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1st April 2006

Strange Things In Surrey

Jim Peace has seen some odd sights in his time, but this one took the biscuit. Remember all the snow, just a few weeks ago...?

It was bleak midwinter. I was visiting my brother, who still has a house with a log fire. We sat drinking cocoa and reminiscing about the old motorbikes we'd owned that did a ton, easy, and never broke down. Real bikes like Triumphs and Beezas and Norton Internationals and stuff. Eventually he got up and took down a jar of from the cupboard.

'Time to feed the fish', he announced.

'I'll come with you', I volunteered, knowing it meant going outside to the goldfish pond. I needed some fresh air to clear the cocoa fumes from my brain.

Putting on our coats, we walked out into the snow. When we got to the pond, which is tucked away in a corner of the rockery, I was surprised to see that the garden gnome, who normally spends his days fishing, was no longer there. He had abandoned his rod and gone.

Then, suddenly, I heard the sound of a very small engine, and round the corner of the rockery came the gnome, riding a little motorcycle.

'Off home?' I enquired.

'Too sodding cold', replied the gnome, as he forked off down the road to Gnomansland.

Now, I don't expect you to believe this story, but I have proof. At the time my bro was carrying his camera and took a picture of the gnome as he rode past.

Here it is.

Random Gnome Stuff on

Photo by Gavin Peace


Bikes for Gnomes?


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