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10th July 2013

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2013 Crofthandy Classic Bike Show

Dave Evershed of Sprite Motorcycles reveals a splendid little classic motorcycle show, deep in the Cornish countryside...

Crofthandy is a delightful little local bike show which takes place in the grounds of the village hall at Crofthandy near St Day, Redruth. Originally scheduled for May this year, it had to be postponed until the end of June thanks to inclement weather.

All motorcycles are welcome to join the display for the day, with a variety of trophies being presented by the organisers. Not all of the awards are entirely serious… such as the 'Best Dressed Biker in Leather' certificate! But interesting and unusual classic and custom machines are rewarded by the visitors who get to vote for their favourite motorcycles.

I took my Ariel Huntmaster outfit and took some pictures of interesting bikes. The usual shiny bling bikes were well represented, of course, but 99.9% of the display bikes were ridden to and from the event.

Here are the ones which really caught my eye; some of them were in the official displays while others were parked with the visitors' bikes.

I bet he can barely hold on when the ram-air kicks in... A BSA M21 sidevalve sporting ram air intake, which the owners swears works!

What a Gold Star should look like... Most Gold Stars tend to be primped and pristine, but a couple have turned up in the pages of RealClassic which are refreshingly real-world. Here's another; a ZB32 from the early 1950s with no airs or graces.

Nicely proportioned... At first glance this looks like a Villiers-engined, one-off special, but the RC files reveals that HJH (HJ Hulsman) were a recognised marque which built mainly off-roaders in Wales in the mid-1950s, using Villiers 7E, 8E and 9E two-stroke motors.

This month's 'Spot the Dog' competition... A well-used cammy KSS Velo in roadgoing trim, not over-restored.

This month's 'Spot the Triumph' competition... Now what do you make of this? It's an Ariel-Triumph hybrid which mixes a pre-nacelle duplex frame, Ariel HT lookalike fuel tank, Ariel chaincase and gearbox with a pre-unit dynamo T120 engine. But - wait a minute - an all-alloy T120? And no rev counter drive? There's probably much more to this than initially meets the eye…

Looks like it's meant to be there... Classic Scooters on now...

I'm lovin' the pipe... A Matchless scrambler to entertain all AMC anoraks.

Barking... A Lambretta which must go like none other, using a Yamaha 350LC powervalve motor. Or maybe that's just what's written on the side!


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