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14th August 2012

Bubblecar Museum
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Roy Workman discovers a revitalised collection of microcars and classic scooters at Lincolnshire's Bubblecar Museum...

There's a significant overlap in interest between motorcycles and three-wheeler bubblecars; partly thanks to licencing, insurance and taxation peculiarities, but also because they tend to share similar engines. RC readers have discussed Bond Minicars before, and it's quite surprising that we've never had a report on a Bug or a Messerschmitt or a Reliant Robin. If you want to see all of those, and a goodly selection of classic scooters too, then head east to the Bubblecar Museum.

The Bubblecar Museum has relocated from Bayard's Leap, near Sleaford, and it is now situated at Clover Farm, Main Road, Langrick, near Boston, Lincolnshire. A few years ago the site at Bayard's Leap saw a very successful rally held there by the South Yorkshire Sidecar Club; it was very handy for me to visit as I live close by.

That as big as caravans should be allowed to get...

The owners Mike and Paula shut their old site a couple of years ago as they wanted to further expand the museum. They found the new site and developed it, and they re-opened the museum in March of this year. We found it purely by chance when we rode past it one day recently.

Note tiny spare wheel...

The new set up includes two floors, with over 50 microcars on display; there is an excellent guide book about the cars. To qualify as a microcar the vehicle must have an engine size of less than 700cc, although some purists insist that true microcars only have two doors, while others sneer at the idea of having more than three wheels. Before they became known as bubblecars, microcars were often categorised as cycle-cars, and shared some motorcycle engine and chassis components.

Groovy. Man...

Upstairs there is a collection of scooters and some lightweight cars. Paula told me that they have five more French cars to go up there. Being interested in three wheeled vehicles, I counted 23 three-wheelers on display. They have also created a row of shop fronts for you to browse at; these contain some memorabilia. There is also a mock-up garage and a workshop for you to look at.

All Mod Cons...

The museum also houses a café, which can seat 60. I felt that it was reasonably priced; we had two mugs of coffee and two large slices of cake for £4. The café also doubles up as a gift shop and farm shop.

Rat Bikes Not Shown...

Paula told me that the museum is still a work in progress. They have some more ideas to implement before considering it to be complete. This is a nicely laid out museum and campsite and well worth a visit. The museum also has a rally field and full camping facilities.


See or call 01205 280037. Admission is £3 for adults and £1 for children.


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