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14th April 2010

A Gathering of the Clans
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A Sunday ride to a pub in Leicestershire; what could possibly go wrong? Let's begin with half the old bikes refusing to start. Paul The Destroyer bump starts the story...

The RealClassic message board is a strange place. It's inhabited by lots of strangers, all willing to help other strangers and generally chat about strange and rusty old bikes…err I mean valuable classic motorcycles. It has also been likened to a virtual pub, but without the smelly toilets and drunken teenagers. What could be better than a Real Meet™ in a Real Pub.?

A pub car park, somewhere in Leicestershire... All of life is here. And Vincents are so common that Chilly tries to hide behind one.

MadMike, a denizen of the board and general all round nice guy, organized just such a thing to take place in deepest Leicestershire last weekend. A small group of us arranged to attend; myself (The Destroyer, Honda CB750F2), Real Mart (BMW R80/7), Chilly (Cool Guzzi 850) and last but no means least A10 Newbie (Egli Vincent).

And that was just the riders... More old Brits than you could shake a stick at...

Naturally both RealMart and Chilly were a smidge apprehensive about riding with two founder members of Real Classic Wrecking Crew; both Paul and I are renowned for being able to break a bike just by being in the vicinity of it. More on this later.

Hardly anything fell off this Aermacchi... well as some Italian-Americans....

The day dawned bright and sunny which always bodes well for a ride out. This is when the combined effect of both bike killers in the same area kicked in. First RealMart's normally 100% reliable BMW refused to start, then when he got to my house my Honda fired up ok but stalled after just fifty yards, and then completely refused to restart.

Not the most auspicious of beginnings.

When Ram-Air Ruled... ...and more than a few classic Suzukis.

The Honda's problem was traced to the points cam coming adrift and we finally met the others at The Black Cat roundabout. Off we went with no further problems.

Built by Mr BTH Magnetos... And, of course, a VNH.

On arrival at the Bulls Head after a nice mooch through the lanes, we saw a sizable collection of bikes already there. Greetings and abuse in varying degrees were exchanged and the first order of business was a pint, for medicinal purposes obviously.

...but looking like a production model. Nice. VNH from the other side.

A good few hours were passed putting names to new faces and hurling insults at old ones. Apparently prior to our arrival an Enfield combo had dropped a valve and was getting some attention (that curse again) and later when Martin arrived on the Ner-a-car that needed attention too.

Finally, the photos tie up with the text! Ner-a-Car arrived in style...

Naturally the blame was firmly laid at the feet of the Wrecking Crew! A bloke could get a complex, you know.

You find the strangest things down a young lady's jeans... Meanwhile, inside the pub...

All too soon it was time to depart and after goodbyes were said it time for the ride home.

Another classic two-stroke... Time to hit the road...

It was a cracking day and all credit to Mad Mike for the organisation of it. Everyone thought that this might be something worth expanding to other parts of the country so everyone gets to meet up.

It's not all bike, bikes, bikes... It was colder than it looked...

'Which ones the clutch again?' Nervous laughter from proud Egli-Vincent owner on left...

Real classic? Not a trailer queen to be seen...

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Photos from RealMart, Dohboy and Paul The Destroyer. And a massive thank you to Mad Mike for making it happen! No motorcycles were permanently harmed in the making of this feature.


Quietly functional Guzzis on Right Now...


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