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2nd August 2005

Italian Motorcycle Owners' Club (GB)

There are that many unusual Italian classics that you might find it tricky to locate a specialist club to cater for your favourite. So here's one Italian club which does the whole lot...

The IMOC are a group of friendly individuals who all love Italian bikes - be they the latest superbikes from current manufacturers or vintage machines dating back to the 1900s. The Club was formed in the late 1970s by a group of young men who couldn't decide which Italian marque they preferred. The current membership feels much the same and enjoy the diverse nature of the Club. There's also a fair amount of competition to see who can discover something new or unusual!

Chris Walker (for it is he) is rumoured to be considering a factory Garelli ride for 2006.

Italy has spawned over 300 marques (just take a look at all the different Italian bikes we've profiled on this site, and that's only the tip of the iceberg…), so it's not practical for the IMOC to be run along the same lines as a one-make or single model club. You'd have to keep an awful lot of spares and special tools to service all those different motorcycles!

However the club can normally find someone who'll be able to offer advice, fill in the history of a particular motorcycle, and point you in the right direction for a marque specialist.

The IMOC is interested in ALL Italian machines; vintage, classic and modern, road-going or track-oriented. The Club offers its members access to favourable insurance deals, magazines, helpful technical advice, parts sources, access to its classic register and heaps of social events: weekend, rallies, shows, meets and even help if you're stranded.

In 2005 the IMOC has attended a wide range of events across the UK, from the Thundersprint to the National Clubs Show to the National Rally and more. Trips are planned to the Mount Sorrel Museum, Squires Café, and the National Motorcycle Museum.

Random Guzzis on

Details about membership are available from Barry Wilson on 02083 166815 or email imocmembership(at)

CLUB CORNER: if you'd like your bike club to be featured like this, then send as much info as you can about the organisation to, and include a couple of photos if you can.

This is Robert. Robert is 13 years old, and he would like to be an Italian motorcycle when he grows up.


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