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November 12th 2014

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Ogri Book Needs Backers

There’s an extensive new anthology of Ogri’s adventures in the publishing pipeline. The creative team behind this compendium of cartoons need crowd-funders to finance the project...

Ogri is one of motorcycling’s much-loved characters, and this long-running strip cartoon has been a part of many riders’ entire riding lives. Paul Sample started drawing the series back in 1972 and since then Ogri has graced the pages of multiple magazines and thousands of T-shirts.

Now there’s a plan afoot to create the most comprehensive collection ever, bar none, of Ogri’s adventures in one ultra-upmarket, limited edition, 440-page monster compendium. The book will present every single Ogri cartoon strip which can be located, including some which have never been seen before, with the more recent episodes presented in glorious technicolour and earlier ones reproduced in their authentic black’n’white incarnations (some with smudgy fingerprints and all). ‘Ogri – Now To Make My Getaway’ will also incorporate a host of bonus features including an extensive interview with Paul Sample. There will be a short series of special signing sessions when Ogri goes on tour in 2015.

However, all of this will happen only if the project secures the funding it needs – which is why the publishers are offering a range of Ogri merchandise and goodies as part of a Kickstarter campaign to finance publication. You can pledge anything from a single £ up to thousands, and pledges of £3 and over are rewarded with a variety of Ogri-themed goodies. Pledges of £45 secure a copy of the softback edition of the book itself; the hardback version comes in at £85 and there’s a special all-singing and dancing boxed collector’s edition at £150.

Ogri Book Needs Backers
Bikes for Ogri on Now...

This crowd-funding project only runs until 30th November 2014, and needs to secure its full financing for the book to be published next year. So if you’d like to support the venture and pre-order yourself a copy of the compendium into the bargain, hop over to Kickstarter (where else?) to check out all the details

And there’s more info here:

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Bikes for Ogri, take two, on Right Now...

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