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8th August 2006

Win! Win! Win! Ticket Competition For RC Readers

Get your wellies! Let not a little drizzle dampen your enthusiasm! The autumn Eurojumble is hovering on the horizon and to forestall any hint of wet-blanketness on your part, we have a dozen FREE (free!) tickets to give away to RC Readers...

The first time we went to the Netley Marsh Eurojumble we didn't have a stall or anything, and the weather was stunningly sunny. Phew, what a scorcher. We remember hiding in the big marquee, trying to avoid total sunstroke, while drenching our heads with gallons of £1-a-bottle mineral water (Terribly wasteful. Think of all those food miles travelled just to soak a head. Sorry, planet Earth).

It was so hot we barely managed to stagger around the whole huge site, gazing in admiration at the rows of cheap bikes, the mountains of assorted spares and the tonnes of unwanted bits of Jappie bikes. The Netley phenomena was in full swing - a cheap Trumpet twin could be spotted at the bottom of the field on the Friday night, price around £1500. By Sunday morning it had relocated to the top of the field, by way of several stations en route, and had a price tag of £2900. Six weeks later it went under the hammer at Stafford!

A-jumblin'-we-will-go-ho-ho, a-jumblin'-we-will-go-ho-ho.

After such a bountiful first experience, we rushed back a couple of years later, eager to set up our stall and display our wares. So, naturally, the whole weekend was beset by Gale Force Eight, Mike's gazebo dismitigrated under the strain, all the magazines turned instantly to papier mache and on the Sunday we stopped trying to sell anything and just sat back and chatted. Bob and Marcia at Classic Transfers saved the day with a very pleasant glass or three of white wine, and we have a dim recollection of Neville at Surrey Cycles popping a cork or two and then it all goes a bit hazy…

So if you are in a fit state to recall a mere five months ago and the Spring Eurojumble, you will remember that the weather wasn't entirely kind to the jumblers and jumble-goers then. It was plain 'orrible, in fact. Which must mean that the autumn event is due to be sunny and calm and splendid all over again.

And even if the weather doesn't play fair, it's always worth waddling along on at least one day (Friday best for sheer volume; Sunday if you want to make insulting offers to exhausted traders who just want to go home). If you don't pick up the parts you need or snap up a bargain bike, then you can always enjoy hours of innocent entertainment, watching beleaguered traders try to stop the weight of water ripping the seams of their tents…

And look! As if by magic, we have a dozen FREE single-day tickets to give away. Fancy that. And you could win a pair of them.

It's very, very easy, although it does require the use of a pen (old-fashioned implement for making symbols on paper) and a sealed envelope or postcard (old fashioned implement for the making of Royal Mail profits). It's a postal compo because our email can't stand the strain of all the entries landing at once, and the new get over-enthusiastic with clicking the 'delete' key, and then we lose half a dozen subscriptions and everyone gets very irritable.

So to WIN FOR FREE a PAIR OF TICKETS all you have to do is answer this wonderfully easy and only slightly loaded question:

Q: Netley Marsh is located nearest to…
A: Stafford
B: Southampton
C: Shepton Mallet

Write your answer on a postcard or sealed envelope, with your name and address, and send it to:
Eurojumble Compo, PO Box 66 Bude EX23 9ZX

There's no alternative prizes; our decision is final, usual terms and conditions apply and your investment will inevitably go down instead of up. The draw from the correct entries will be made on Tuesday 29th August 2006 and tickets sent out straight away, so you should have them in plenty of time for the event itself on 8th, 9th and 10th September 2006.

Oh yes. The event.

Random sTriumph stuff on

Here's all the info we were supposed to tell you first…

Eurojumble, Netley Marsh, 8-10 September 2006

The show established now at the popular venue on the A336 between Cadnam and Totton sits on the boundaries overlooking the glorious New Forest and Southampton. It provides the ideal location to host a jumble with access from the M27 motorway bringing travellers from the north and the east of the country, and excellent access from the south-west of England.

With everything motorcycle-related on sale, from complete motorcycles, scooters and spares spanning all eras to complete wrecks awaiting restoration; and from motorcycle accessories to literature and memorabilia, there is something there to suit the tastes of all enthusiasts.

Carrying a specialist publication under his left arm to aid recognition, Algernon looked forward to finding some new friends. Sadly, he'd left the vital Barbour jacket at home...

New to this years event is the concours marquee. The idea behind this is private individuals put their motorcycles on display with the possibility of winning awards. This display will take place on the Sunday of the event and will be the ideal place to display your pride and joy. There are plenty of awards to cater for all types of motorcyclist. It is free to enter and you will even be provided with your lunch for absolutely nothing. (See! There IS such a thing as a free lunch! Sorry. Couldn't resist…)

Also the 'Garage Clearout' is going to feature on the Sunday of the event also. For £20 private individuals will be able to take a plot to sell all of their unwanted motorcycle parts that have been festering in the back of the garage. You can sell what ever motorcycle related parts that you have stored away, just imagine you may just be able to empty a large enough gap in the garage and make enough of a wad of cash to be able to fill the void in the garage with a nice new shiny motorcycle. Just remember one mans rubbish is another mans treasure.

To book advanced tickets at a discounted price contact the Ticket Hotline on: 01507 529300.


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