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1978 Peckett & McNabb Kawasaki Endurance Racer
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What do world championship winning endurance racing teams do in their spare time? Go classic endurance racing, of course. We've got lots of pictures but not much information on Phase One's P&M Kawasaki entry for the Classic Bol d'Or...

A dozen or so photos dropped into the RealClassic inbox this morning, along with this very breof description: "Please see attached some images of the 99% complete 1978 P&M Kawasaki restoration. We are due to test very shortly and depart for the Classic Bol d'Or on the 11th of April."

They came from Russell Benney, team manager of triple world endurance championship winning Yamaha Phase One and man of great taste; he used to own a Moto Morini 3½ and has an AJS racer tucked under a dust sheet in a dark corner of the workshop. However, he also has a full season of 'proper' world endurance racing to contest, so what he's doing tinkering with old lumps of Kawasaki is anyone's guess.

From a time when fairings were FAIRINGS.

The bike is a 1978 Peckett & McNabb Kawasaki Z1000, but more than that I can't really tell you.

I suspect this was taken a long time before the bike was 99% complete...

It looks like it was in a bit of a sorry state for the team got their hands on it so I suspect a ground-up rebuild has been going on over the winter.

Probably in good nick last time it ran...
Z1000 stuff on

Now that's what I call a workshop. Note shiny floor and rack of lightweight Dymag wheels in the background.

Russell hard at work.

The rear brake pedal (below - note blanked off kickstarter shaft)...

Could this have any fewer components?

...and gear change linkage are beutifully simple, but removing the sprocket cover for quick access during races meant that a new clutch actuating arm and brakcet had to be fabricated (below left).

Road shift-pattern still in use.

Titanium cap screws throughout, and at least the barrel got a lick of paint.

Cleaned up cylinderhead.

Classic Bol d'OrThe Classic Bol d'or takes place on the 14th and 15th of April at Magny Cours in central France.

The race is run in two 120 minute stints, with each leg preceded by demonstration laps for bikes from the 60's to the 90's. Saturday's race runs into the twilight so lights are essential on all bikes. Wish I was going…

Entries range from the sublime - a Godier Genoud entered by Jean Paul Bonet and Gilles Hampe - to the ridiculous - the "Pistons Flingeurs" Norton of Francesco Sergi and Lionel Viard - and include Moto Guzzis, BMWs, Ducatis, Bimotas, Laverdas as well as the expected big Kawasakis, Hondas and Suzukis. There's even a Triumph and a BSA. British rider entrants include Phil Read and Performance Bikes editor Tim Thompson on a Harris Kawasaki.

More info:

Don't give up the day job...

And here's one they prepared earlier; this 2007 Yamaha R1 will be the team's entry for the QMMF World Endurance Championship.


The modern equivalent on Right Now...

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