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22nd December 2014

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Daisy’s Photographic Diary

As readers of the monthly magazine will know, author and adventurer Graham Ham has been out and about this year aboard his Triumph Speed Twin. Here he shares some of the highlights of his riding year...

Right now, Graham Ham is hard at work writing the sequel to his best-selling book, Daisy’s Diaries. Daisy is the name of his long-suffering Speed Twin, once equipped with sprung-hub rear suspension but now rather more rigid, and usually to be found towing an entire truckload of camping clobber around the country and indeed large chunks of the Continent.

Earlier this year, Graham completed an epic trek to investigate the secret sheds of the British Isles and those adventures appear in print each month in RealClassic magazine. But Graham also takes heaps of atmospheric and evocative photos which we never seem to have enough space for – so we asked him to select his favourite ten to share with you. Of course, being Graham, he came up with over a dozen!

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryA beach in Kent

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryA day in the lanes with Flossy

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryNessie hunting

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryA wedding reception

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryScotland

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryResting up in Yorkshire

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryIn the Highlands

Daisy’s Photographic Diary

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryWiltshire

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryDun Ridin'

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryLightly loaded

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryIsle of Skye

Daisy’s Photographic DiaryTakin' a break in Wales

Daisy’s Photographic Diary Tired old Triumphs on Now...

The original Daisy’s Diaries by Graham Ham are available in hardback from Panther Publishing:

Or as as an eBook from Amazon.

And look out for the second book in the series, coming soon…

Daisy’s Photographic Diary Tired old Triumphs on Now...

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