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20th July 2015

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Dirt Quake 2015

Modern and retro, classic and custom, road and trail, young and old, known and unknown; Dirt Quake is a unique event where worlds collide as they lap a speedway circuit in King's Lynn. Martin Gelder took pictures...

Dirt Quake is a... Well, it's... Errrr.... It's everything that doesn't fit in anywhere else. It's classic and custom bikes being used, rather than staying parked up on a pedestal. It's people of all ages having fun. It's highly competitive but also hilariously comedic. It's serious and stupid and the same time.

Dirt Quake 2015

It's a dirt-track race for road, classic and custom bikes. It takes place at the rather grandly named Adrian Flux Arena, or the King's Lynn speedway if you're a local, and it features motorcycles that reside at the alternative end of whichever spectrum you choose.

Dirt Quake 2015

The paddock is like the aftermath of a high speed collision between a motorcycle museum and a breaker's yard. Whatever Dirt Quake is, it's fun.

Dirt Quake 2015Dirt Quake 2015 A lot of the French and Belgian entrants were in fancy dress; I blame Google Translate
Dirt Quake 2015 Not all the bikes were big; Suzuki B100P and TS trailbike
Dirt Quake 2015 An events that's as social as it is sporting
Dirt Quake 2015 Any minute now his hair will be standing on end
Dirt Quake 2015Dirt Quake 2015 Triumph on the left was for 'go', Norton on the right just for 'show'
Dirt Quake 2015 You don't see many of them about these days
Dirt Quake 2015 Cast wheels had to be 'enclosed' to prevent injury to flailing limbs. Swearing optional
Dirt Quake 2015Dirt Quake 2015 Every bike needs a feathered carnival mask or a crowd of onlookers
Dirt Quake 2015 Still life on the old dog(s)
Dirt Quake 2015 "I'm sure there was some in there when we set off"
Dirt Quake 2015 Odgie and the Secret Bantam he rebuilt for RealClassic magazine
Dirt Quake 2015 Honda CB350/4 - Rare but not a trailer queen
Dirt Quake 2015 Not the ideal carbs for dusty dirt-track racing
Dirt Quake 2015 That boke off the telly was there
Dirt Quake 2015 As was this bloke off the telly, who probably just wanted some peace from the autograph hunters
Dirt Quake 2015 The stands were as packed as the paddock once the racing started
Dirt Quake 2015 This is the inappropriate streetbike class
Dirt Quake 2015Dirt Quake 2015 There was a bicycle race for kids; some took it more seriously than others
Dirt Quake 2015 Amongst the various classes racing was a women only category
Dirt Quake 2015 Even the car park was a little oasis of cool in an East Anglian industrial ghetto
Dirt Quake 2015 And if you've got to come by car...
Dirt Quake 2015

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