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29th April 2004

Wistanstow Show

RealClassic regulars get everywhere. Allan Kitson (the man behind the pen behind the TP Times toons) took a break from the drawing board to drop in at South Shropshire's season starter...

Chutney might not seem to be the obvious item to discuss when writing about a classic motorcycle show. However, 'Wistanstow Bikers' Chutney' was found on sale at the village shop, not surprisingly in Wistanstow, Shropshire. If there had been a prize for 'Best Chutney in Show', I reckon that this was the winner.

You see the 'beauty' of black and white photography...

The Shropshire Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Show and Autojumble was held on the 28th March this year. Inside the village hall the refreshments were supplied by Wistanstow Parent Teachers Association. I was impressed by the quality and the quantity of the food and coffee and... oh yes, there was a motorcycle display in there as well! that you can imagine your own colours.

The hall was packed with machines ranging from a 1921 Royal Enfield to a 1982 Honda CB400, many of them with interesting histories. The 1930 Rudge Ulster, for instance, held the lap record at the Old Park Hall circuit in Oswestry. A Yamaha V4 replica similar to Phil Read's 1968 bike and a 250cc Honda were in the Road Racing section. Both bikes were started on the day. I'm sure that they were because I heard them. I didn't see them because they were surrounded by enthusiasts...

For example, this Francis Barnet could be bright purple with red highlights,

Continuing the racing theme, the Guest of Honour at Wistanstow was the former works rider Tommy Robb. I didn't see him either as I was too busy eating... er, I mean working.

...this BSA could well be yellow...

Outside the hall, the autojumble was thronging and there was a constant mobile show of visiting classic bikes and not-so classic bikes. Amongst the visitors was Mac Austin whose Enfield Bullet was featured in RC01. His other machines included a Francis Barnett Seagull, a 1958 BSA M21, 1961 BSA Bantam, a 1951 James and his everyday bike which is a 750SS Ducati.

...but this Harley is almost certainly black. And what is that man reading?

The atmosphere, both inside the hall and outside amongst the autojumblers and the constantly changing mobile bike show was friendly and lively. All the proceeds of the show went to the Wistanstow Primary School.

The man in the background - the one with the cap? He's the original silent grey fellow.

(And yes, all of the photos are in black and white. It's classic. OK?)

This picture is actually in colour.

Black and White: Classic?


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