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22nd March 2007

Service Stars 8 - Good Service Reviews from
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Need good service from a classic motorcycle specialist? We've got another batch of real life recommendations to help you find the top traders...

Top Locks & Cheap Lube

A lock, yesterday.I broke the key to my Abus lock and someone else managed to lose the spare. I took the broken key to Express Keys and they cut a new one in five minutes for 2.50. Excellent.

That meant I could ride to Dartford and got a gallon (or metrical equivalent) of SAE 10/40 oil at The Bike Shop, 140 Lowfield Street, Dartford, for 17.90. Again, good value I thought.


Express Keys:
The Bike Shop: 01322 220781


Enfield Excellence

I would like to say that Hitchcocks are very nice people to deal with. When I sent in my order I did not know it was plus the dreaded VAT. A note came very quickly saying about the VAT. It's so nice to find someone who is helpful!

Sam Lee

Hitchcocks Motorcycles: 01564 783192


Swift Overseas Service

Amazing. Parts ordered from LP Williams in Warwick on Monday 12th.

Package received here in Sydney on Monday 19th.

Seriously superior service. Up there with Andy and his pals at Tri-Cor.



LP Williams Triumph Specialist: or 01926 408822

Random Enfield Stuff on
LP Williams, yesterday.


Polished Off!

I have sung the praises of Scotch Brite Wheels for making ally shine like the stars in Orion's Belt, so I tried to buy some off the net to save trudging round bike shows. It appears that most vendors see these simple but very effective tools as a licence to print money (four flap 6" wheel for 25+ !). Now I know my bank balance is extremely healthy, being a pub landlord and all that but I did say 'How much??!!'

A polishing wheel, yesterday.I persevered and found The Polishing Shop, which stocks the right polishing wheels (6"), in all the required grades, at 4 odd. All were promptly despatched, of good quality and sensible postage.

What more can one ask for, apart for some time to use them! Highly recommended.


The Polishing Shop:


The Right Switch?

For ten long months now I have been trying to find a correctly threaded oil pressure switch for my 1969 Triumph T100C. I have searched on my own and through friends the UK, the USA and Australia. My enquires were met with a variety of responses which fell mainly into two camps

1: 'No chance, those switches haven't been made for years, you should re-thread the timing cover'

2: 'Certainly sir, we have those in stock, what's your credit card number'

An oil pressure switch, yesterday.As a result I now have a fine collection of 1970-on oil pressure switches but none of them are the right one. This week BSAPhill asked if I wanted to tack anything onto his Tri-Cor order and split the postage. So I ordered a bit of oil pipe, a handlebar cable adjuster and just for luck 60-3719A Oil Switch Ref: 60-3719A.

Not only did Tri-Cor turn the order round in no time flat, but 60-3719A Oil Switch Ref: 60-3719A actually fits! Oh joy! Oh rapture! My sincere gratitude goes to Andy Gregory and his extensive team, and of course to BSAPhill and St Jude (who deals with lost causes). The oil pipe wasn't the one I wanted, but it was the one I ordered and will no doubt come in handy at some point.


Tri-Cor England: or 01432 820752


A small hamster, yesterday.Top Tyres

Wyldes of Leeds are one of the lowest priced retailers for classic-style tyres with 1940's type block tread patterns, like the Mitas H-02. For example, a 4.00 x 19 cost just 32 including delivery and VAT.

I ordered online yesterday afternoon and the tyre arrived this morning!

Wyldes Motorcycles: 0113 249 1856


Top Dealer

RWHS Classis Bikes near Market Drayton get my vote.

After 20 odd years out of bikes, I decided to go down the mad bad road and buy a Bonnie. I had Triumphs in the 1970s but they were always wrecks which gave me loads of trouble. After handing over the money for a T140 from RWHS I really wondered if I'd done the right thing! (the wife calls me a Born Again Idiot).

I steeled myself for the oil leaks, non starter, dodgy electrics, bits falling off etc... but you know how it is. We can't help it, can we?

A T140, yesterday.

Anyway, I need not have worried, as the service from Will, Tom and their staff has been second to none (and mine doesn't leak oil!). Not only was the T140 exactly what they said it was, the little problems I had were dealt with in a manner which was exceptional. When the head gasket blew, they said 'no problem, we'll collect it from your home' and it was fixed well within their promised dates, without any fuss or bother.

Any other issues were usually fixed with one reassuring phone call. They will always call you back and offer helpful advice willingly, and will do all they can to help sort it out. Nothing is too much trouble.

I would recommend them to anyone. And no, I'm not related...

Jeff Evans

RWHS: 01630 657156


More Service Stars Wanted!

Have you enjoyed excellent service from your local bike shop or a national specialist? Don't be shy in sharing the details - your report will help other classic bike riders choose who to use, and will reward good performance with more business.

So send reports to the fabulously delicious Typing Person ( who will knock them into shape - don't worry about writing great literature because she'll sort out full stops and such as she goes. But do include contact details and plenty of info about what your products or assistance your Service Star can provide.


More Enfields on


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