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27th May 2005

Spanish Classic Racing - C.Abierta Internacional Motos Clasicas

It's thirty five degrees in the shade, and there's thunder in the air at Albacete. Martin Gelder risks what's left of his hearing to bring us these photos of the best in Spanish classic racing...

Cum On Feel the Noize Three Guzzis, a BMW, a Harley and a Honda Four. My ears are still ringing. Mauro Abbadini on the No.53 Deccla Guzzi won the race, beating Carlos Fernandez on the No.33 Racing Team Guzzi by just three seconds.

And... heave... Pablo Moreno, third place, another Guzzi. Hard out of a medium speed right hander and into a fast left kink, these guys were really *riding* their long-wheelbase and slow steering seventies bikes.

This picture could alsmost be in black and white Pere Auradell, Seeley ABSAF, sixth place, first in the F2 class. The F2 bikes were about six seconds a lap slower than the 1000cc F1 twins.

Bonus point for helmet matching bike... Peter Merz, running in the CAIMC B-C class on his BSA Gold Star. Probably. No one spoke English, and my Spanish doesn't go much beyond pointing and waving. Sorry.

Bwoooooooooaaaaaarrrrrr..... The fight for first and second place was like this every lap...

It just *looks* too tall to work... Slavador Manera wasn't last on his BMW. Note the repositioned front engine mounts to give a little extra ground clearance.

Fantasy Garage? Luis Mata's Guzzi. Fantasy Garage, anyone?
Random Guzzi Stuff on

This photograph has been drilled for lightness. It's a Ducati, and it belongs to Juan Martin. It might be a 450 (Russ? Will?), but whatever it is, it was very fast. And very loud.

Makes me feel 19 all over again, seeing this... Ok, I know this one. It's a Honda CB500-4, and it only lasted six laps of the twelve lap race but you could pick it out of the aural landscape at any point while it was racing.

Too long, if you ask me... Antonio Torres' F2 Laverda Montjuich. Long, sparse, and very orange.

Take a moment to imagine the noise made by this 350cc two-stroke single... Bultaco TSS 350 belonging to Andres Serrano. The CAIMC B-C race was a fight between a similar Bultaco, a BSA and a Ducati single. The Bultaco won.

Don't think this one even made the race... Harley Davidson XR1000; note the cylinder heads with both exhausts exiting forwards.

No sign of the rider... He stomped off in a big Spanish huff... Carlos Leon's Aermacchi only lasted one lap; the joys of Classic Racing...


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