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10th August 2010

A Classic Camping Trip
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The Lincolnshire Wolds offer an array of interesting roads to ride and brews to imbibe. Paul the Destroyer joined a camping weekend of RC readers who aimed to explore both attractions...

Seeing as the summer was upon us (and for a change it really was summer), Thumpersloper Pete decided to organise a weekend camp. I had naturally said I'd be there -- as what's a camp without a little destruction?

I had the day off work on the Friday and set about packing the Honda 750. Pete had stipulated classic-only transport so as it is from 1978 I figured it would do. I plumbed the co-ordinates into the trusty sat nav and I was off. It was a really uneventful journey along mostly arrow straight roads like the A15 and A16 and only got interesting near to the final destination.

Classic UJM, clasic packing. Tent on the forks, repair equipment and tools on the seat... Paul the Destroyer's Honda CB750F1

Pete was waiting with the BSA three-wheeler and in true top gear fashion I was the first to arrive. So it was up with the Day-Glo canvas bubble and start a brew going. Whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil I unveiled the first of my secret weapons. It took the form of a tyre pump compressor that ran off the 12V power supply I have on the bike. Trust me this is the easy way to blow your airbed up. It was around then that Notts Ian arrived on his Viper and was soon followed by Bryan (Abo) on his Enfield. Pete was hoping for a few more as he had around ten positive responses to his initial idea.

Classic Brit single. Not sure if that is Pete hiding behind his tent... Notts Ian's Velocette Viper

The venue for the weekend's merriment was the Green Man pub in Scamblesby, just two miles from Cadwell Park race circuit in the heart of the Lincolnshire wolds. Run by Tim and Anne it's been a motorcyclist friendly pub for some years. The walls are decorated with photos and art all connected with bikes and riders. After a good meal of fish and chips we started on the important job of beer tasting. The ale was A Taste of Spring and jolly nice it was too. You must understand, dear reader, we do this research so that you don't have to! It was while we were still ensuring that taste was the same throughout the whole barrel that LJ appeared. We continued our research until closing time to ensure we all concurred with each other's opinion.

Classic Pizza delivery bike... LJ's BSA

After a surprisingly cold night, morning broke upon us heralded by the sound of the primus stove fettling session. Now I'd quite like one of these primus things but the amount of effort that goes into getting them lit is a bit of a faff, so I'll stick with gas I think. As our thoughts turned to breakfast I unveiled my next secret weapon, a disposable barbeque. Once lit and at the right consistency it made the morning bacon and sausages taste just lovely. The road run was due to leave about 11am so we waited until about 11:30 in case anyone else showed up (they didn't) and then we set off.

Darkest Lincolnshire?... Abo Bryan's Royal Enfield

Pete led the way in his three-wheeler with LJ behind followed by Bryan with me bringing up the rear. The Lincolnshire wolds really are a pretty place to ride with lots of great lanes and roads. We stopped for lunch in Wragby and we decided to deviate from the route planned and take to the really small lanes. At the lunch stop I passed my camera to Harry the van boy to get some action shots from the back of the three-wheeler. The roads for the last bit were fabulous. There was either deep gravel or grass growing up the middle. When we got back it was that strange bit of the weekend where it was too early to get in the pub and as we had lunch there wasn't too much else to do. I filled the few hours chilling out with a book, Greek coffee and a quiet snooze.

LJ, off for more Pizza...

My stomach woke me up by growling t me that it needed filling again. So I had a brief walk round the adjacent field and adjourned to the pub for some scran. LJ went off to get a pizza and when he came back it was a hilarious sight of pizza delivery, WW2 style.

We all speculated that one day pizza would be delivered by spotty teenagers on automatic scooters that had been fitted huge topboxes.

We then had the arduous task of more ale research. Tonight's was Easy Rider by the Kelham Brewery and once more we had to sample a few to ensure the quality was what we perceived. Bryan kept us all amused with various tales and yarns. All too soon it was time to hit the canvas as we had hit closing time again.

Military Stuff on Right Now......

After a warmer night we awoke to find Sunday morning a little overcast and we all departed after breakfast to go our separate ways. LJ and Pete were off to Newark, Bryan was off home to Derbyshire and I was returning to Destruction Central.

Mmm, beer...

The weekend was great, aided and abetted by the lovely weather. There was talk of maybe making it an annual thing so next year book your place and have great time just hanging out, relaxing telling lies and spinning yarns.

Thanks go to Pete for organising it.


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