back afterwards. (especially if you've been using the hammer and mole-grips again. Bad! Bad!).

Aerotek offer a range of model specific engine bolt kits, which cover many classic Japanese bikes from the 1970s and 80s.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the kits contain all of the visible bolts for the side casings and will not only tidy up the machine's appearance but will ease future removal and replacement. Honest. Look, why don't you give the mole-grips to charity or something? You really don't need them.

All Aerotek engine bolt kits contain the relevant Allen key and a sachet of copper lube, thus enabling you to get straight on with the job and not slope off for a cuppa tea. Prices start at 9.69 including VAT and vary according to the number and size of bolts required -- so a CB400/4 kit costs 11.46 while a Yammie RD400 kit will set you back the basic 9.69.

Contact BSR Aerotek on 01386 849060 or


And don't forget that there are many more Real Traders in the Real Classic Directory



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