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26th October 2006

The 2006 International Motorcycle and Scooter Show

Martin Gelder got up extra early this morning so that we could bring you all the news before anyone else. Possibly. New 'Retro' bikes from CCM and a smile from Pandora Pitstop make it all worthwhile...


Lancashire based CCM (of B50 engined scrambler and latterly Suzuki engined SuperMoto fame) have launched a couple of retro-styled roadsters which could just fill a gap in the market.

The flat tracker....

The Suzuki DRZ400 powered bikes will be available in flat-track and roadster styles, and the firm also showed a fully faired race-replica which will be available to order.

...and the roadster. There's something about the NEC that makes photography really awkward...

With 42 to 48bhp from a reliable and punchy 4-valve single cylinder engine, not much weight, decent forks, brakes and shocks and prices around the £5,500 mark the CCM SR40 (the flat-track one) and CR40 (the roadster one) should be great fun to ride. We've asked to be sent more information, so watch this space…

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield have launched two more variants on the Electra single, the most interesting of which is the Electra-XS which features a paired speedometer and tachometer (rather than the traditional nacelle mounted speedo) and a pair of flat Vincent-style bars.

Wonky indicators. Oh dear.

Having the glamourously be-corseted Pandora Pitstop on hand for photos with the new bikes was a stroke of genius and as soon as the RealClassic camera started flashing away the stand was swarming with other photographers. Notice the one-hand-on-the camera, one-hand in-the-pocket technique of the man in the middle…

Landscape (left), portrait (right) and errr... (centre).

Pandora Pitstop is on the web, at

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson were showing the XR1200 prototype, a Sportster styled after the XR750 racers of the seventies. Although it's currently a show-special, I get the feeling we'll see a production version soon. There's a web site where you can find out more and tell Harley what you think, at

Looking good, until...

The XR1200 looked very cool - easily the best bike on the Harley stand - until compared with the real thing on display next to it. Ah well. see the real thing.


Probably faster than Harley's new XR1200 is the new Hyosung GT650X, modelled here by a stretchy blue woman.

Red calipers; tacky. What do you mean, you didn't notice?

The pre-show press information described the bike as a roadster, so when I saw the bike below I thought it must be the new 650; it's actually a 125…

Only a 125, but still very tidy.

How about putting the 650 v-twin engine in the retro CCM frame? Now there's an idea.

And Finally...

The NEC wouldn't be the NEC without at least one motorbike made out of wood and a selection of weird choppers.

New Guzzi. Wooden start, seat like a plank, etc.

There were a few of the Orange County Choppers (them off of the telly) bikes on show and to be honest, up close they didn't look as rough as I expected having seen how they're cobbled together. But this purple thing with an aluminium banana for a frame was far nicer.

Subtler than you'd think.

It's called Psy-Bawg, it was built by Hawg Haven, and it's won a prize for something. And no, there aren't any down-tubes, just a big aluminium fabrication running from the swinging arm to the headstock.

I quite liked this...

And finally, from Essex County Choppers, a 1961 Matchless G5 with a pair of handlebars that almost certainly aren't standard….

Another non-standard pair. Of handlebars, of course... Enfield stuff on


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