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19th January 2006


Not all classic bikes cost a fortune. In fact, here's a whole bunch which went to their new owners for just a pound. Yes, £1. A quid. 100 bright shiny pennies. One fifth of a fiver. Etc...

Several of the UK classic bike clubs drum up cash for their coffers by running raffles each year - and the top prize is normally a gleaming classic of some shape, size or description. Tickets usually cost £1 apiece, so the top prize winner can nab a new bike for just a quid! That has to be good value. Heck, it's even good value if you buy ten tickets to win. And if you don't happen to win a prize, well… your money goes into the club funds and helps to support the vintage and classic organisations which do so much to keep our hobby alive.

Looks like they had to bend the forks to fit this Triumph into the picture frame...

There was a bit of a flurry at the end of 2005, with several prize draws being done within weeks of each other. The AJS & Matchless Owners' Club were giving away a 1966 Matchless G12 - and famed moto journo Jim Reynolds drew out the winning ticket, so sending the G12 on its merry way to a new home with Mr Owens in Essex. Mr Owens was already a member of the AJS&M Club, and he even already owned a similar twin - a 1960 AJS 600. So now he can alternate bikes and ride an Ajay one day, and a Matchie the next…

Man with beard shakes hand of clean shaven man. See below.
Classic Matchless Stuff on

For 2006 the AJS & Matchless Owners Club will again be running a raffle, and this time the first prize will be a 1960 AJS Model 31 650 twin. There are usually cash prizes for second and third places: see for the info.

Picture scanned from a watercolour and bog-paper original, by the look of it.

If you'd rather win a BSA, then you could instead buy a ticket (again, just £1) for a 250cc C15G. This raffle is being organised to support the BSAOC's Open Day and Rally which takes place between June 16th and 18th at Billing Aquadrome. The draw will be made at the Rally, so buy your tickets in advance, and you could go home with a rather special little Ceefer, 'purported to be one of the last, and one of only 250 made', we're told. You can buy tickets from Open Day organiser Polly Palmer (01558 668579), or see more about the BSA Club at

Mmmmmm. Shiny.

Finally, the annual VMCC raffle was drawn in December 2005 and first prize was a 1952 Triumph Speed Twin - it went to Mr Roger Collins of Northamptonshire. For the VMCC's Diamond Jubilee in 2006 the club is celebrating in fine style by giving away… not one… not two… but THREE classic bikes in their raffle. First prize will be a 1955 500cc Velocette MSS (cor! Worth about £4000 if the bikes in our classified ads are anything to go by); second prize is a 350cc 1965 Triumph 21, and third prize is a 125cc 1958 BSA Bantam D1.

This Bantam could be yours. Oil pan not included.

There are also three further prizes, for the runners up. The draw will take place on 25/06/05 with the winners informed immediately afterwards, and you can get tickets from VMCC HQ on 01283 540557 email or order them at

Man with beard shakes hand of clean shaven man. Is there a trend starting here?

So there's plenty of opportunity for you to win a classic for a quid in 2006… but should we follow the trend and start a RealClassic raffle as well?


Random BSAs on


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