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26th April 2007

TP's Newsround
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Are you ready to get rockin'? Go golden? Book a Bullet? All this and more in our classic bike news...

Wrinklies Reunion Gets Ready To Rock

Len P from the Cylinder Head Shop is getting really rather excited about the forthcoming Chelsea Bridge Reunion, which will kick off at 5pm on Saturday 16th June 2007. The reunion will celebrate the era of the rockers, and all ton-up boys, teds, greasers, oily rags and old rags are invited to attend. 'If you went to Chelsea Bridge or the 59 Club in the 1960s and on, then come and have a sniff on a nosebag of nostalgia!' says Len.

The fun at starts 5pm at the Pavilion Pub opposite Battersea Dogs Home, and the guest of honour is Father Graham from the 59 Club. There will be free entry to the live rock 'n' roll band, plus grub and real ales and original rockers' reunion films, and a remembrance of rockers ceremony at 7pm on the Bridge itself which Len calls; 'a time to reflect on our lives both past, present and future.'

There will also be plenty of assistance in case you're not feeling too steady on your pins, including 'volunteer kick-starters and a free parking bay for your walking stick'! It all promises to be a bundle of fun for adults only ('bring your "broad" mind' says Len).

More details from 00 353 53 913 4090

Go Golden!

If you want to get an authentic-looking finish rather than glitzy chrome or spangly stainless, then Frost now offer a Golden Cad Kit which replicates the look of cadmium plating by using a three-step paint process.

Mmmmm. Shiny...

The acrylic paint withstands temperatures up to 250-degrees F on almost any type of metal and provides long-lasting protection against corrosion into the bargain. The kit comprises three 120ml aerosol cans of Gold base coat and a tin apiece of red and green zinc coats, which is enough to cover 6 sq-ft.

The Golden Cad Kit costs £33.50 including VAT, plus delivery from 01706 758266 or

Book A Bullet For A Top Test Ride

The second annual Royal Enfield Open Weekend will take place at the Watsonian Squire factory on the 28th and 29th July 2007. The RealClassic Roadshow will be in attendance once again - hopefully this year we won't get the monsoon (but hopefully this year we will get that smashing curry lunch again!

Last year's event was incredibly successful, with approximately 1600 people attending over the two days. People came from across the UK and plans are in place to cope with the increased numbers that are anticipated for this year.

Visitors will be able to see the full current range of Royal Enfield motorcycles, which boasts over a dozen models including cafe racer and trials versions. A fleet of demonstrator bikes will be available so that potential customers will have an opportunity to take one out for a test ride on the open roads, accompanied by group leaders from BikeSafe and the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists.

What's the betting the man in the flat cap is making 'brrm brrm' noises?

In addition to modern classics there will be classic and vintage Royal Enfield motorcycles on display, seminars with the company's Technical Director and plenty of knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions. There will also be regular tours of the Watsonian Squire factory, where sidecars continue to be made by British craftsmen 95 years after the business was started, and the chance to take a chauffeur-driven ride in an outfit.

Situated near the Cotswold market town of Moreton-in-Marsh, the area has many tourist attractions to keep family members occupied so that motorcyclists can enjoy their day at the factory in peace. Freshly prepared hot and cold food will be available (last year's menu included curry and local ice cream) and there will also be trade stalls with books, clothing and accessories to browse.

More information will be available nearer the date from

Carole Nash Launch New 'Modern Classics' Policy

Carole Nash has introduced a new motorcycle insurance category - the 'modern classic - which means owners of bikes that are just ten years old or more can now claim discounts of up to 26% on their premium.

Typically, to qualify for lower cost classic insurance brokers demand that bikes must be anything between 15-25 years old. But the move by the UK and Ireland's biggest motorcycle insurance specialist means that owners of modern classics like the Honda Fireblade can also now slash the cost of their annual cover.

For example a 40 year-old riding a 1997 BMW K1200 RS could cut his premium by up to 26% - £62 - by switching from a modern to the new modern classic policy*. But despite costs being cut, cover isn't.

Every modern classic policy includes, as do all Carole Nash motorcycle policies, extensive UK and European breakdown cover, up to £50,000 in legal protection cover and a 'Green Card' for travel in the EU. In addition owners can secure 'agreed value' cover which is particularly if you have a rare machine whose value can't be easily established with a quick glance through a bike magazine.

This means you can agree a value up front then, if the worst comes to the worst, you'll know you will receive a settlement that reflects the true rather than notional worth of your bike.

Excesses, which are set at £125 are also much lower than most demanded elsewhere and bikers can cut their premium cost further by specifying a limited mileage.

For further details visit or call free on 0800 298 5500.

Royal Enfield stuff on

Where Are They Now?

Mr Kent would dearly love to know what happened to his old BSA 650 twin. It's an A65 Spitfire, Mk 2, and registered as JOX 234E back in the early 1970s. The Spitfire was part-exchanged for a Rocket 3 at Pride and Clarkes in London in 1972 or 73.

Do you know where it is now? If so, please contact who'd love to hear from you…

Pazon Gone!

The world is becoming a smaller place, helped by modern technology that allows free phone calls using your home computer - meaning people can keep in touch anywhere in the world. With that in mind, Pazon the ignition people are moving to New Zealand.

'We will be able to spend more time on developing new ignition systems in our purpose-built manufacturing facilities' explains Andy at Pazon, who promises that Pazon will continue to offer its peace of mind 7½ Year Warranty on all ignition systems. And even though they will be located on the other side of the planet, you won't have to call your order through at midnight; 'We have made arrangements for those not able to order our products direct from New Zealand. Our range of ignition systems and accessories will also be available in the UK through our distributor, Kirby Rowbotham. We have worked closely with Kirby over many years on the development of dozens of new and bespoke ignition systems for a wide range of classic motorcycles, for both road and competition use. Between us we have an extensive technical knowledge of ignition systems and their application.'

Pazon will be out of touch for a time while they get the new operation set up but can still be reached via their site;

Norton Songs

Art Sirota got in touch to remind us that his CD, 'Norton Songs' is available from Norvil for £14.49 plus VAT and delivery. Or if you're still in the tape era and haven't gone digital yet, you can buy Norton Songs on cassette for £10.87 plus VAT and delivery from Norvil on 01543 278008 or see

Go Gardening With The Sunbeam Club!

On 15th July 2007 the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club are once again running their ever popular Garden of England Run for veteran and vintage motorcycles and three wheelers (pre 1931) of any make. All enthusiasts are cordially invited to take part even if not members of SMCC.

The event will start and finish at Headcorn Airfield, south of Headcorn village in Kent on the A274. An interesting route is provided around the rural and quiet roads of Kent, on a comprehensively marked route, selected to be suitable for machines of this era. Marshals will be posted at key points. There is a choice of distance, irrespective of machine age, of 40 miles relatively flat or 50 miles of a more sporting nature. A warm welcome is assured at the lunch stop at the Lord Raglan, for a prepaid lunch.

Last year's Sunbeam Run. Yes, it's an AJS. Never mind that, look at the man in the background's huge shiny baldy head.

Headcorn airfield offers continuous entertainment for support crew with regular small aircraft movement and parachuting. There is also a cafe and museum. Kent, the Garden of England, is an interesting area for veteran and vintage riders, so why not make a weekend of it?

For entry form and regs contact Tony Lloyd on 01737 555413 or see


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