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3rd January 2006

Real Life Riders Required (again)

Calling classic owners! Have you owned an AMC 350, a Triumph T120, a Norton Dominator, a Beesa B31 or B33, a Yamaha XS650 or a Tiger Cub? If so, we want to hear from you...

You might get a giddy sense of déjà vu when you read this - don't worry, you really have been here before and done this and worn the T-shirt. Some time ago (April 2004, actually), we asked for a bunch of owners to get in touch with us, with information about their bikes.

And loads of you did. Thanks!

Now let me see... this must be an XS650.

And then we got really busy (REALLY busy), or Ms H spent too long swimming in the sea pool at Bude or something, and we didn't get around to compiling the information into magazine features as we intended.

And then we finally got less busy (and the sea pool shut for six months while it was 'upgraded' with a few extra handrails) so Ms H finally sat down to turn your thoughts on your motorcycles into must-read, can't live without 'em features.

And then her PC hard drive melted. And took all your information with it.

Which means this is a BSA B31...

So… we need more information. Or even the same information again - we ain't fussy! If you replied to the original request and still have the details kicking about then please just chuck them in this direction.

For those of you who have more recently joined the RC fray, we ask lots of questions and you fill in a form (or rattle the keyboard a bit), and send a snap or two of your classic. In this way, your experiences with your old nail can help other owners getting to know the same model. Your suggestions, top tips and ultimate understandings can guide prospective purchasers towards The Right Bike for them. And you can take the opportunity to tell us about the best bike in all the world... or maybe the worst you've ever ridden!

We're looking for feedback about the following classic bikes:

  • AJS Model 16s / Matchless G3s
  • Triumph T120 Bonnevilles
  • Norton Dominators
  • BSA B31/B33s
  • Yamaha XS650
  • Triumph Tiger Cubs & Terriers

    If you have useful info to share about any of those bikes then do get in touch and we'll send you a questionnaire. Email and you'll get a stack of silly questions back sometime soon.

    Your answers can be as long or as short as you like; you can include heaps of extra details or just stick to the script. All of the information goes into producing an owner's eye overview of each model - one which will hopefully help other classic bike enthusiasts choose the right bike for them, and then keep it on the road.

    And if you really rattle on and we can't fit all of the information into the magazine - well, it just so happens that we've got this handy website, so you might find yourself popping up here, too.

    We'd like to run pictures of your actual bike (maybe even with your actual self) alongside your actual experiences in the mag, so welcome reasonably high-resolution photos sent down the wire. You're also welcome to send real old-fashioned photos in the post but we can't promise to return them anytime soon, so don't risk any irreplaceable precious ones in our filing system.

    We already lost the entire digital back catalogue earlier this year, so nothing is as safe as it seems*…

    Random XS650 stuff on

    So this must be the Norton Dominator...

    If you know anyone else who isn't online but might like to join in the fun, then tell them to drop a line to RealWheels at PO Box 66, Bude, EX23 9ZX, UK, asking for a survey form. We even run to a prepaid reply envelope for those, you know.

    Then you just have to sit back and wait for Ms H to compile all the info, so you can compare your opinions and experiences to those of all the other owners. You never know - you might pick up the odd tip or two yourself!

    *(And yes, we do have a proper system of backing-up the data on the PC now, thanks. Horses, stable doors, so forth).

    Making this the Tiger Cub. Do I win a prize?

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