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17th July 2007

TP's Newsround
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Our regular round up of the classic bike world reveals several classic motorcycle traders on the move and one up for sale; legislation withdrawn and a new law enacted, plus Italians on track and much more...

Show Off Your Italian

The preparations for the 6th Stinkwheel RealClassic Bike Show are well under way, and Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire will once again host an array of veteran, vintage and classic motorcycles; scooters, 3-wheelers and outfits; concours, arena displays and trade stands; bikejumble, books, clothing and more on Sunday September 16th. On top of all that, Stinkwheel features a special display of Italian Classics and more private entries and clubs are being sought to join this show-within-a-show.

Would you like to enter your Italian bike for the concours? Call 01790 753015 or 01922 643385,

Harris Ducati Pantah F2 Replica thingummy being shown off at the Festival of 100 Bikes
LP Williams

LP Williams Business Opportunity

Trevor Gleadall of L P Williams has reluctantly decided that it is time to offer his booming Triumph spare business for sale.

Set up in 1976 by Les Williams, the Triumph factory race team manager, LPW are still one of the leading suppliers of parts for unit Triumphs from 1968 onwards. Best known for Slippery Sam, the production racing T150 which won at the Isle of Man on five consecutive years, Les went on to set up a spares and servicing operation which has since celebrated over 20 years of serving enthusiasts all over the world.

The company's aim is to keep these machines where they belong - on the road. Initially specialising in 3 cylinder models (T150, T160 and BSA Rocket 3), LPW also carry extensive stock for all unit twins (500cc, 650cc and 750cc) and can perform engineering services such as rebores, crank regrinds and cylinder head overhaul.

After taking over the business from Les Williams in 1992, Trevor Gleadall streamlined the business to concentrate on spares for Unit Bonnevilles and Tridents.

With a huge inventory of standard and specialist items his philosophy of achieving the best combination of availability and price has seen sales grow to a level where he wishes to take a step back and concentrate more on JR Technical Publications, supplying factory manuals for all post-war models. You can see more about the business at

If you're seriously interested in taking on the LP Williams business, then initial enquiries should be made in writing ONLY please to: Trevor Gleadall, L P Williams, Unit 3 Ladbroke Park, Millers Road, Warwick CV34 5AN,

Slippery Sam
Bonneville stuff on

Bad Bill Withdrawn

The troublesome Off Road (Vehicles) Registration Bill was withdrawn last week from the parliamentary process after considerable lobbying by motorcycle interest groups and concerned individuals. The bill, proposed by Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Manchester Blackley, would have required all motorcycles of all types to be registered and display a number plate (even if they were only ever to be used on the race track or even kept in a private collection or museum). It was a poorly targetted attempt to control the already illegal road use of mini-motos.

After massive pressure and considerable campaigning across the motorcycling world, the Government and Opposition were persuaded that the existing powers were adequate if properly applied. Mr Stringer agreed to withdraw the bill and consider instead a broader approach to enforcing existing legislation. The BMF said: 'Using public concerns about mini-motos to bring in superfluous legislation would have been ineffective in addressing the problem, discriminatory against motorcycling and would have caused hardship and hassle for the hundreds of thousands of legitimate of off-road users. We're pleased that common sense has at last prevailed.'

The Motorcycle Retailers' Association commented that 'the collapse of the Off Road Vehicles Registration Bill is a victory for common sense. There is already adequate provision for registration, as the DVLA operates a register for off-road bikes, using the chassis number as a marker. What we need to do is to expand the DVLA's programme, so that all off-road bikes are issued with a registration certificate. This would reduce problems for people who are buying and selling vehicles.'

The ACU added; 'the coalition of organisations who rallied under the banner of common sense to fight the Bill have demonstrated what we can achieve if we create a focused and intelligent political lobby. Whilst we may have been successful against this Bill, the work is far from over and we can expect motorcycle sport in general to come under increased scrutiny in the future. In the wake of growing public concern about illegal riding, made more high profile by this Bill, it is vital that the focused and unified coalition which has proved so influential and powerful remains intact for the work to come.'

Don't Panic!

Scare stories have been circulating regarding a Court Order recently made in Nottinghamshire which prevents 'five or more motor vehicles from congregating together' with a penalty of up to two years in prison. Some folk have interpreted this as an effective ban on any form of display, ride out or bike meet - but that simply isn't true.

While the Court Order does indeed exist (it has been introduced to combat huge car meetings on the M1 where up to 500 vehicles have blocked the motorway), it is targeted at drivers or riders 'driving in convoy or racing each other on the highway who by their conduct make excessive noise, cause danger to road users or risk injury or risk damage to property.'

So unless you do any of those things in Notts then you should be OK to pootle around on your club run as usual…

The Last Hurrar from Panther Publishing.The Last Hurrah On Tour!

If you enjoyed the book or DVD of the Last Hurrah! adventure trip, then you should check the dates for the UK tour. Author Des Molloy will be bringing the adventure alive across the country this summer - it's your chance to re-live the journey as Des Molloy, friend Dick, and son Steve travel across halfway around the world on a 50 year old Panther and a 60 year old Norton (the bikes were much younger than their riders!).

The organisers promise 'adventure and mis-adventure all the way - a fantastic night out and a wonderful film.'

Tickets cost £6.50, with a discount for group of 10 or more. The film tour starts on August 27th on the Isle of Man, then travels to Bury on 2 Sept; Bingley on 4 Sept; Rotherham on 5 Sept; Matlock on 7 Sept; Birmingham on 8 Sept; Wolverhampton on 10 Sept; Peterborough on 14 Sept; North London on 16 Sept; Brighton on 17 Sept; Southampton on 18 Sept; Bristol on 20 Sept; and Oxford on 21 Sept.


VJMC Delighted At Show Success

The VJMC is absolutely delighted at the astounding success of its recent show held at Uttoxeter race course July 7/8. Despite an incredibly wet preceding week the show itself was blessed with blue sky and a few clouds. This improvement in the weather undoubtedly helped draw an attendance of over 10,000.

'This really is some achievement' say the VJMC 'given that this is our first 'full on' show. The focus of the weekend was the bike clubs themselves and with more than 65 in attendance plus some 600 bikes it really was a huge success. With these sorts of numbers the show was actually the largest of its kind, and all this first time around!'

Barring some unforeseen disaster the show will be on again in 2008, bigger and better. See

An MV Agusta, yesterday.

MVs In Action

The MV Owners' Group of Great Britain are running a track day at Cadwell Park Circuit on Thursday 16th August. There will be four groups, from novice to race classes, and the full 2.173 mile circuit will be open, with plenty of track time available throughout the day.

UK MV distributors Three Cross will bring a display of MV's latest machines, and the British Super Stock teams STP and X-Bikes will be attending too. There will be opportunities to meet and chat with Chris Burns, Warwick Nowland and Victor Cox from STP racing and Howie Mainwaring and Martin Buckles from X-Bikes.

Riders are welcome to bring any bike - it doesn't have to be an MV. MV Club members can take part for £110; non-members pay £125. Contact Mark Bridger on 07989 358657, or email:

Another MV Agusta, yesterday.

Sprinters Sought in the North West

The northwest Section of the VMCC and Mersey Motorcycle Club are hosting a quarter-mile Classic & Vintage Sprint on September 16th 2007. Entries are now invited to join the fun which will take place on part of the old grand prix circuit at Aintree racecourse, Liverpool. There will be a static display and a lunchtime parade of machines, trade stands and small autojumble.

If you'd like to join the display or parade, or compete in the sprint then please contact the organisers on 0151 520 2136 or 01695 733930

On The Move!

All manner of classic motorcycle specialists have relocated this summer. Pazon Ignitions are now up and running in New Zealand (see or order via Kirby Rowbotham on 01889 584758).

Back in Blighty, the Northants Classic Bike Centre have moved to new premises at 162 Wellingborough Road, Rushden, NN10 9SU.

Dave Wicks, Enfield dealer and maker of extremely manly tea, also has a new address at 6 Bertie Ward Way at Rash's Green, East Dereham NR19 1TE and his phone number is now 01362 655095.

On top of all that the Tools By Post people have renamed themselves Thorcraft Ltd (because they are the originators of the Thor hammer, as seen every month in the Shed!), and they're now at Ivyhouse Industrial Estate, Hastings TN35 4PL.

Despite all this rushing around, Frank is still in The Shed and Agent Orange is still fast asleep on the posh leather chair at RCHQ. So that's all right then…

If your desk looked like Pazon's, you'd be smiling too...


Bonnevilles old and new on


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