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Privacy, Delivery, Returns and Cancellations

Our Delivery Policy

We aim to get your magazines or merchandise to you as fast as we can. We normally turn each order around within 48 hours, and use a 48 hour postal service. This means that you should receive your order within five working days.

However, we have one very busy week each month (when the magazine goes to press), and we do take two holidays each year (lucky us!). At those times it will take a little longer to get your magazines to you - thanks for being patient.

You should never have to wait longer than three weeks for an order to be delivered to the UK. If you don't receive your goods within three weeks then you should probably give us a jab to make sure that they haven't gone astray.

We acknowledge every order by email, so you should receive a mail from us confirming that your order has been received. This will also tell you exactly when to expect your goods. Make sure you don't delete it as spam!

Order which are sent outside of the UK are processed just as fast as UK ones, but then they are handed over to the international postal system and we can only cross out fingers and hope that they reach you ok… We use airmail, and generally this gets magazines delivered to anywhere in the world within two weeks.

It Doesn't Fit!

If your shirt doesn't fit then you're welcome to send it back to us at PO Box 99, Horncastle LN9 6LZ. You can request a replacement in a different size, or a refund. We will refund the full cost of the goods.

The same applies if it's damaged or badly printed or anything odd like that.


If you decide to cancel your subscription to RealClassic magazine then we will refund the value of the remainder of your outstanding subscription.

(Actually, we've only done this once or twice and normally because of sad circumstances. So this 'policy' is really just what seems reasonable and fair all round).

Trashed Magazines

If you magazine was badly printed or got mashed in the post then we will happily replace it with a squeaky-clean fresh one. Just let us know.

Your Privacy

We hate being pestered and we hate junk mail, so we do our best not to send anything unwanted. All your personal information is protected by law.

A mailing house handles the address info for magazine subscribers who are bound by the Data Protection Act.

If your sub lapses then we'll send you up to three reminders, but then we'll assume you've got better things to do with your life and won't pester you again.

Once in a blue moon (maybe twice a year) we might send you an email telling you what's going on at RCHQ. If you don't want to receive it then you can just ask us to delete your email address from our records.

Anything Else?

That should cover everything but if we've missed something then just let us know. We want everyone to be happy and enjoy RealClassic in all its forms, so we're happy to fix any problems.

Contact Us

Our full contact details are here


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