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4th January 2008

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
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If you're a fan of Japanese classic motorcycles, then the VJMC would love to hear from you. Steve Cooper explains what the club is all about...

The VJMC was founded in 1982 by a small group of like-minded enthusiasts who appreciated early Japanese bikes, their style, reliability, practicality and technological achievements. At the time of the club's inception, air-cooled four-cylinder bikes still ruled the roost, twin shock absorbers were still in vogue and a middleweight bike was probably 350-500cc and almost certainly a two-stroke. How times change; the very bikes that were new back then are now collectable and as prized as any early 1960's Japanese offering.

'The club's number one aim is to promote the enjoyment of Japanese motorcycles' Suzuki GT550

The club's number one aim is to promote the enjoyment of Japanese motorcycles, pure and simple. You don't even need to own a bike to be a member! How open-minded is that? It really isn't possible to stereotype a VJMC member; some own big bikes, others are moped mad. Some are passionate about one particular marque, others have wide ranging eclectic tastes. It takes all sorts to make a club and that is what the VJMC is all about; enjoying the bikes for what they are.

Classic Honda CB750 parked up while its owner goes to help his BSA riding friend. Probably. Honda CB750K

We aim to support our members with a range of services and are looking to expand on this side of membership in the next few years. 2007 saw us moving into the world of running shows and we hope you can join us as a member or at our shows as we begin to increase our visible presence on the classic biking scene. The UK division of the VJMC has approximately 6000 members -- we seem to be the biggest club no one has heard about!

Outside the world of shows there are a large number of local sections where people from an area or locale meet on a monthly basis to discuss bikes and socialise. For many this is an important part of club membership and it's a chance to swap knowledge, access help or pass on your hard gained expertise.

Kawasaki 2-stroke triple; hearing one start is one of the most evocative sounds in motorcycles Kawasaki KH400
Kawasaki KH stuff on eBay

Members receive six copies of our award winning magazine (Tansha) each year, all packed with articles, features and stunning pictures of the cream of classic Japanese bikes. Included with the magazine is a Club Directory crammed with specialist services, details of local sections, bikes and parts for sale plus club merchandise. For members needing help with parts there's a wanted section where you can advertise for that elusive part you need.

The club has secured some very good deals on classic bike insurance via selected specialists. A year's membership is normally easily recouped the first time you renew your cover. No catches, just join, get a membership card and enjoy another club benefit.

And now a Kawasaki rider has stopped to help the chap with the BSA. Perhaps. Kawasaki GPz900 - An early one with 16" front wheel and anti-dive forks

With ever-tightening automotive legislation, the concerns and requirements of anyone associated with classic vehicles need to be addressed. The VJMC is an affiliated member of the FHBVC (Federation of Historic British Vehicle Clubs) and this organisation looks to voice our concerns when ill-informed decisions are about to be taken that could impact upon our bikes and pastime. Although not directly involved in political lobbying the club is looking at other ways it can progress its members concerns and rights within European transport policies and plans.

Hopefully this has given you a flavour of what we are about and represent. The VJMC club is for all Japanese bikes 15 years and older; from a Fizzy moped to the first FireBlade, the VJMC is YOUR club.


Membership is currently 20, plus an initial 5 joining fee

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