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30th August 2010

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Has it been a while since you read a copy of the monthly RealClassic magazine? Or perhaps you've not yet stumbled across it. Here's your chance to read the latest issue, and we'll pay the postage for you...

RealClassic isn't on sale in newsagents, which means you may not have been introduced to the UK's least sensible old bike magazine. Or maybe you read one of our early issues, six or seven years ago, but haven't seen how RC has developed in the interim. (It's better). (Of course). (Well, we manage not to print black ink on black photos these days, anyway….)

RealClassic reflects the classic bikes we buy and ride in the real world: frequently fabulous; occasionally awful, but always interesting. The magazine features the very best British motorcycles from all eras, plus charismatic Continental machines, and the odd Japanese classics crops up occasionally, too.

The classic bikes we buy and ride in the real world...

Long term classic riders will recognise many of the members of the RC team, which includes authors, historians and journalists like Steve Wilson, Dave Minton, Matt Vale, Odgie, Jacqueline 'PUB' Bickerstaff, Rowena Hoseason and editor Frank Westworth -- but the magazine's key feature is that it is firmly grounded in the real world. Our articles are written by real life riders and reflect far more than a simple road test ever can. We're never scared of getting grubby in The Shed (and we even admit it when things go horribly wrong!)

We've featured all manner of interesting machines...

During 2010 we've featured all manner of interesting machines, among them the strange Nimbus Bumblebee, the Ambassador Supreme, Velocette's cammy KSS, Ducati twins and singles, Moto Guzzi's Eldorado and BSAs of all shapes and sizes from A10 to M20. We've tackled all manner of Triumph Tigers, adored Ariel's Red Hunters, rebuilt a Commando and an AJS, lusted at Laverdas and made merry with Morinis. If you've not been reading then you have missed much, indeed.

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