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16th May 2011

The 2011 Compass Challenge
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Would you like an excuse to take your classic motorcycle on a ride to somewhere startling? Take part in our Compass Challenge, then, and clock up some miles while the opportunity is upon you...

A semi-silly competition has evolved wherein members of the RealClassic Riders' Collective (aka the RCRC) ride their bikes to somewhere which matches the theme of the year. For 2011, we've decided to ride to the four points of the compass. So RC's Editor Frank Westworth and other member of the RC Crew will be riding to four locations in the UK on specific days during the summer months, and you're invited to come along and join the fun. If you aim to attend all four of Frank's points of the compass then collect a compass card at the first point; get all four points initialled by FW and you'll be in for a treat* at the end of the year.

Extra points for long scarves and goggles...

Or you can choose your own four points of the compass, take a photo or two of your bike in situ and send it to us or post it on the Compass Challenge Facebook page. The most entertaining photos stand a chance of being published in RealClassic - so grab a passer-by and get someone to take a snap of you and your bike somewhere suitably obscure!

At the end of the year, prizes will be given for the best efforts -- these can be on the oldest bike, or by the oldest person, the furthest travelled, the silliest place name. The winners are chosen by the RealClassic editorial crew, who have been known to make strange decisions...

Everyone is welcome to take part in the Compass Challenge. Grab a motorcycle, ride to one of the points of the compass, and send us a photo or post it online yourself. You can ride on your own, with a friend, or drag your whole club or branch along. You don't have to ride a classic motorcycle (although it's more in keeping with the spirit of RC if you do), and your bike doesn't have to be British to join in. Heck, you could even attempt the Compass Challenge on three wheels if the mood takes you!

NORTH: June 12th 2011

The first point on our Compass Challenge is oop north at the Scottish Classic Motorcycle Show at Ayr. The Ayr Classic Motorcycle Club have very generously agreed to host this event and promise a warm welcome to all RC riders. Better yet, all RC Club members will be able to claim £1 off admission to the event (you'll need to show your little Club card at the gate). Look out for an RC banner in the show hall; Frank's Norton should be parked nearby alongside Graham Ham's Speed Twin, Daisy. See Frank to collect a Compass Card and get the North point initialled.

  • Show info:

    Extra points for low northern sun... Martin Peacock heads North

    WEST: July 20th 2011

    A mid-week escapade, this one, for people who can't get away at weekends. The RC Riders' Collective heads west to the Llangollen Motor Museum. You'll find FW at the Ponderosa Café on the Horseshoe Pass at around 10am, tucking into a rider's sized breakfast. Join other RC readers on a short spin down the mountain (probably at around 11.30 or so) to the Museum in Llangollen where Gwil promises a warm welcome and plenty of interesting classics to admire. And if you are collecting compass points, then FW will initial your card to prove that you've joined him in the wild west!

  • Museum info:

    SOUTH: August 7th 2011

    The new South of England Superbike Show hosts the Southern point of the Compass Challenge. Again, RC Club members can claim a discount on gate admission prices. This is a new event to cater for later classics of the 1970s, and you find it at the South of England Showground at Ardingly, not far from Gatwick. The usual RC Roadshow won't be in evidence ('cos we'll be on bikes, see), but there should be space for RC Riders form a disorderly display…

  • Show info:

    Extra points for Iguanas... Tom N heads South
    Nortons on Right Now......

    EAST: September 21st 2011

    Details on this one are a little bit sketchy as yet, but general gist is that Frank will be at Andy Tiernan's shop at Framlingham near Woodbridge in Suffolk. If you aim to meet him there at around 11am then that'll probably do the job: Andy has promised to have the kettle on!

  • Location info:

    Remember, although you are very welcome to join the RC Riders' Collective at these (loosely) organised Compass rides, you can choose your own four points of the compass instead, and point your wheels in your own direction. Just take a photo of your bike, ideally an old one, at your chosen N, S, E or W point. Then send it in, sit back and wait to see it pop up somewhere!

    Extra points for bikes from Essex... Colin Sparrow heads East

    You don't even need to be in the UK to take part in the Compass Challenge. You can choose four points of whatever land mass you happen to be on. Will anyone send a snap from the Arctic, we wonder? And surely the four points of the Isle of Wight would be cheating…


    *the 'treat' in question is almost certainly not a cheque made payable to the bearer for the sum of one million pounds. Dream on…


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