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10th October 2016

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Watsonian Sidecar and Triumph T100 Bonneville

Triumph's T100 Bonneville makes a great sidecar tug, as this side-by-side seating combo with 1940s inspired paintwork shows...

The latest outfit to roll out of the Watsonian factory is a Triumph T100 Bonneville paired with a wide-bodied GP700 sidecar. The torquey 67 bhp twin is well suited to sidecar work and the modern Bonnevilles are one of the most popular choices for Watsonian customers, both in the UK and overseas.

Watsonian Sidecar Paired With Triumph T100 Bonneville

The GP700 is a wide-bodied sidecar with a 700mm (27.5) bench seat, suitable for an adult and child - or two fidgety children sat side by side. The sidecar's fibreglass body retains the traditional octagonal nose shape from the 1930s and is trimmed with polished aluminium beading. Its 16 wheel with stainless spokes complement the Bonneville's classic wire spoke wheels. Plenty of secure luggage space is provided in the lockable boot, which measures 760 x 610 x 400 mm (30 x 24 16). The sidecar weighs 100kg or around 220lbs and is supplied with a hood and tonneau cover.

Watsonian Sidecar Paired With Triumph T100 Bonneville

Dual Sport Continental TKC70 tyres were fitted to the T100 and the GP700 gets a Bridgestone Trail Wing on/off road tyre. Re-painted to the customer's specifications, the design was inspired by motorcycle combinations from the 1940s, with the bike seat re-upholstered in tan with red piping to match the chair in the sidecar.

Watsonian Sidecar Paired With Triumph T100 Bonneville

Watsonian have also recently released sidecars matched to the latest Triumph T120 Bonneville, the diminutive Vespa GTS traditional scooter and BMW's 'tallrounder' R1200GS.

Watsonian Sidecar Paired With Vespa
Sidecars on Now...

Watsonian build sidecars in their factory in the North Cotswolds and are the UK's largest and longest-established manufacturer, having been in business since 1912. For more information call 01386 700907 or visit

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