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25th October 2005

RC Roadshow Autumn Extravaganza

There is no escaping the RealClassic Crew this autumn - well, not if you live in the south of the UK, at any rate. There are three opportunities in the next month to join the fun at RC-sponsored events, and subscribers can of course claim a discount on admission (and a biscuit. Whoop whoop)...

This is the moment when it pays to be a RealClassic subscriber, because if you wave your wee membership card at the people on the gate at Ardingly, Malvern or Newbury Shows then you'll be able to knock a quid off the normal admission fee and enter at the OAP price. But even if you're not an RC subscriber you're still very welcome to come along to one or more of these end-of-season classic bike shows - bring your old bike and you could be one of the concours champs!

Frank rides Norton Shock Horror Expose...The fun kicks off at the South of England RealClassic Bike Show on Sunday October 30th, at the South of England Showground at Ardingly near Gatwick.

The gates open at 10am (you can turn up a bit earlier if you're bringing a bike for display and want to nab a good position) and the prize-giving usually takes place at 3pm.

In between those times you can browse the trade stands, enjoy hot refreshments, dig though the autojumble and admire the other classics on display - and if the weather is agin us then you can always shelter in the comfortable show hall which is where you'll find the RC stand.

This time around, the RealClassic stand will be graced with the appearance of an extremely unusual motorcycle. Anthony Curzon, who recreated Norton's prototype Unified Twin, has agreed to display this unique Britbike, and will be on hand for part of the day to answer any questions you may have about it. (Not sure what the Unified Twin is? Grab a copy of RC06 from last year, then, and read FW's scoop roadtest of it).

The following weekend the RC Roadshow decamps to the Malvern RealClassic Bike Show at the Three Counties Showground, which is just off the M50 or M5. Dave Minton will be on hand to help judge the classic concours while Frank Westworth and Rowena Hoseason endeavour to keep the Gloucestershire Dribblers section of the RC Club under something resembling control (not an easy task!). We also hope to see our chums from the Leominster Club who usually put on an excellent display - and perhaps the CX Turbo people will put in an appearance, too.

The Malvern RealClassic Bike Show opens at 10am on Sunday November 6th. There's a large area of outdoor autojumble plus plenty of warm and dry space inside the halls should it turn a bit nippy. The site also hosts a 4x4 event at the same time and bikey people can normally stroll around the mud-pluggers domain at no extra charge, should you need to seek out spare parts for your ancient Land Rover, perhaps.

If you'd like to enter your bike into the Malvern classic concours, and so place it under Mr Minton's steely scrutiny, then there's just time to contact the organiser (classicshows@btcon to arrange a pass.

Don't forget - the Best In Show bike from each show will be featured in RealClassic; either here in the virtual world or on the magazine's slightly-less-scruffy-these-days paper pages. Plus we have a habit of sourcing future feature bikes from these kind of events, so if you fancy seeing your machine immortalised in print then it might be worth bringing it along for the judges to drool over.

Random Norton Stuff on

Finally, one of the last outings of the year for the RC Crew will be to the Newbury Show on Sunday November 20th, which takes place at Newbury Racecourse (head for the town centre and follow the brown signs towards the prancing pony). This is a mixed classic car and classic bike event, which last time around attracted masses of fabulous old motors. The motorcycle side is still growing, and we'd really like to see a few more two-wheelers on site to even things up a little!

Rugged individualists to a man, the MV Agusta owners rarely acknowledged each others' presence...

So if you enter your bike for the classic concours via this site then you'll get an even bigger discount off the admission price - you'll be sent a pass so you and the missus can get in for free. Don't leave it too late to enter, because the pass will have to be posted to you. Newbury offers the usual range of indoor and outdoor jumble, trade stalls and so on, plus a good café (but eat early cos it gets awful busy at lunchtime!).

Admission to any of these events is normally £5 for adults, and £4 for RealClassic Club members and folks of a certain vintage. We will have the full range of back issues with us at all three shows, plus the new RC mugs, magazine binders, tee-shirts galore, and the best-selling books from RealClassic writers - like Graham Ham's Daisy's Diary and Steve Wilson's Velo tome.

You'll be able to renew your subscription in person (and so save the online admin fee) or just come along and bend Frank's ear about why there are not enough/too many new bikes/really old bikes in the magazine, and ask him when he's going to run more/less technical stuff, and so on. He will look baffled, because three weeks on the road in a small blue van going to shows tends to produce general bafflement… especially when you all seem to conspire to give radically contradictory feedback whenever we see you. At least the one consistent things is that people like it when all TP's clothes fall off (except for the people who don't like the TP Times toon at all. Sigh).

The 'guess the contents of the biscuit tin' competition always invokes a lot of beard scratching...

The one thing we're not going to give away is the secret contents of the RC biccy tin. Will it be full of JaffaNobs? Or have we been seduced by the allure of orange-chocolate coated digestives? You will only find out by coming along and claiming your Clubman's biscuit…

See you somewhere in England!

ANY QUESTIONS? All three of the above events are organised by Andrew Greenwood, who will be delighted to answer any questions about these shows: 01484 452002,


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