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19th October 2011

Bridge Club
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It started as a dribble that slowly became a trickle. Now it's a raging, unstoppable torrent. All you need to join the club is a motorbike, a camera and a bridge, or at least any two out of the three as Richard Holt explains...

Welcome to Bridge Club

Old bikes and older bridges
Crossing the minor water furthers
The image of dry feet

Bridge Club is a multi-media resource dedicated to riding motorcycles over, under or near bridges. Or just motorcycles. Or just bridges.

This much is certain - The fourth rule of Bridge Club is that outside Cornwall bikes are optional.

The fifth rule stipulates that if there's a 'Y' in the day then the bridge itself is optional.

Is this where it all started? July 2011 Respryn Bridge - Latitude/Longitude: 50:26.3751N 4:40.7095W
Fifteenth century bridge on the River Fowey. If early on a fine July morning you stand in the river itself, half close your eyes and peer eastwards you can almost see a C15th Cornish Alec Guinness overseeing its construction.

Classic Engineering? CLfiton Suspension Bridge

Close to the edge, down by the river... On the fens near Baits Bite Lock, Clayhithe

Can't beat a blue Morini... The John Frost bridge at Arnhem, May 2010

Keep it going, keep it going... Gus (The Mighty Gusset, for those of you who frequent the RC message board) crosses a ford in the Spanish Pyrenees on Horatio, XL185 the 2nd

Proper Yorkshire weather, too... Ribblehead railway bridge, Yorkshire

What time does the tide come in?... Lostwithiel, and the living is easy...

Water cooling?... Standon Ford. It is a bit of a challenge to ride through, you have to pick the weather carefully! Bike is the tatty old winter hack

Less is more... Glynn valley, Fletchers Bridge.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Bridge Club on Facebook or post your photos on the RealClassic Message Board.

Photos: Richard H, Mark B, Paul G, Graham B, Martin G, Stephen B, Hazel C


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