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29th May 2013

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Racing Days at Mocheck, Part 1

Back in the 1970s, Mocheck of Clapham fielded an array of racers. John Ryan shares a selection of his photographic memories of the time, from the track and back at the shop...

They don't make photos like this anymore... The original Mocheck workshop in Kings Avenue, Brixton, with the staff bikes parked outside

Check out the 'front' numberplate...
Those overalls are *very* clean... Race mechanic John Ryan at work in the Mocheck workshop in Brixton
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Orange is as orange does. Or something... The Faith, Hope and Charity team of 1975 was sponsored by the weekly newspaper, Motor Cycle, and made a bid for glory at the Isle of Man Production TT

Man in grey jacket is unimpressed... The Le Mans-style start of the 1975 Production TT with Norman Tricoglus running to No.4, Tony Rutter to No.5, and Alex Ayers to No.6

Unmistakeable exhausts... Tony Rutter, 1975 in the Isle of Man

When production meant production... Rider Norman Tricoglus put in a great performance but a puncture on lap eight meant that the Mocheck team lost out to the Chell Honda 500s

When Escort meant a dull green car... The new showroom in Clapham High Street, c1976

When Gold Wing meant a fast... A special Honda Gold Wing in a Dresda frame, which was originally owned and ridden by Ken Hull of Honda UK as part of the YAHTOF (Yet Another Hopeful Team Of Fools) effort. It was then bought by Anthony Acker, the joint owner and director of Mocheck, seen here aboard the bike

Photos kindly provided by John Ryan


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