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8th February 2016

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The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016

Here at RealClassic, we like to encourage our readers to drag a classic bike out of the shed and ride it. For 2016, our theme is a variation on an old favourite, the RealClassic Compass Challenge...

Everyone is welcome to join the RealClassic Ridersí Collective (aka the RCRC) on the Compass Challenge. Grab a motorcycle, find four places with North, South, East and West in their names, and go for a ride. Send us the photographic evidence of your four compass points or post your pics on the Compass Challenge Facebook page

The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016

You take a photo or two and post them on Facebook or send them to us by email (youíll find our email addresses in the magazine). A selection of entertaining images will appear in print and on this website. At the end of the year, prizes are awarded for the best efforts Ė these can be on the oldest bike, or by the oldest person, the furthest travelled, the silliest place name, and so on. The winners are chosen by the RealClassic editorial crew, who have been known to make strange decisions...

You can ride on your own, with a friend, or drag your whole club or branch along.

There will be a couple of loosely organised Compass Challenge meetings in 2016, but we donít know what they are just yet. Look out for details and dates appearing in the magazine as summer looms on the horizon.

The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016
Challenging Chargers on Now...

Remember, you can choose your own four points of the compass, and point your wheels in your own direction. Just take a photo of your bike (ideally an old one) at your chosen N, S, E or W point. You donít need to be located in the UK; entries are welcome from all around the world.

Special consideration will be given to anyone who manages to bag ALL FOUR compass points with the SAME place-name. There are actually very few of these, so itís a test of your detective skills as well as your navigational ability. But hereís one to get you started, especially useful if you live south of London Ė check out the Croydons. South, East and West Croydon are all relatively easy to locate (you need to find a street sign or town name for each location to photograph your bike next to). Croydon North is actually a parliamentary constituency so you might find a suitable sign a bit harder to locate butÖ thatís the challenge!

Your collection of compass points donít necessarily need to revolve around the one place-name. You could ride to North Tawton, Westward Ho!, South Zeal and Eastdown, for instance. But top honours will go to the rider/s who claim four the same.

Final entries are due by 31st October 2016, so we can announce the winners by the end of the year.

You need to get cracking because RC riders are already out there, bagging Compass Challenge points (which may mean prizes, who knows?). Congrats to KeithR who got the 2016 Compass Challenge off to a shivering start in the middle of January, delivering this CG125 from its previous Staffordshire home to a new rider in Yorkshire. And to MartinP who scored extra points for securing his compass points on an old Britbike.

Get the gist? Off you go!

The RealClassic Compass Challenge 2016

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More Challenge Contenders on Right Now...

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