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25th July 2016

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Compass Challenge Continues

Even more classic bike riders have clocked up compass points in the 2016 RealClassic challenge. One witty reader even found five cardinal points, and wrote a poem to prove it...

The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016

The RC Compass Challenge
Is back with us once more
As my entry I am sending you
Five pictures, not just four

The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016
Classic Hondas on Now...

I know you wanted pictures
Of a village not a street
But Compass Road you must agree
Makes this list complete

The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016

I think you will agree with me
That metal signs are bland
But when the signs are made of stone
They really look quite grand

Roy Smith, RealClassic Club member 4988

The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016

Join The Challenge

Everyone is welcome to take part in the Compass Challenge. Grab a motorcycle, find four places with North, South, East and West in their names, and go for a ride. Send us the photographic evidence of your four compass points by email or post your pics on the Compass Challenge Facebook page:

The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016

You can ride on your own, with a friend, or drag your whole club or branch along, as seen here. You choose your own four points of the compass, and point your wheels in your own direction. Just take a photo of your bike (ideally an old one) at your chosen N, S, E or W point. You donít need to be located in the UK; entries are welcome from all around the world.

At the end of the year, prizes are awarded for the best efforts Ė these can be on the oldest bike, or by the oldest person, the furthest travelled, the silliest place name, and so on. Final entries are due by 31st October 2016.

Have fun!

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More Challenge Contenders on Right Now...

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